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Postpartum Mamas

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How is everything going?


Baby blues has set in for me. I cry a LOT. For me, this is the worst part of postpartum recovery.


I am so thankful that I didn't tear. What a MAJOR difference in recovery. Amazing. I don't need a peri-bottle, I even have had several bowel movements without fear. LOL I just wish I wasn't such an emotional mess.


Baby is great. He lost 300g since birth but my milk is in and there's no where to go but up. He cluster nursed for literally 23 hours on the second day. Thankfully, I expected it so it didn't catch me off guard. But yikes. I was tired. Last night was great though. He got some good mama milk all day and slept really great throughout the night. Waking every 2-3 hours, nursing then right back to sleep. Soooo nice for mama!


Thanks to the nursing clusterfest, my nipples are a little roughed up. But he's a fantastic little nurser. I am so in love with my little marshmallow. Here's my little pudgster:



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I'm by no means postpartum but I couldn't open this without commenting that your son is adorable!


& *hugs* mama.  May your days be less blue! 

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hug2.gif Hugs from me too, Erika! I hope you're feeling more balanced again soon. And I agree with WCM, what an adorable, squishy little (big) guy you have there!

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He's just beautiful love.gif


I'm not postpartum yet, but I wanted to mention that I started taking fish oil when DD2 was about 5 months old.  I was struggling with PPD.  It made a pretty big difference for me.  I still take it daily, and I plan to up my dose in the early weeks postpartum.

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Sorry you are feeling blue. Just let it all out, it helps! I was worried this time, but have only had a few normal bouts.

I am 2 weeks post c/s today. I Obviously didn't plan aligns this way and had never read on what to expect. I think comparatively to what I am reading, I am healing really well. DH is taking such good care of me and ds1 and really being protective of this postpartum period, so DS2 and I can just work on nursing and healing.

DS is a nursing champ which was my ultimate goal. He is hanging in there with me despite oversupply and OALD that makes him choke and not be able to comfort nurse.
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I'm less than 24 hours postpartum but I am dealing with a super fussy baby. When she is not nursing or sleeping she cries all the time. I am not sure why. DD1 never did this. Gas? She did have one period of quiet alertness this evening which was lovely but otherwise it's been strange for me that she is so sad.

For me I am just sooooo happy that 1.). I had my home water birth! And 2.) I'm all done with pregnancy. This pregnancy has been really hard on me. I know that day 3 is the hardest with emotions so hang in there! And tell me the same in 2 days smile.gif
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nuku - Dexter was super fussy day 2 unless he was on the breast. I was worried but the next day he was back to being quiet and content. 


Thanks everone. I have been forgetting to take fish oil and will get back on it tomorrow.


As for visitors, one of my friends literally asked the day after I gave birth if she came to visit could she stay the night. Umm, what? Um, no? Then my 17 year old niece asked to stay the weekend. Seriously?? Then DH's dad and brother refused to come visit because I requested they keep their visit under an hour. WTF is wrong with people?

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James also had a day or two of much fussiness, worse at night at around 2-4 days old. That's when my milk came in too and the MW said it could be his adjustment to digestion from colostrum to milk was tough. She suggested probiotics before each feed if it didn't improve- and then it improved.

Haven't had baby blues yet - but I did have one huge body shaking sob fest at 5am on morning of day three after a hell of a tender nipple frequent feeding night when he was positioned perfectly on the boob (finally!) but was screaming and kicking too hard to suckle. smile.gif

Love ready everyone's Ppartum experiences, so nice not to be alone in this adventure.
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Ds1was fussy like that too, he couldn't be put down without squaking/crying so we held him all the time, literally. So I totally sympathize. When DS2 gets all worked up, I swaddle him and it seems to help either with nursing contently or with getting him to sleep. We spend plenty of time cuddling skin to skin still, but sometimes, especially at nighttime, he needs it!

