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Congratulations Skinnylove and Welcome Madeleine!!!!

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Welcome baby girls!!!! congrats skinnylove and pregnova!


Preg: So glad your UC was perfect! I am so thrillled you had a little girl! Looking forward to hearing her name when you are ready to share. Hoping your bil is being helpful and not annoying!



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I am so excited to share with all of you wonderful mommas that I gave birth last night to our 3rd gorgeous and amazing son~ Jack Andrew. 7 lbs 12 oz 20 1/2 in long. I will write a birth story soon. It almost turned into a last minute planned UC at home, but in the end things worked out well and I gave birth naturally 19 hours after my water broke. Active labor was 1 1/2 hours!

Birth story and pics to come soon!!
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Congrat's to Skinny, Pregnova and Silly!! 


We had our baby boy too!! Over 9lbs o cute baby rolls! - we are adjusting, but doing well:)


Hope everyone else is doing well too!

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Congratulations Silly!  and Welcome baby Jack!!!!  

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finally, a baby boom!!! congrats springmum and silly on your new additions!!!! we need pics ladies!!!

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Yay congratulations spring and silly!!!!!!!! smile.gif can't wait to hear more about your sweet babies and births!!!
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Congratulations Springmum!  and Welcome to your little guy!!!!  How did I miss this the last time I posted?  Sorry!


This seems like quite a baby boom!  Yay!

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Yay for babies! Congrats skinny love, pregnova, silly, and springmum! grouphug.gif

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Our baby is here! Harper Josephine was born Sat afternoon, weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 21 inches. Labor stalled in the middle due to a scare, but when it got going, it was a rocket ride... 4 cm to baby out in 45 mins! We are doing great. She has a great latch so far and is a total snuggle bunny. Her older sister adores her too!

Pics coming.

Congrats also to Silly, Springmum, Skinnylove and Pregnova!
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congrats again micro!! can't wait to see pics!!

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Congrats to all!


It's a boy!  Isaac was born 10/14 weighing...10.14!  My water broke at 7.30 am , active labor at 12.15, born after 3 pushes (HARD pushes) at 2.44pm.  22" long.  had a rough night of it as he was awake.all.night.long. wanting to nurse, but frustrated becuase latch kept slipping.  Hopefully we can get some sleep tonight.  I cannot believe I had an almost 11lb baby inside of me!  The crazy thing is that the nb exam actually placed him at 39 and a half weeks!  He is just sweet and we are in love.

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oh my goodness dannic!!!!!! congratulations on you big boy!!!!!! you're amazing!!

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Congrat's Dannic! Good for with you an almost 11 lber - I think he's the biggest of the group so far! 

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WOW!!!! You are amazing, Dannic!! Congrats on your big boy! Hope you get some sleep tonight!
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Isaac Lewis was born on October 3 after progressing contractions starting at about 6 in the morning and getting intense at about 4 in the afternoon.  He was born at 8:11 pm - 8 pounds 13 ounces and 22 inches.  Totally drug free birth although we didn't have time to get into the tub as we had hoped. 


He is fabulous!

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Congrats Dannic and Saralm!! Welcome to the world little Isaacs!


Dannic: Slipping latch can be a sign of tongue tie! I hope things get better and you get some rest. I couldn't sleep the first night and I felt so wonky the next day. 



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Congratulations Dannic and welcome baby Issac!




Congratulations Saralm and welcome baby Issac!



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congratulations saralm!!!!!!! welcome sweet baby issac!!! i love his picture!!! so cute!! <3

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It's a girl!  Which was quite a surprise (both DH and I kept thinkiIng boy).  Georgette (Georgie) was born the evening of Oct. 5th.  


Labor and birth went great- no drugs and I caught her myself (very excited about that)! But once she was out it went downhill quickly. First, she was born with a nuchal hand, and while I was able to birth her over an intact perineum (just a skidmark or two), it seems the position allowed her elbow to tear through my vaginal wall, including an artery, which caused me to hemorrhage. Second, it turns out her placenta was a velamentous insertion, so she is kind of a miracle baby, and also the placenta started falling apart after she was born.  So we transported to the hospital from the birth center for me to get vacuumed out and stitched up.  Considering the complications, everything went as well as we could wish for- got some good bonding time before transport, were still able to delay cord clamping, etc. We won't be doing placental encapsulation since the placenta was so small and deformed.  


The reason this is so late is that recovery has been slow.  Healing thoughts are appreciated!


Daddy took a day or two to get used to saying "she" and "daughter" but he has been tickled pink with her and they are already two peas in a pod.


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