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I feel like I'm already waddling but I don't even know why! I'm not that big yet, I thankfully don't have any hip/back pain, and yet I'm walking like an elderly penguin.


Popping hips aren't chill! Hope it's just a random singular event for you.

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One of my coworkers (a woman with a serious displeasure with anyone even 10lbs overweight), let me know a couple of mornings ago that she "doesn't recognize me from behind anymore because I'm a totally different shape and waddle a little when I walk"


Um... thanks?


I've been having a lot of trouble with everyone around me just laying on the (sometimes unintentionally) demeaning comments about my weight lately. I've only actually gained 7.5lbs so far and I'm still wearing my normal pants with a belly band, so I know I haven't gotten out of control about it. My husband has been making all these comments about how ugly my clothes are these days, how a sweater makes me look "more fat than pregnant", or how some things don't fit right. I had to lay down the law about it the other day so now he's being sheepishly silent, but I know he's still thinking these things and it makes me feel kind of bad about myself.


I really thought that people were going to be nicer to me while pregnant, but I've found the complete opposite.

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I live in a place where there is a very diverse cultural blend of people (maybe you do too?) and I've found that people from certain cultures in particular just say exactly what they're thinking and really don't even mean anything (positive or negative) about it.

People will just say "wow, you're getting fat!" If I gain weight while not pregnant. Sometimes that one is actually supposed to be more of a compliment.... smile.gif

Last pregnancy someone (who was a work relationship, not a friendship at all) told me "you're getting as big in the back as you are in the front".

Thankfully, I've learned to shrug it all off with an attitude of "yep, that's what is supposed to happen".

Sorry your DH has been less than sensitive. Sounds like he needs to buy you some super cute and flattering maternity clothes! wink1.gif

And on people being nice to pregnant women, you just never know. I was working as a cashier until I was 8 months pregnant with my first and could barely reach over the counter to get groceries into bags. The majority of the customers would literally watch me do this for them with my giant belly rather than help out with it.

Hope you're able to shrug it off and not take this stuff to heart. Hugs, mama!
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Ugh, I feel so sorry for women whose partners aren't completely accepting of their changing bodies! NOT COOL DUDES. The pregnant body is beautiful and should be celebrated!

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this isn't really a complaint. well, it's not a complaint. but the baby has been kicking the crap out of me the past couple days and each time it makes me jump.

i keep wondering if/when i'll get used to it. it's completely amazing/strange growing a human being inside of me.

especially when she decides to give me a swift kick in my bladder when i'm sleeping.

we pulled out the doppler this morning to listen to her in there and she actually kicked the doppler off of her- it rose right off of my belly! luxlove.gif

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my DH has been so supportive...I started loosing weight and was sticking to the plan got down to 185lbs from 220lbs and was feeling good about getting into my smaller clothes...When I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to gain weight, but was real leary of doing it...you talk about having all these mixed emotions I had them...My stomach starts growing and I say to DH "man I look like a whale already" he says "no honey you look beautiful, you have a reason to be gaining weight....You have the biggest pregnacy GLOW I have ever seen and I love you" gotta love the ones who are so supportiive, and pray for the ones who aren't that they will learn to be.

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My DH is very into my pregnant body and if he wasn't I'd tell him to suck it.

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The kicking weirds me out sometimes too. Every once in a while it feels really strong and I jump. Almost feels like an abdominal muscle spasm or something lol!
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Anyone else getting sciatic nerve pain? My right hip and outside thigh are hurting at night and when I get out of bed in the morning. Ugh, so annoying.
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I have something funky going on with my intestines/stomach.  It feels like I've got gas that won't pass and it's making me nauseous again in a slightly different way than morning sickness.  No diahrea or constipation, but I threw up friday night for the first time in a while, and I've had to fight the urge to throw up every time I eat.  I'm back to having serious food aversions and can hardly get myself to swallow anything, but if I don't I feel worse.  My best guess is that it has something to do with my twin uterus growing so fast and my intestines not adjusting to the cramped space very quickly, but I've also been pretty run down which feels like it might be some little flu bug.  Who knows, but it sucks.  We're on vaction visiting friends for an extended weekend and all I've been able to do is lay on their couch.  I'm a little freaked out about the possibility of this lasting for the rest of my pregnancy - it's not like my poor intestines are going to get any more space to work anytime soon. greensad.gif

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No diarrhea or constipation, but you're still having regular bowel movements?
Understand that I'm part of a forum of people with very unhealthy guts, so this may not apply to you, but when we see vomiting and only passing a small amount of stool it can sometimes be an obstruction or impacted stool. As long as you're having regular BMs, that's obviously not the case. But keep an eye on things if that changes.