I wondered if there was any benefit to taking fish oil PP, I have been lax on that in favor of remembering t take my colace redface.gif so thanks, I will keep on it.
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Hi, I am on day 2.  Feeling good emotionally, but I am prepared to get weepy when milk comes in.  I tore and chose to not get stitched up.  With DD I got stitched and honestly it took forever to heal.  So we decided that me staying in bed for a week on the second floor of the house was do-able so my body could heal on its own.  After my intense birth I wasn't up for much touching down there!  My whole body is sore, muscle-wise and of course my rear end is.  But my bleeding is so much better this time than with DD.  I think it is some of the homeopathic rememdies that are helping speed the recovery process.  My nipples are pretty tender but I am using cabbage leaves and its seems to be preventing them from gettting worse, but we will see what happens when my milk comes in.  DS is super mellow so far.  He is was ahead of the game as far as pooping and peeing which makes me feel good.  I have not taken any vitamins or fish oil like I normally do because I haven;t gone down stairs, so I need to request that DH bring that up to me!  DD is doing well.  She loves her brother but we are having a little behavior that indicates that she wants attention, which is totally expected!  This morning she went with DH to nephews football game to get her out of the house a little.  Once I can move around better I need to focus on spending some one on one time with her as wel.

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Ava's Mama, I tore too and decided not to get stitched for the same reasons as you. But they have me just in bed for 72hrs, it's still insanely hard. I think I would be immobile anyway because I just got another blood clot in my leg. It looks and feels like the SVT I had in pregnancy so I'm not insanely worried but it is really painful and scary and hard to walk with.

I'm having a hard time keeping DD1 from literally being over affectionate to the new baby. She can't stop kissing and touching and squeezing the baby and I'm scared she is going to accidentally hurt her, plus it wakes the baby up. Anyone else?
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I'm having a hard time keeping DD1 from literally being over affectionate to the new baby. She can't stop kissing and touching and squeezing the baby and I'm scared she is going to accidentally hurt her, plus it wakes the baby up. Anyone else?

I'm not pp yet but I am sure I will be dealing with this somewhat as well. When my parents brought my 5 mo bro home from the hospital my little bros were always touching him and loving on him and the baby just got used to it and was able to sleep through the little touches and kisses. The important thing is to not overreact if she hurts the baby, it sounds like your DD is a very sweet big sister. I feel weird giving this advice with only one kid but I have seen my parents successfully introduce new sibs several times with little or no sibling rivalry! Good luck and I hope all the pp mamas are healing well! Tears are NO fun to deal with!!

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Im 4 days pp. I tore as well, one in the perineum and one right below the urethra. The recovery hasnt been too bad. I stayed off my feet for the first day, and started moving around day 2. I lost a lot of blood pp so the biggest thing I was facing the first 2 days was dizziness and weakness from the blood lost and horrible horrible sweats. I had some pretty strong pp cramps every time I nursed but that has pretty much passed by now. Today, I am feeling like I took a rough ride on one of my horses. Slightly sore and bruised feeling and some pubic bone tenderness. I dont really have much more than a slight twinge of pain when I pee, which is much better than I was expecting. 


Finally ventured out of the house today somewhere other than the ped's office. I went for a short walk with my mom around the block. My butt is sore from just that small walk... guess thats a sign I need to do it more!


BFing has been going ok.... a bit rough at first. She really really did a number on my nipples before my milk came in and I wasnt getting her latched right. I corrected her latch yesterday morning and it really brought my milk in. It was sooo bad on Thursday and Friday that I was biting down on my shoulder to keep from flinching and pulling back each time she latched and tried to bring down my milk. Its getting easier by the day. Might start some pumping next week. I have a bit of an oversupply and constantly dripping and could use excess for my 1 year old who is recovering from a cold right now.


Emotionally Im up and down. Im mostly still riding the new baby high. We had our pp home visit from our doctor and he said my first reaction right after I delivered the baby was "I did it! I did it! I did it! There is a baby on me!" very loudly. Im still feeling so accomplished of something so many people told me I shouldn't or couldn't do. There is a huge vbac ban everywhere within 100 miles and its nearly impossible to find any midwife willing to do a vbac. We had just  moved back here to be closer to our family, so I had to find a new obgyn before I decided on a home birth, or knew that option existed. When I said I was going to do a home vbac, he got irate and told me I had a "death wish for myself and my baby". I wasnt expecting him to agree with my decision, but I was expecting at least a little professionalism. This happened so many times through my pregnancy and I am so proud of myself for following through and doing it, especially after I had planned a home birth with my son, but due to him having a major intestinal blockage, down syndrome, severe polyhrdramnios, and double footling breech i had to give up on a home birth and vaginal birth early in the pregnancy.


