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Probiotics... TMI warning!

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Ok, ladies, HUGE TMI warning!


I am really struggling. With DD, I had very bad constipation during the first trimester. I ended up on a daily regimen of stool softeners. Back then I didn't know as much about probiotics as I do now, I didn't take them, but the stool softeners helped so I didn't look into anything else.


Now, I am having the exact opposite problem, loose stools a couple times a day. And it's really urgent too. Once I feel it I have to run to the bathroom, and it's awful. I think I'd rather have the constipation back. This has been going on for about 5 days now.


I've heard that first trimester diarrhea can be some womens' version of morning sickness and last throughout the first trimester. I'm only 6 weeks along (tomorrow), I don't know if I can handle this for 6 more weeks! Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there a probiotic I could take to lessen the symptoms? My doc said I could take Immodium if I wanted, but I really don't want to take anything, especially in the first trimester.


Thoughts?? Advice?? I would greatly appreciate it!

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sorry about the constipation w/ DD and the not so constipated now. 


I normally have a BM every other day, even DD is the same :) Now that I'm pregnant again I have a BM 2 or 3 times a day, which I hear is normal despite being pregnant, so I become regular when I am pregnant. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to have to run to the bathroom, but honestly I've learned to get used to it and enjoy having less gas :) burping is a whole other story, I never new water would make me burp. 

Anyways! hope your BM's get easier... I'm in the nursing field and BM's tell you a lot about whats going on in your body, sounds like you need more fiber, protein and more fluids, water can actually upset your stomach if you drink too much, so try mixing in tea. 

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I should have included, I'm a nurse too! Haha! I have tried diet changes, upping my water, I definitely wasn't drinking enough at first. I get plenty of fiber and protein, and I'm eating yogurt for breakfast every day and sometimes also for snack. I drink green tea daily, I love it. I don't think my diet has helped very much, maybe a little, since I have gone from super watery to just a little watery/soft stools. It's probably one of those things I'll have to wait out. Boo hoo...


But seriously, if anyone does have any info on what would be a good probiotic to add in, that would be great. I'm pretty clueless in that area!


Thanks for your advice!

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I was having loose stools like that in the first tri with my DD1.  Eating bananas and cheese firmed things up for me.

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I can tell you yogurt isn't going to cut it.  Most of the organisms don't make it to survive in the yogurt processing.  Plus the yogurt is subjected to the fluctuations in the manufacter and transport to the store.  It can be quite a ride for yogurt.


I usually buy my probiotic from a local health store when I am stateside.  Get one that has been refrigerated the entire time (ask the shop owner) if possible.  Also, get one organic if you can find one.  I have had good results with Jarrow (although it has soy, so check for potential allergies on a possible solution) which can be obtained from Whole Foods.  They also have other good ones, although they either have gluten or soy so we don't use them.  Since I am in Japan, I order mine now from IHerb.  I have found that Garden of Life and New chapter seem to be stable and effective even though they are not refrigerated in shipment or in the IHerb warehouse.  So I do tend to use the max dose, sometimes more since I have other medical issues.  The consequence of not being refrigerated means that the organism die-off is much higher.  These companies say they anticipate the die-off and the estimation of organisms is after that die-off.  I would go for a high number of live cultures and a largeish variety of strains.



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Thanks! I got some Culturelle and started it the other day. If it doesn't work I will try one of the ones you recommended. I am SO SICK of this already!!

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Bah, its early Amy!  whistling.gif   


Don't be to sick of it yet, the fun hasn't started yikes2.gif




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I have the urgent & loose stool issue in early 1st trimester too. It has happened with each pregnancy. I've never taken a probiotic to cure it though. I just figured my body is trying to adjust and let it run its course. It usually only lasts a week to 10 days with me around week 5, so I'm coming to the end of that phase and entering the nausea phase instead.


Normal BM is supposed to be the same number per day as you eat meals, and it should be on the softer side if you are getting enough fiber and hydration.


I do hope it passes quickly for you and your digestive system begins to settle down into its new pregnancy normal.

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(((Hugs))). Sounds like you got good advice...just wanted to send you a (((hug))). I tend to be very regular while I am pregnant, thankfully. This thread reminds me I wanted to pick up some probiotics the next time I go to the store.

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Thanks ladies, I'm feeling better today, as far as the bowels go. I think the probiotic is helping, it's not quite as loose/watery as it was, and not as urgent, but not back to normal either. I'm hoping the worst of it is over. Now I am getting into the nausea phase of it. This is all just so different from DD, I wonder if this one is a boy??

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