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What are your tried and true staples when it comes to Paleo/Primal? What could you eat over and over again and not tire of?

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Mine would be steak, but I don't have enough in my food budget so we don't buy it more than once a month. We eat a LOT of pork chops, and a lot of chicken. We probably have pork 2 times a week for dinner, and almost every morning for breakfast. We eat chicken 3-4 times a week for dinner and a few days a week for lunch. Beef is so expensive that we only eat it 2-3 times a week between breakfast and dinner. 

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We're on our 5th dozen of eggs this week....and this is only day 5. Apparently they're important (and oh, so versitile)! Meat: bacon, ground turkey, turkey sausages, roasts of all sorts.

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We go through a good amount of eggs as well. Gotta love them. =) And yum to everything else you've listed there. 

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Coconut flour has been handy too....combined with eggs and one other something it can make banana pancakes or pumpkin muffins or honey muffins....oh, and man do I love coconut milk- great over berries or bananas, made into whipped topping, adding depth/richness/body to whatever.
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