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I went through the stuff I have left from DS and there wasn't much. I did get a swing, a bouncer, a pack and play and a few sleepers this past weekend though. My shower is in 3 weeks so I won't buy anything else until after then. All I registered for was cloth diapers and my in laws have decided they don't want to buy them so they are going to get me what they think I need. I love them but dang it I put that stuff on there because that's what I really need and can not afford so we will see what happens. As of tomorrow I only have 14 weeks left, I feel so far behind!
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I'm sorry they don't want to get that for you, Pogo. I find it takes a close and likeminded relative or friend to get certain needed items, cloth diapers, breastpumps, things like that. Otherwise they'll get cute clothes, J&J shampoo, picture frames, random useless things Babies R Us says you need. But you do have a lot of time left, no need to have everything until baby is term. Plus I like to use disposables that first meconium and getting used to things week or so, good chemical free well fitted ones only though like 7th gen.

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Ugh, Pogo that is SUCH a pain.  Who is having the baby?  Um...you.  Who is diapering the baby?  You again.  Why do people ask to do showers and ask what you want and need if they're just going to disregard it?  Even though this is only baby #2 for us, and a boy instead of a girl this time, this is exactly why I don't want a shower!  DH just came back from a trip to CO/UT, and his aunt and uncle got baby boy some dinosaur onesies.  Super cute, and really, that's all we need!  The car seat is the biggest thing, but if everyone else just gets some cute clothes I'll be happy.  No ginormo packs of disposable diapers/diaper genie/picture frames/other weird stuff.  A few new gDiapers would be nice, but I don't expect to get any really.


I feel like such a hermit when I'm pregnant though, I just want to be left alone with my family!  It was just starting to get better when DD was around 13 months, then BAM, pregnant again!  I guess my true introverted personality takes over, I just don't have the energy to put on my extrovert suit anymore!

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Originally Posted by Clarasmama View Post


I feel like such a hermit when I'm pregnant though, I just want to be left alone with my family!  It was just starting to get better when DD was around 13 months, then BAM, pregnant again!  I guess my true introverted personality takes over, I just don't have the energy to put on my extrovert suit anymore!


This is me too, at least this time.  I have so little patience with other people's comments and nonsense.  I mean really- say something nice or shut it.

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I am always a hermit, have been for about the last 6 years. All I want to do is spend time with my family and my animals. I don't have many friends because I just can't be around stupid or fake people so I stay in the comfort of my home as much as I can. I am kinda pissed about the diaper thing, 98% of the time my mother in law is awesome and I love her, she supports almost ever decision we make, but then she goes and does stuff like not want to buy cloth diapers. It's not even that I put the most expensive ones on my registry, there is stuff from $2.00 to $50 on there so people have lots of options. Maybe she just doesn't want to deal with the shipping time because its all on a free shipping site so I don't know. They live in a really small town so the only options they have is walmart or really expensive baby shops.

I really need to get a carseat ordered, I can't find the one I want in a local store so I have to order it online. I have a plan to wait until after the shower and then purchase everything else that I need so that I am done.

For those of you with older children are you getting them anything? Because I don't want my DS to feel left out at the shower I got him 2 shirts today from etsy that say big brother and he has been obsessed with setting toys aside for the baby, and when we go places he wants to buy toys for the baby so I let him look at etsy and he found a stuffed frog he wanted to get for the baby and some wooden teethers that he wanted so he will have a gift to give the baby at the shower, he was really excited. I am just so worried he is going to feel left out. I don't know if its normal to give gifts to the siblings at a baby shower so I hope he feels special when he gets his tshirts, and one of his great grandmothers is giving him a pair of knit socks. I want to get him a doll so he can take care of his "baby" when I take care of mine but he is convinced that my baby is his baby so I don't know how well that would work, my mom did it when she had me but my brother is only 18 months older than I am.
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We don't know what gender we are having, so I haven't been proactive about registering or anything!


I already got my carseat (well, I got a Radian for my 2.5yo and will be using the Symphony with the newbie) and a double jogging stroller.  I have newbie boy clothes, a few blankets (I'm sure we'll be borrowing quite a few from the neighbors), prefolds and covers (need some more, though, since I've been using the small ones as doublers at night for my toddler), and nursing pads.  I have a TON of carriers - I'm keeping the baby-sized and toddler-sized Ocah WCMTs, the organic Ergo, the gauze wrap, the Sleepy Wrap, and my Didy Jonny, but am currently listing and trying to sell some WAHM/SAHM carriers as well (a black SSC, a khaki canvas MT, a plain linen RS, a blue striped TCRS, and a sea glass Maya Wrap).


