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Welcome Babies!!!

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This is the place to write a quick announcement when your babe makes his or her arrival. Feel free to post your own thread with a birth story when you feel up to it and have the time!

So far our DDC has welcomed two babies - Adair and Daniel! Can't wait to hear about all the little ones who will be joining us shortly.
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Grace Audrey was born yesterday at 1:49 p.m. I posted about the birth in the bi-weekly chat thread. She was 2 weeks early, but weighed in at 8 lbs, 13.5 oz, 22 inches long. I'm a tired but happy mama. redface.gif
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Welcome Grace! What a big healthy girl!

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Yay - some action on this thread!!! :-)

Beauitful name!
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Yay! I get to play, too. Simon David was born Friday evening, at home in the water. He is a couple of weeks early, but weighed exactly the same as his big sister at her birth, 7 lb 12 oz.

Everyone is healthy and totally in love all over again. I am so grateful for all of the support and knowledge that was present here while we've carried our babies. Thanks, everyone!

Leigh Ann


I guess I need to change my signature. ;)

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Welcome Grace and Simon! I am so excited we are having babies!

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Welcome Simon!!! I'm looking forward to hearing the birth story. Enjoy this precious time!!!
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Congratulations DelawareMom! and welcome baby Simon!  

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Congrats and welcome to Simon and Grace!! Both big for being early - that's wonderful! Enjoy those sweet little babes :)

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Welcome Grace and Simon and Congratulations to both the mothers.

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Welcome Grace and Simon!! How exciting for you mamas! Wonderful that everyone is healthy and happy.

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Welcome Simon!!! Yay for babies coming!

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Yaaaay!!!!!! Welcome Grace and Simon!!!!! so exciting!!!
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Congratulations DelewareMom!

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Happy birthday Grace and Simon! Congrats Mamas, enjoy all those baby snuggles.

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Welcome to all of the new babies! I hope to be posting here soon :) DelawareMom, We are also planning on the name Simon, good choice!

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A big welcome to Grace and Simon! And many, many congratulations to their families!

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Baby is here!


Aspen Eve

September 25, 2012

7:35 a.m.

7 lbs even

19 inches

Born into daddy's hands

2.5 hours of labor


We are doing well. We are all smitten! I'll post more later.



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Yay!!! Congratulations Aurora! Great job keeping her in for so long! Wow, only 2.5 hours! Can't wait to hear the story. :-) Welcome to the world sweet little Aspen! Lovely name.




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Welcome Aspen! I love the name, congratulations Aurora :) 2.5 hours of labour - wow! Hope everyone is recovering well.

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