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9/16 Weekly Thread

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I am hoping you are all having amazing Sundays! Harmony-congrats on the successful garage sale :)

phatchristy-You are in my thoughts mama!!! I am sending every kind thought and warm breeze your way!

All of you other LOVELY mamas are always in my thoughts! love.gif

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Sending out peaceful vibes for all you mamas, babies, and families~~~as many of us enter our third trimesters! YAY!

I have been hit with some serious 3rd trimester exhaustion already! I didn't have this or don't remember it as much with DD, but I have spent the majority of this week in bed with 3 year old playing computer games, watching netflix, letting her draw all over me while I just lay down.

Wanted to share an experience that we are having here--I am called to do so--and more mamas read this thread than others, so, I am sharing here--hope that is OK.

I don't have any prior experience with this because DD wasn't a real serious mover in utero, but this kid IS and the only way I can explain it is to say that I am obviously providing all of the energy that the babe is using to dance around in there and it seems like he/she is literally taking all of MY energy away because he/she is moving SOOOOO much. Which isn't a bad thing---I and my MWs had talked about suspected 'funky' uterus and the possibility that babe actually didn't have enough room to flip or get in optimal positioning. I spend a few solid weeks with baby what felt like wedged in between my pelvic/hip bones transverse and the inversions I was doing seemed to be encouraging a full breech position {which is better than transverse, of course} and then I had some SERIOUS energy work done last friday and everything seemed to change!
I had a lovely craniosacral session with a dear friend and we supported the babe to explore his/her environment fully before becoming to comfy in that one spot ; ) and this was directly after I had a phone session with another lovely and profoundly psychic friend of mine--who is a magnifiscent, awe inducing priestess who has devoted her life to the Divine and helping others to align with their highest source {I could go on and on}. Anyway, she does a sort of energetic unwinding through body reading {and many other incredible psychic abilities she possesses} and when I told her I was wondering about babes choice of positioning and what it may mean about our labor she helped me to unwind some incredible stuff. She actually said that it was if I had a mini 'berlin wall' {and she apologized for any 'feelings' that may have brought up} inside of my uterus and went on to describe in detail the size and shape of this divide and how it went about 3/4 way down, but at the bottom there was an through and then she asked if babe was laying in that space that wasn't divided {which it was!!}. SO, she said the very good thing about it being like the berlim wall was that remember the berlin wall fell--it came down--and so should this... NOW. and we gently energetically unwinded that berlin wall in my uterus and opened up this new environment for babe. So incredible. 

So over the last week this kid has been doing flips inside of me! I can't quite tell positioning, but I am visualizing head down, so that is what I feel, too, but for the first time EVER in two pregnancies--I have felt a baby kick and move on my left side not just my right! So, MW appt on thursday and I am excited for some palpation to see where baby is then since my goal is to not try to accertain or to speculate, rather to just KNOW that vertex is the path of least resistance and that that is what is encouraged for our experience. 

so all of that to say--Does anyone else feel like this? Like the baby is moving SO much and using SO much of your energy that you are just incapable of doing anything more than resting? It is a new experience for me. Also, moving SO much that I am getting queazy at times and tons of pressure low in my pelvis, too.

Also, must say that it is GREAT to be in a community that isn't discussing politics right now! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am ready to go crazy with this election year hype in the USA and really sick of experiencing all the hate that is so free flowing during these times. ARRGG!

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subbing for new week. smile.gif
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On bras - I got 3 new nursing bras today and a sleep bra - I am so much happier now because the nursing bra I had been wearing was so tight around my rib cage it was painful, even when wearing two bra extensions doubled up!  These bras I got are a bit loose so I should be good to go when my milk comes in.  I know some mamas on here are already leaking and it makes me wonder if my plumbing works right!


I also started my Bradley classes last week.  We did some exercises like squatting, relaxation techniques, and watched a birth video.  It's nothing new to me so far, but it is for my husband -  it was good for him to watch the birth video.  The class is also a good weekly reminder for me to keep doing my exercises and eat healthy.  I'm attempting to follow the Blue Ribbon Baby diet and getting in two eggs a day has been difficult.  


mamaharrison:  I know what you mean about the baby moving so much that you feel queasy!  I asked the midwife on Friday to see if she can feel out the position and she said she thinks he might be head down.  That's what I feel based off the belly mapping info on Spinning Babies.  She did say not to worry about that right now because the baby still has room to move around.  Although I'm also aware that it's better for them to move head down now while they have the room to do so.

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Christy - BIG HUGS, mama. Whatever is going on sounds stressful - anything you want to talk about, you know you can always FB or PM me.


