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Where to start

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Hey everyone just wanna know good books, website  to do uc research  things like what to do for some birth complications already registered to take an infant resuscitation class this will be baby #6, 4 natural births 1 epidural all vaginal and complication free just wanna be on the safe side this is a big step I do plan on having a close friend there for the birth. need to know what supplies to get to stop bleeding just in case ...gonna order a home birthing kit I know I need raw honey in case of a tear. 

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Bumping up for more attention!

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These can get you started.








Keep in mind infant resuscitation differs from neonatal, there are extra precautions, gentler methods and different indications for what needs to be done with infants under 1 month old particularly just born. Midwifery texts will outline it but a more thorough education in it will help assure you better about that.


If there's excess bleeding and no pitocin's available, nipple stimulation (breastfeeding ideally), shepherd's purse or some of the blends with cohosh, yarrow, etc on that site inhishands can help. Chewing or eating a chunk of the placenta might help if it's out and cord is clamped and cut already (ew but hey it can help). Also emptying your bladder, and according to a midwife I know focusing on bleeding less will help.

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Thank you for your Help.

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