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Sooooo exciting!!!!!!!

Congrats Mammas!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Aurora!!!  Welcome baby Aspen!!  So excited to see more of "our" babies!!  thumb.gif

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Jude Kaiden Rhys is here!! Born a couple weeks early of his Oct 1 due date. But a healthy 8lbs 20 3/4 inches long :)

Born at home in the midwife's pool, 3hrs and change in labor total. He came fast! I went from 'maybe in labor to he came flying out' in that time :)  We are so happy he is here :)

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Yay - more babies!! Congratulations and welcome Jude!! I'm loving all these new baby pictures :)

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Welcome Aspen and Jude! Congratulations Auroua and Pastry! So much newborn cuteness here orngbiggrin.gif

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Awwww, so beautiful!!! Love all the hair. Congrats Pastry! And 3 hours! Go mamas!!!!



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Congratulations Pastry!  and welcome little Jude!!!!  I love seeing all these beautiful babies!!!!!

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LOVE all that hair! Oh my goodness! Congratulations!

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Sooooo cute!!! Congratulations!!!!!! smile.gif
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Congrats pastry! He's adorable!

I want one of these fast labors.
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Awww Congratulations! What a sweetheart. So happy for you both.

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Awwwww...so adorable!!! Congrats!!!
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Pastry-- congratulations!! He is breathtaking and I LOVE his name!! joy.gif
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Oh, yay, Jude! Welcome! And so many congratulations, Pastry!

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Jude is adorable, pastry! Congratulations!
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Welcome Jude! Congrats Pastry! He is so cute!


Thanks for all the warm thoughts everyone. heartbeat.gif

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Aria Rose was born last night at 8:01. Less than 4 hrs labor. Only 1 was super intense. Born in the water at home. 7 lbs 8 oz! 19.5 inches. I had a fair amt of bleeding and needed pit and methergen. Feel pretty run over today from intense labor and blood loss. Baby is so beautiful!
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omg! Congratulations!!!! What a bigger baby for you! Hope recovery is speedy!

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Vegan - you made it before the full moon!! Congratulations and welcome Aria - beautiful name! I hope recovery gets better for you quickly :)

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