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plugged duct

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I know that somewhere in the breastfeeding support thread there is some talk about plugged ducts, but it's become so long that I don't know where to find it. Anyway, I'm on a 3-hour schedule of nursing 10 min per side, then pumping for 15 minutes and feeding that to my LO. On Thursday I woke up feeling engorged, more on my right side than left. So I made sure to pump a little longer to empty it out. Then yesterday, my right side was just hurting in a specific spot--a different pain than engorgement. I started feeling around, and sure enough, I found a hard lump right above my areola. I'm guessing this is a plugged duct. It's really painful. I've tried heating it, then massaging it. I'm taking ibuprofen and putting ice packs on in between feedings. But I don't think it's getting better.


Are there any other tricks out there that you've found have worked? And at what point do I get really concerned about mastitis? I've heard some horror stories, and I'd really like to avoid those if I can.

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Warm shower and massage, or when you nurse, position baby's chin pointing towards the plugged duct. Try leaning forward when nursing/pumping to use gravity. 

You'll get into some funky nursing positions, but it's worth it :)

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I had a plugged duct with my first baby and I just had him breastfeed as much as possible on that side. When it came out, it felt so weird. It was like a milk clot - so strange.  Your baby will be able to suck harder than the pump will, so I don't advise using the pump.


I hope you're able to find relief soon! It's not any fun having a plugged duct!

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Hope it heals soon! I had three on one breast, I did warm showers and putting baby on it as much as possible - even though it hurt. I also did take tynenol at one point. 

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i started taking lecithin and it seems to have helped. 

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I had those a few times when Elsa was little.  The only thing that worked for me was having her nurse from that side as much as possible.  I only did the other side when absolutely necessary to keep the supply up.  Usually within a day it would pass.  My sympathy, those are no fun at all.

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