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Maternity Clothes Limbo?

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Expecting #3 here, 12 weeks along and I look like I'm 19 weeks +. I busted out the maternity pants 3 weeks ago, sooo comfy! But I look like I over indulged on beer and chocolate. I'm trying to wear mostly loose flowy tops. But man the other parents at the playground, dance class and schools are staring at my gut and I'm not sure if I should just say yup another bun in the oven or give it some more time.

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same here.  I have NEVER shown with the first five until well  in the second half of pregnancy.  I'm 11/12 weeks now and looking around 18 weeks (for me).  I wear exclusively skirts out of the home and occasionally sweats/yoga type things in the home so it isn't a huge deal for me as all my skirts are elastic waist and not fitted.  But my tops are shrinking!

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I exploded over here too - I'm a heavy mama, and I haven't really gained any weight yet, but my body is shifting and I'm definitely starting to look more pregnant and less "just fat". No one's dared asked me yet out in public, but I'm sure it's coming soon.  I pulled out my favorite pair of mat pants a couple of weeks ago and have been living in those and yoga pants.

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This is my least favorite part of pregnancy -- you're waiting to have a cute bump instead of just looking like you ate too many donuts, waiting to feel the baby more regularly (or at all), waiting to not want to barf 24-7...blah.  I too hate this transitional stage of tummy growth and unfortunately it's way more pronounced than with my other two...I definitely have a bit of tummy and normally that doesn't happen until well into the 2nd tri for me.  I'm definitely apprehensive...how big will I get this time?!?!

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I'm 11 weeks and just pulled out my bella band knock off tonight. It didn't fit right last time but tonight it is feeling just right and comfort.

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8 wks along with #2. I am still wearing normal pants, but after I eat I have to unbutton them. Definitely feeling just bloated and not pregnant when that happens! Can't wait for the maternity clothes- so comfortable and fewer decisions to make about what to wear!

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I feel silly wearing maternity tops now, but my regular ones are all fitted so they're too tight now and hike up enough to expose the fact that I no longer button my pants...

My bloated "bump" is a real sloppy mushy low-hanging mess most of the day, but at 5 pm it becomes solid, high and huge, and I totally look 20 weeks pregnant in the evenings. I've heard that bloat is more common in the evenings.. but it's so extreme it requires a wardrobe change after dinner. and I'm really not eating THAT much...

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After realizing that the pair of pants that were too big pre-pregnancy are now too tight to be comfortable, I bought 2 pairs of SUPER comfy maternity pants. I am SO excited to wear them! I have 2 other pairs that were given to me, but both are a little big still and I have to hike them up every time I stand up or sit down. They'll fit soon, but the pants I got today will fit perfectly now and probably through the whole pregnancy, as well as postpartum. Yay! I'm mostly super bloated by the afternoon, but I already have a muffin top even in the formerly too-big pants. This baby is hungry!

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Yuck, I am so in the same boat. I can squeeze into a couple pairs of jeans still (not my favorites that I'd JUST gotten back into a couple months ago), but it's less than perfect. My belly looks pg if I don't suck in hard, but it's mostly just chub so I feel funny getting into maternity stuff just yet. This in between stuff is so lame.
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I don't look any different yet, but I feel super bloated. My "normal" clothes still fit (some are even getting too big), and I just don't feel pregnant at all right now, except for the constant extreme nausea. With my other two, I never got big, but according to DF, I actually started to show a little with DS. I never really *needed* maternity clothes, just... felt left out so I got some maternity shirts. All I want this pregnancy besides a healthy, happy baby at the end is to have a baby bump, or look pregnant.

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I am 11 weeks into my first pregnancy and expecting twins. I feel like I went from the bloat to the full on baby bump practically overnight this week. After my friend caught me unbuttoning my jeans in the movie theater a few days ago I decided to start wearing the Beband with my pants. I love it! Went to Olive Garden with girlfriends last night and they joked that they all want one for the after affects of all you can eat pasta. I used to suck it in after a big meal in public and it's such a relief to finally relax and let it all hang out for the first time in my life. But with doubles I am a bit anxious about my petite frame accommodating for them both later on. I have no idea how big I'll become. 