Then there are times I break down and cry because Im not sure how Im going to handle a 1 year old and newborn! Especially at 4 am and I still havent had any sleep yet because its been either one or the other needing fed/attention.


Took a group photo yesterday with my home birth dr (grey shirt) and his midwife (right) along. I look like crap.... but I like the photo.



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FYI- things I have found helpful in recovery. Earth momma angel baby butter. Sitz baths in the bathtub with lots o' epsom salt. Lots of ice and not sitting on any hard surfaces. As much compression as I can get. I startd with a Gabrialla PP binder http://www.amazon.com/Gabrialla-Breathable-Elastic-Abdominal-Binder/dp/B000WFT3II/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1347808004&sr=8-3&keywords=post+partum+binder and now using spanx (the ones that go from your knee to your bust). I have some imitation spanx from target as well that work well and were pretty cheap. COntinuing with floradix and cal mag supplements to keep my stomach moving.


Hope everyone is feeling ok.


Ps- Is it odd that after everything I have been through with the last two pregnancies that Im sad it over. I mostly will miss my birth team. They are so passionate about what they do, its amazing to be around people who so strongly believe in birth rights!

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Spoke too soon. My milk is in at 48 hours and I'm a crying mess today. DD1 has a cold and I'm freaking out that she's going to get the baby sick and blaming myself for starting her at preschool at the same time I just had a baby (I know she's going to get sick often in that environment) and I feel so bad for DD1 bacause she hates being sick and barely sleeps or eats. Plus I've coslept with her every night for almost 3.5 years and now I can't for awhile until me and the baby get in a routine and also DD1 gets better. And I miss her at night. And I have super sore and blistery nipples even though her latch seems good!?
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I'm just a bit over 48 hours postpartum and my milk is in. I did feel on the verge of tears today a few times and maybe its because of the milk coming in/hormonal shift. I've been taking the motherwort and it may be helping stave off true baby blues (one of its many uses) - its also a galactogogue so that's a plus. My husband is also being a real sweetheart and taking very good care of me and the kids. It helps tremendously that he was able to get two weeks of paid leave! 


Physically, I feel I have bounced back quite quickly in many ways - hardly any soreness, no need for a peri bottle. I am having some intense afterpains especially now that my milk has come in. However, ibuprofen and motherwort are keeping the pain at a tolerable level. I am still a bit in awe at the speed of my labor. 1 1/2 hours to dilate from 1 to 10cm and push a baby out, is way intense! I actually started shaking during my labor and the shaking continued off and on into the next day. 


My schedule is way strange right now. I had 4 hours of sleep the night before I had the precipitous labor, and then Benji wanted to nurse all night after he was born. He didn't sleep at all and even made a few dirty diapers for me. He was a very active baby at night when he was in my belly too, actually. I managed about 2 hours of sleep Saturday morning. Then Saturday night was another long night of fussiness and constant nursing, I probably got about 2 hours of sleep. Today I was beginning to feel almost delirious and my DH told me to go to sleep. I took a 4 hour nap and felt functional again. Now that my milk is in, Benji seems much more happy and sleepy after each feeding. I am headed to bed soon and hope to catch some real zzzzz's tonight. 


Alli, I love that picture of your family with your birth team :)


My kids are all over their new baby brother - especially my daughter. She will even wake up at night when he is crying and come running!

