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Congratulations Declaration and welcome baby Georgette!  Sorry to hear you went through so much after the birth!

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Wow, gorgeous babies! Welcome Georgette and welcome baby Issacs! Lovely names all around.


Hope you're all recovering well, mamas.

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Congratulations declaration!!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm so sorry to hear about the complications after the birth! greensad.gif my third had both his hands on to of his head, I can not imagine trying to recover from what you went through! Hugs and healing thoughts your way!
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Declaration, congrats and so happy that everything concluded safely (that is awkwardly phrased; pardon new momy syndrome).  She is beautiful!


Yay. our babies are finally starting to come forth!!!


Vegan, I know...I am hoping it's not... going to try and find someone to help, but he is latching perfectly today as long as I am sitting up.  So it's a goo sign.  We are rural and it's tough to find support. 


Try as we may, we can't seem to not get visitors.  Well meaning, but I am sooo tired and I need to sleep.  We've had a steady stream all afternoon.  DH is going to have to guard the door better.  ITs kinda awkward when it's your grandparents just showing up.  I need to have dh upload some pics for me.  I am rather in shock that I birthed such a chunk in such a short time..well that, and that my 5'4" self even had him in there.


YAY for baby Isaacs!  It seems most of oct babies thus far are girlies which we love, but the boys needed some reinforcements, lol.

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Congrats! and welcome Georgette. What a sweet little bundle to have caused so much trouble. Healing prayers to you mamma.

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After 24 hrs mild "pre-labor" and a CRAZY 45 mins of active labor Arelei Morgan (air-uh-lye) was born unplanned and unassisted at home on Sunday 10/14/12 at 5:51pm. 7lbs 5oz, 201/2 inches. My crazy story to follow in the next few days!
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Congrat's Icy! Welcome baby Arelei - beautiful name :) Can't wait to hear the story!

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Congratulations Icy and welcome baby arelei!!!!! smile.gif
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congrats icy!  Beautiful name! 

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lovely name icy! congrats and oh my, can't wait to hear the story!!

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I'm so behind on the baby boom! Congratulations Mamas!!!! I can't wait to read the birth stories!

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Congratulations Icy and welcome baby Arelei!

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Congrats icy!!!! Cannot wait to hear your fantastic story!!!!
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A beautiful UC/Freebirth in the water on Friday morning!  Sleeping on me now.

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Congratulations Aggie! and welcome baby Mackenzie!

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Wow, Icy, congrats! Can't wait to hear your story!


Congratulations, Aggie! Very sweet.

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I announced it on the chat thread, but baby Charlie (Charles Archie) arrived on October 17th at 11:04pm. He was 7 pounds and 9 oz and born in the water. He is so gorgeous and mellow! I was given cervidil that morning but it didn't do anything but give me constant contractions which weren't doing really anything to my cervix so at 8:30 that evening we broke my waters (I was 3cm dilated) and about 10-15 mins later the contractions started with lots of intensity. I got through transition feeling pretty good and got into the tub. At that point the contractions were incredible and I really didn't think I could cope... I had the urge to push but I knew the baby was still descending... it was like a freight-train coursing through my body. I have never felt anything like it (so different from my first birthing experience) though thankfully it eased off as I could feel him move into position and the pushing was more of a relief. Like many of you, it was a very short and intense labour - just over 2 hours. My midwife and nurse were phenomenal and this baby is just lovely.


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Congrats to all you beautiful mamas. Hope you're getting rest and lots of baby snuggles.

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congrats aggie

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We have a baby!!!!!

Miss Bria was born Friday Oct 19 at 10:01 pm, 8 lbs 9 oz

I had an ultrasound and NST friday morning and expected to go straight home, turns out I had too much fluid and they were worried about the possibility of the cord prolapsing if my water broke becuse baby was still floating sooooo high (probably the rason I was not in labor yet cause I was 3 cm dilated). I had many choices but my midwife was most comfortable with the on call OB breaking my water. The next part is AMAZING!!!!! The OB agreed to let me go home to deliver, everyone, other midwifes, nurses everyone was shocked :) We left the hospital at about 3:30 and rushed home since they thought this baby would fly out of me, I was 5 cm, but feeling no contractions when leaving the hospital.

Got home and nothing until about 7 when the rest of my family left and I started having light contractions, we hung out, played a board game and chatted. They were getting slightly more intense but still could talk through them kinda, I got in the shower and they got more intense. Out of the shower at 8:30 pm and was checked about 9:15..still 5-6 cms....I was so disapointed cause they were very painful since I had gotten out of the shower. I got in the pool and was pretty bitchy to everyone from what I hear :s, turns out I had good reason. I had a contratction and starting pushing with out meaning to at 9:45. Everyone was kinda shocked...I went from 5 or 6 cms to 10 in under 30 min!!!!! Our beautiful girl was born in the water at 10:01 pm with the cord very tightly wrapped around her neck 2 times!!!! She was born kinda limp and blue, needed a bit of oxygen but pinked up and cried very quick. Big brother missed the actual birth but was with us in about 2 min! he is in love and will not leave her alone ( I suppose she will have to get used to it)

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