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We are trying to wait until after 12 weeks to tell people and although I don't feel that I look pregnant yet, I think it's because I subconsciously suck it in a little bit in the mirror. My jeans are getting a little bit tight... and very uncomfortable in the belly area. And I'm afraid to wear anything that isn't flowy or loose. Blah. DH has mentioned how much "rounder" my belly is looking.. I'm only 8 weeks 5 days. 

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I'm only 9 weeks and while I'm still wearing my regular pants, they are starting to get a little tight in my lower abdomen.

We're trying to hold off on telling anyone soon, but that may prove difficult because my sister has all my maternity clothes from when she borrowed them for her last pregnancy. Eventually I'm going to have to tell her so I can get my clothes.

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I feel ya! I'm 10 weeks and had to go out on Saturday and had to buy maternity pants and a shirt to wear to church on Sunday because theres no way my non pregnant dress pants are fitting me.  I feel huge.

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I feel silly having my entire maternity wardrobe out and in use (well, what's left of it...after my losses I ended up parting with most of it) since I'm not hugely in need of all that extra maternity room and stretch yet.  But my regular clothes are too uncomfortable or make me feel disgusting, so maternity is my preference.

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I'm starting to get uncomfortable in my regular clothes so I did go pick up some items yesterday. As long as my regular jeans aren't fresh out of the dryer I can wear them semi-comfortably. If they are too tight I literally start gagging when I button them. So weird? I had to get some maternity pants and some of the shirts with the scoop necks since anything rubbing on my neck makes me gag. I'm only 11w5d so I feel silly having to do this so early, but I'd rather be comfortable you know? Not gagging is a priority.


Also, I must point out how much MORE pregnant maternity pants make me look. My regular stuff at least holds some of it in, but when I tried on the mat pants yesterday I instantly looked like a month further along. I guess I'll have to choose wisely where I wear those until we're ready for everyone to know... 

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Also, I must point out how much MORE pregnant maternity pants make me look. My regular stuff at least holds some of it in, but when I tried on the mat pants yesterday I instantly looked like a month further along. I guess I'll have to choose wisely where I wear those until we're ready for everyone to know... 


This is me too!! In regular pants I just look extra fat lol, but I look HUGE in maternity pants. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I tell myself it is!!

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I'm 11 weeks and finally caved and bought some maternity work clothes on the weekend.  I could have put it off a bit longer, but then I figured, i'm going to be spending all that $$$ anyway, I may as well get lots of wear out of them, so...


My pants are the low cut kind and are v. comfy and don't really look like mat wear.  I think I will wear them post baby too.


But the tops...they make me look pregnant, so I'm not going to wear them until I'm ready to tell work.  I'm just wearing my usual flowy shirts...though they are really tight/buttons bursting at the chest.  

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Don't feel bad.  I'm on the small side to being with so there is no where to hide my growing beer belly- I mean baby!  I am only at 9 weeks and 4 days, but I have been rocking the maternity pants for a few weeks now.  hide.gif  I tried to wear a low slung, usually big, non-maternity pair of pants yesterday and popped the button when I tried to sit down!  I still feel silly wearing my larger maternity tops but some of the fitted tanks are working well.  I was joking with my sister last night that I've just exploded with this second baby, but it is so ridiculous.  I know my uterus won't pop over my pubic bone until about 12 weeks, so it is no fun to rub my expanding belly right now.  I know it is just displaced organs and not baby.  Rather inappropriate to rub where the LO actually is, especially in public! lol.gif  

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I'm having to alter my wardrobe more now. I just don't know where to buy maternity clothes around here? We don't have any specialty maternity clothes places nearby, maybe in Indy, but none of the big name chain stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer) have maternity clothes anymore. I'm trying to convince DF to take me to Indianapolis on a maternity clothes finding expedition, but with moving in the next couple of weeks and having practically nothing, he's wanting to wait a little longer. I'm nervous to buy things online, for fear that they won't fit right or be comfortable when I try them on, and I hate dealing with return policies 99% of the time. So any suggestions either from someone who is familiar with central Indiana or knows of a website with either pretty standard sizing/tall sizes, or very easy to deal with return policies would be appreciated.

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