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Anxiety? Bad dreams giving me panic attacks...

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So I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow. I've been sleeping horribly for weeks... And I'm exhausted all the time... Very rarely can I actually fall asleep if I try to nap during the day either so I'm just tired all the time... I have tendencies twords anxiety and panic my whole life, I have PTSD... But have always been able to manage it with relaxation practices and deep breathing. Aside from last yr when my mom passed very tragically, it was a HUGE trauma for me and I need meds for abt 6 months to cope. I then had anti anxiety meds that were "just incase" meds that I ONLY would take when I'd get a painc attack that was bad enough that I couldnt get myself out of it! Well now I'm pregnant, after many yrs of infertility (6.5 yrs) and so there is a lot of anxiety with that cuz we just want this so bad I'm so scared something will go wrong, and we had a little scare last week (I started bleeding and thought I'd lost the baby but after an ultrasound, it was confirmed baby was perfect) and my birthday was thursday (which causes me lots of anxiety cuz of losing my mom) and I lost my job 2 weeks ago... Just alot going on... So last night I had this horrible dream and woke up in the worst panic attack that I've had in nearly a year. I spent hrs trying to get myself calmed down before taking 1/2 a benedryl... And after abt another hr I was able to sleep. But as soon as I woke up a few hrs later I was shaking and feeling so anxious still... And I still do... Anyone else deal with this? I HATE taking anything cuz of the baby. I think it's mostly being triggered by the exhaustion and lack of adequate sleep... Any suggestions? I go back to the doctor on Wednesday so I'll be talking with her about this as well.
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For my last pregnancy, my midwife suggested skullcap. It was a life saver at preventing and even calming panic attacks. I've read mixed reviews on it so do your own research before taking it. My friend's midwife said she'd prefer she took it in a tincture. I preferred it in a tea/infusion form. I haven't asked about it yet this pregnancy because (knock on wood) I haven't need it yet. I tend to only get panic attacks during pregnancy (the memories of the panic attacks have been awesome birth control in the past!)


Oh and rescue remedy also work for me for anxiety attacks and minor panic attacks as well. It will sometimes also prevent.

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Oh, first of all... hugs. I do know how you feel. I have a history of PTSD and I am also dealing with intense, disturbing dreams. I cope using EFT. (Emotional freedom technique) and I am on a niacin regimen as well. I recommend finding a doctor who uses orthomolecular (nutrients) therapies if you are interested in that route.

Something even more simple... when I cant get back to sleep, I listen to hypnosis healing frequencies on my ipod. I recommend Glenn Harrold and any of his solfeggio tones.

Good luck. I know how hard it is. :-)
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