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AFTER birth shopping list?

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What are some nontraditional items you have on hand for after the birth?

Not necessarily for baby, or for you, but anything.


Example... I have small bathroom garbage bags on hand for PP pads.  We usually don't use garbage bags in the bathroom as to eliminate unnecessary waste, but since I've always been quite a bleeder I tend to go through a ton of pads/day.  Having the bags there helps keep things tidy and easy to throw away at the end of the day- tie the bag, throw with regular trash, no odor.


I'm having trouble thinking of other things, though. 

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Good post... but... I'm trying to think of things.


I've made sure to clean off my nightstand by the bed.  I'll need room to keep my water bottle there (always on hand for guzzling water and nursing baby), I've gotten a series of books to read because I always like to have plenty of books on hand to read after a baby is born, I've made sure to have terrible convenience foods on hand (like cereal) so my girls can easily get themselves snacks or even breakfast easily (I also have string cheese, plenty of bananas, yogurt, etc), I keep my phone charger already beside my bed so if I'm not reading books I can mess around on my phone and not worry about it dying all the time.... that's all I can think of at the moment.  But I'll keep thinking...

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Good call on the kids snacks! I didn't even think about that! When dd2 was born my eldest was just 2, and I had a c section so I had a lot of help. This time around things may be different!
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