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Panic! please send goodvibes/love/prayer my way!

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So we have been having some financial troubles with my hours being cut down at work and dh switching to another job because he was promised a promotion that never happened "he ended up getting less hours and money and the new placement just never came around irked.gif" But my mother has been helping us to pay our rent which has been really hard for her because she owns her own business and has to schedule and find clients month by month (she does readings and energy work) SO anyway... this month she is coming on the 18th and has been working hard to get all her bills payed off before she comes for a month to stay with me. She was planning on working over the phone and online from our home to help us pay our rent while she is visiting as we will be almost $500 dollars short this month! so we thought atleast we could figure this out and handle it somehow, i would help her schedule people and we would work together while she is visiting...Then yesterday i got an electric bill in the mail stating that i had to pay $379 by the 18th to keep out electricity on greensad.gif that is the day she is supposed to arrive and she is trying to work like crazy now to work on paying some of it but i have no idea how we are going to manage this and i am TERRIFIED that i will end up with my electricity shut off and being due friday! if any of you could just sent me out some prayers or some good vibes that things will somehow fall together it would reallly mean alot to me...thank you for listening and just provideing a safe place to vent about this.



oh and if anyone knows anyone who might be interested in buying a handmade dragon pendant i would appreciate being passed along http://www.etsy.com/shop/IndigoMoonEnergy?ref=ss_profile i know its pretty lame of me to post that here but im pretty desperate...sigh

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Hugs and good thoughts coming your way! What a terrible time for this type of stress!


Can you call your electricity company and arrange some kind of payment plan, so you don't have to pay the whole chunk at once? From what I understand, a lot of the time they'd rather be getting something, and keep your power on than turn it off and risk getting nothing.

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My name isnt on out electric bill only DH's "we are not legally married, he has a bankrupsty from before we were together so we try to keep things seperate in hopes that maybe i can keep my credit from being destroyed alothough as of now i pretty much just dont have credit..." unfortunatly im also the one that handles all this stuff when it comes crashing down, it is nearly impossible to get him to step up and do anything...i can try to have him call monday and see but its due by tuesday so im afraid that if i wait till then it might just be too late greensad.gif

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oh HUGS mama... how stressful.  You should be able to get someone in the billing department 24/7  - or at least a human being to talk to.  I think Carlin's advice is good.

sorry you're dealing with this

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hug2.gifSo sorry you are having this stress! Carlin's advice was great though and I really hope you are able to work it out! So glad you have a safe place to vent!

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I'm so sorry that so much stress is creeping up right now. Money issues are the worst. Carlin has offered the best, real.advice and I really hope you can find a solution!! ((Hugs))
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We were in a similar situation and found out that you can get one time emergency help from Social Services. They have emergency loans of certain amounts (show them the bill, proof of address and citizenship, and explain your financial situation) that you can get -I think one every 2 years? They also have programs that specifically help work with and pay the utility companies. Contact Social Services! They can be really helpful and there's no shame in needing legitimate help. 

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You can also call churches even if you don't go there they can help with smaller amounts. $20 here $50 there.. it all adds up. Even if they cant help they might be able to point. You in the direction of someone who can. Good luck!
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You can access community help for a lot of this, the utility bill, rent... We have a community action agency that acts as the entry point, and will direct people to whom can provide support. Our Salvation Army has utility assistance funds, as does our department of human services (a limited amount), it shouldn't matter to them that your partner's name is on the bill if you are residing together for the purposes of other support. Make sure your getting other help you can, like WIC and Bridge Card to take the pressure off. And DEFINITELY call the electric company, they will/can make arrangement and tell you who can help! Lots of hugs and best wishes!
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hug2.gif I'm sorry you're in such a rough position.

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You are all so sweet thank you so much for all the different leads! im thinking we are going to have to find a way to down grade where we live because this is most likely going to just happen to us again in two months...sigh. but thankfully for this month my ROCKSTAR of a mom managed to scrape together enough money to pay the electric bill joy.gif i have no idea how she managed to squeeze in that many appointments so fast but she did it!! now if i work hard with her when she gets here tuesday i should be able to gather the rent one way or another, i feel so so so much better now even though i know i need to be aware of the future and figure out how to deal with things ASAP because im going to get fired once i go into labor..."once your off the schedule at my job for more then a week they have to terminate you" so goooddd vibes that i will find another job really fast after baby is born..maybe an at home job of some sort..going to look into working from home for HSN or QVC... but atleast now i feel like i have a fighting chance!


thank you all so  much again for being so sweet and helping me! im so thankful for the community i have here! i really havn't made any friends since ive moved across the country a year ago and its wonderful to have a group of ladies i can talk to and to know i have somewhere i can turn! luxlove.gif

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