Hope your bowel gets used to the limited space SOON and you get to feeling better! Gut issues are so not fun.
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yes to what Odinsmama said (except i'm somehow NOT in the compromised gut forum shrug.gif  now i know there is one!)


if you're having regular movements, then good, but you want to make sure you're not blocked in your bowels!  traveling blocks me up often- and that has caused the exact symptoms you gave, even to the weird nausea.  


and i'm also totally with loveandgarbage- it's hard to not be supported by your spouse.  especially while so flippin' hormonal.  i don't know how many mamas can say how their libido and their spouses response to their bodies worked, but i would think any man would get over their mates shape was changing if they were still being given lots of affection and attention.  and i think we mamas who have men who are supportive tend to feel really durn good about ourselves even when huge and egg-shaped.  


teles-  i found people thought i was doing EVERYTHING wrong when pregnant, from what i was wearing, to what i was eating, to weight gain (and i do gain it!), and the thing that blew my mind is that they felt they had some right to TELL ME.  But, that was good preparation for parenting.  when if my baby isn't in a hat, every person will stop to tell me she's gonna catch a cold.  where are her socks?  you're gonna spoil her and she'll NEVER wean if you carry in a sling.  give that baby a paci.  ugh- she just owns you, doesn't she?  you shouldn't push potty-training yet.  you let your baby eat THAT?  oh yes, it doesn't stop.  every one else can parent 1000x better than me, apparently.  but head's up, if i ask your advice, i want it.  if not, it's my baby, and i will raise her as i see fit, and i love her more than anyone else out there and have for a lot longer, so back off and shut up.


my husband does have a few maternity items he can't stand, so i do try and pick out a few things that he likes and i do love the positive attention.  he doesn't like the baggy pants, but long dresses that show off my massive and heaving (especially when my lungs get more cramped) bosoms are usually popular.  finding a way for him to give positive criticisms would be good.   

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Brambleberry, on days when I feeling like I'm growing (tighter belly) food doesn't sit right with me. Hope you get back to feeling better soon.

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I've felt like the on a few occasions now, especially after eating cheese. I love cheese, so that's no good he's for me, but I also felt like it might be lack of spec for intestines to fully digest and pass stuff. I've also felt queasy from it.
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The body image thing with husbands is funny. I think mine is being pretty cool and supportive though once the baby started kicking his libido seemed to go on holiday. I asked him about this hiatus and he's not sure why (I have my suspicions that he might feel like there's a real little person between us now, like our private space is being shared). I'm not mad, I think he just needs to get his head around it all. 

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I have gained 15 pounds already and I feel huge. 


I am suffering from Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) which is more cosmetic but it is annoying with our image based culture.  I feel ugly sometimes

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Originally Posted by loveandgarbage View Post

I feel like I'm already waddling but I don't even know why! I'm not that big yet, I thankfully don't have any hip/back pain, and yet I'm walking like an elderly penguin.

Popping hips aren't chill! Hope it's just a random singular event for you.

Gah! Not an isolated incident! Woke up with it this morning so it may have something to do with how I'm sleeping. Not ready to be waddling already!
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Aw, I'm sorry to hear that :(


My itchiness has now gravitated to my back. I wonder if the new detergent DH bought is making my skin extra sensitive? We usually buy dye-free natural stuff but he bought something on sale. I'm thinking of covering my self in calamine lotion.

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I unfortunately have a husband who is not very supportive or accepting of pregnancy changes. I won't go into all the specifics, because it is depressing, but I certainly can sympathize with you ladies who are going through that.

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so sorry for the mamas whos DH are not supportive. :( I can't imagine going through this without my DH.. He actually does love my pregnant body, but I tend to only get a big belly and boobs.. at least so far.. I feel I may gain more during this pregnancy than the first 2!


I have been having sciatica pain in my right hip as well. :/ and today after sitting at my kitchen table on a hard chair for about an hour, I felt like I got kicked in the crotch. My MW showed me how to get DH to do this "leg pull" to help with the sciatica, and if he does that and massages my lower back/pelvis area every couple days it is bearable... today I had to take some tylenol though. :/

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