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I'm finding a huge connection between food and my mood - if I go too long without eating then my walls start to melt and I get weepy, overwhelmed and resentful that dh can eat, sleep, get exercise, go to the bathroom etc whenever he wants. Once I eat something substantial everything starts to fall back into place. Worst time for me is 4-7am, by then my boobs are sore, I'm super tired and hungry, dh is snoring and baby is restless and grunty/fussy - I just want to get up, take a shower and go out for a quick breakfast alone! smile.gif

How are you guys motivating your husbands to do the household stuff you normally do? Mine's doing shopping and cooking some meals but that's basically it. He hasn't been sleeping well (funny that) and gets grumpy/distant quickly with little sleep, but since I am the one getting up to nurse and change the baby and he just has to sleep through any noise or soft light in the room, I feel a little bitter that he is complaining about his sleep and being grumpy! I guess we are just in a trying time (also a great time of course but I don't have to explain here that of course we are crazy about the baby) and need to show each other some extra patience and affection. How's the Dh part going for you guys? Any tips? wink1.gif
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Then there are times I break down and cry because Im not sure how Im going to handle a 1 year old and newborn! Especially at 4 am and I still havent had any sleep yet because its been either one or the other needing fed/attention.


hug2.gif I was just thinking about you yesterday and how things were going with the 2 babies... If it helps, I will be joining you soon. You are such a great and strong mom for giving both babes the attention they need! I hope you get some good sleep soon!

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Hi girls,


I am on day 4 postpartum.  I am feeling pretty good.  internal healing is going great.  Cramp bark helped a lot with after pains and those seem to have subsided.  My bleeding is so much less this time than with DD.  I have been adding calendula to my peri bottle and I took arnica the past four days.  I got my placenta capsules at my day 3 PP visit, so I am taking 2 capsules 3 times a day.  My perineum is sore.  I am envious of those that have been able to go on walks etc.  I am still stuck on the second floor of the house and if I move around too much I am achy down there.  My midwife looked at it yesterday and she said it is healing well, but my left side is going to take longer to heal, I think that is the side that DS's shoulder got stuck.  I am trying to do sitz baths twice a day.  I would love to go on a walk with our little family this weekend.  Nursing is going great.  DS is a champ.  He got down to 7lbs11oz , but was back up to 7lbs14 oz yesterday.  So my midwife thinks he will be back up to his birth weight today or tomorrow, GO BOOBIES!  My milk came is at around 30 hrs postpartum.  I haven't been too uncomfortable.  Cabbage leaves have really helped prevent anysoreness from getting worse. I have been a bit weepy, but it is normally triggered by DD having a tantrum, I feel sad that I am not able to give her all the attention she is used to.  I know it is a transition and it is only day 4, but I hate seeing her such a mess.  It is good for she and DH to be spending time together though.  DH is working today and my mom is here to take care of me.  She is doing laundry and making food.  DH needed the break, my mom says it is good that I haven't been able to go downstairs because it was a mess.  DS is on his second huge nap of the day so I better try to close my eyes.

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Miranda, I think I lucked out because my DH got a good chunk of paid time off - so its not as stressful for him to be helping right now. Before the baby was born it was a whole different story, lol. No, but 3 days postpartum now and my husband is tired out and a bit grouchy. I just keep telling him how awesome he is for taking such good care of us and I think that really helps him keep going. Its such a big transition and really, our cute babies take a lot of time to care for when they are so new and tiny. It's not easy!  I also say things like, "Our baby is so adorable  - he's got your eyes!" LOL. That can put on a smile on any grumpy man's face hahaha. 


Alli, transitioning from 1 child to 2 is definitely a big challenge - and with your DS still so young I'm sure there are extra challenges. How are things going, have you managed to catch up on sleep at all?


I got very weepy today. A big part of it is, I was in so much pain today from after pains! It was quite awful to be snuggled up nursing my cute baby boy but crying through it. Advil has been helping but for some reason it was really bad today even with Advil. I suddenly have issues with constipation too and I think that made the after pains worse somehow? My milk is in and Benji is nursing like crazy, so its probably why the after pains increased. I just hope it gets better soon. I have my postpartum check up with the midwife tomorrow. I also need to set up my first visit with the pediatrician, although I'm not looking forward to making a trip to her office. My kids always get sick when I take them! I don't want Benji getting sick :(. She does home visits for newborns but only if they are 48 hours old or less, and somehow we missed this requirement. irked.gif


Happily I am getting more sleep than I did the first two days/nights. I think since the milk came in Benji is able to sleep more and better, hence so am I.


Maman, how are you feeling? That picture of your "pudgster" is awesome, he is so adorable!

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