I guess that means I still need to get:

  • more prefolds
  • Snappis (can't find mine!)
  • teeny tiny woolies <3
  • a new, non-ghetto monitor
  • a breast pump (hoping that my insurance will pay for a Hygeia pump)
  • more bottles for eventually...
  • a two-kid sized diaper bags (any recs?)
  • new baby towels (hooded and washcloth)
  • postpartum mama cloth
  • home birth birth kit materials


I'm pretty confident I'm forgetting a lot of things there.

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Oh yeah, I also reaaaaally want a Waldorf doll for my big boy and some Kleynimals for the little 'un. :)

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Casjie, I did the same thing with car seats!  A Radian for my 20 month old, and we have an Evenflo Symphony that will be passed to new baby.  Funny :)  We already switched DD to the Radian so she'll be used to it when baby comes.  She screamed the whole first car ride with it, but has been fine ever since. 


I'm finally getting around to making a few things for DD that I've been meaning to do, and I'll actually be knitting her a doll soon!  I have a couple of other projects to finish first, but I want that to be done before Christmas so she can have her own baby then.  She's pretty excited for this baby though, so we'll see how much she cares about a doll!  I thought about making her a little baby carrier too, so when I'm wearing the baby she can wear her baby doll if she wants to.


I do want to do a gift "from" the baby to DD when he's born, but she's a little young to understand giving gifts to others.  I plan to see how Christmas goes this year, seeing what she seems to understand, and go from there.  Maybe I can let her pick something out for the baby, she does do okay with choosing between different things...I feel like she's still so young at 20 months, but she really does pay attention and understands more than I think she does sometimes!

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Alright, here's my new updated list: 


Already had: carseat, moby wrap, a mei tai style carrier, cloth diapers


Have collected: newborn/0-3 month clothes, a little bouncer chair thing


Still need/want: ergo carrier, nursing tank-tops, breast pads, homebirth kit


Undecided: a high quality breast pump 

I did not respond to several types of breast pumps I tried with my other two, despite oversupply (I can usually hand express more (and quicker) than I get from the pump) and luckily never had a need for having pumped milk handy. A part of me still feels like I should try to have at least a small stash ready for an emergency. I don't know. Not sure I really want to waste the money on it in the case that it doesn't work like the others. 


I've also been trying to think about food for labor. I'm not sure that I'll need it, as I haven't in the past, but I still want to have it prepared just in case. 

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I've got most everything-I even sewed a few more cloth diapers and some mamacloth yesterday...got the birthkit, herbs...car seat, bouncy seat, bassinette, some boy and girl 'first couple of weeks' infant clothes.  (we don't know if this one is a boy or girl so I hit a few consignment sales and got a little of everything) Lots of receiving blankets, I crocheted some booties, hats, and blankies. I'm pretty much keeping it simple and sticking with what I know I will really need and use. I figure after that we will buy as we need...I don't expect any sort of gifts from anyone so there's no point in registering anywhere. 

I figure if I I am feeling a little more creative in the next nine weeks I will sew a few waldorfy dolls or something for the little one. :)

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You ladies seem so much more ready than I am! I actually have almost everything I planned to buy for this baby, all that I can think of is my list of birth supplies that the midwife wants us to have, and a dresser. My moby wrap is on its way, I have all the clothes and stuff I will need for a few weeks ready, once I find a dresser I like I am going to wash them all up and get them folded and put away. And I am having a "cleaning party" in a few weeks and my mother in law is going to come down and stay for a few nights and help me shampoo all the rugs and get the house 100% ready. It's a bit early but she is going to another state at the end of the month and then my father in law needs a hip replacement in December so its the only time we can do it. Luckily I have her to help me!
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Haven't posted in a while (hi!)...but I saw the title of this thread and laughed inside.  The only things I have for this baby are 4 cloth diapers and a swing.  That's it.  LOL.  I will start gathering more in earnest when Christmas break starts for school.  I'll be 36 weeks at that point, but I can't think of when else I could possibly have time between working, 4 kids, 2 college classes, and my husband deployed until December.

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You probably already have most anything you'd need though with 3 girls and a boy!  It's probably more of just gathering things into the right place and buying a couple new things, huh?  Lucky for us all of our newborn stuff for DD was neutral, and MIL has a serious baby-clothes-buying problem so we're all set :)

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Oh, no. Lol. I thought I was done. I got rid of all the baby stuff (except for the special keepsakes) 8 years ago after my son. We are starting over with this baby!
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Haha, oh I see smile.gif Yes, I suppose you do have get a bunch of stuff then!
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