Darkblue - thank you for starting our Sunday thread :-)


MamaH - not quite the same experience here, but definitely this one is a CONSTANT mover. The combination of physical & energy work you are receiving sounds like quite a blessing!


kaliki - yay for new bras & Bradley classes! My DP did a total 180 about the birth at our last Brio class - we watched a bit of the Birth Day video, and he was totally inspired by the water birth. Now he is chatting incesantly about birth plans, lol. I'm not complaining, I'm cheering!


I went to a B-day brunch for a friend of mine, lots of friends there I hadn't seen in awhile. I got to meet a woman who I have known about for years - she is a local psychic (darkblue, you probably know of her, Margaret Ruth), and is a close friend of a friend. I was telling her about the tarot reading I had done for the baby towards the beginning of the pregnancy, she got this worried look on her face. I told her the reader could only manage two full sentences; "there is a lot of air in this reading" and "you are going to have a lot of challenges with this one." She looked relieved when I said that, and was like, "yeah...." She is coming to our Harvest celebration next week, so I am going to corner her and demand a more detailed reading of what she is seeing. I'm feeling a little anxious about that one!


I've had to embrace the fact that I can no longer make it through a day without a nap. I'm still a bit in denial about that one, but the few times I try to pretend I will be fine, I pay for it by 5pm.  Oh, and on a more positive note, it's my & DH's anniversary today - so the 'quad' is going out for sushi tonight to celebrate :-) We had a little time alone already, and wanted to share it with the 4 of us as it's the first anniversary since we've all lived together full time, etc. I'm looking forward to some yummy food, and no dishes to do afterwards ;)

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Yes to bra's, baby movement and napping.

Baby movement- I feel like this kid is sucking the life outta me just to play xylophone on my ribs or tap dance  on my bladder or ribs lol! I was sitting in a lecture last week and bub would not stop sitting in crazy positions and I thought "This will be sooooo much easier once your out and I can determine your position!' lol!! In my head I was imagining the many different ways i will wear and hold them and how that wont affect my bladder or ribs!!


Things here have been emotional to say the least. This weekend was filled with super ouch BH contrax that had me doubting if I could really do this..... Lack of sleep really pushes me around and I had a breakdown last night where i used the words "What have we done?".... Anyone else having moments like this?

Im just so so glad that I have discovered this natural parenting group near me. They love me and I love them. Its just soooo nice to have people who understand and care!!


Can you believe we dont have long left...... Ummmm where did the year go?????

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Hi mamas. So glad to see everyone's updates. 
Phatchristy, I am worried about you. I hope you are in a better spot now that the news you got has had some time to sink in and adjust. We're here if you need us.


Nothing new here, just coasting along growing a baby. And speaking of babies, my youngest turned 3 this week. I really still can't believe it. It made me so, so glad we are having another baby. Seriously, where did 3 years just go?

I spent a whole bunch of time this weekend (2 a.m. aimlessly clicking around on the computer) reading stories on the September 2012 group. OMGosh, they are just popping out babies like crazy over there. It made me SO, SO excited for us to all meet our babies!! And it was a good reminder about how discouraged, anxious, excited, tired etc. you get at 40+ weeks! EEEEK!


Officially 28 weeks today, so 3rd trimester now I guess!!

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Darkblue - You add so much to our DDC by staring the weekly thread. Thank you. How is life in your world this week?


Mamaharrison - Your story gave me chills; what a beautiful image!


Kaliki - That's great your DH is getting so much out of your bradley class. How do you like your eggs? I had mine this AM in the form of french toast, hehehe, that counts, right?


Sego - Happy aniversary! Do keep us posted on your follow-up conversation with your friend.


Travelmumma - Hope the week looks up for you. I totally have "what have we done" moments. How's it going with your intention to slow down?


Tropicana - Happy birthday to your DS. What's the saying about parenthood..."the days are long but the years are short". I like your idea to read the Sept DDC. This whole pregancy I've been looking forward to the back-to-back birth stories that we'll have to share on here, so why not get a head start.


And phatchristy, I'll echo what tropicana said. Please know you are surrounded by positive thoughts and prayers.


AFM, I got good news last week: I'm negaive for both GBS and GD. Now the only gate between me and a birth at the birth center is for my placenta to keep inching up. It was barely touching my cervix at 20 wks so I'm optimistic. The follow-up U/S is at 37 wks. Entering the 3rd tri, my focus is shifting from "oh wow, I'm pregnant" to "oh wow, I'm going to give birth". Exciting! But DH and I did get into a little spat about it this weekend. I said, "When I'm in labor I'm going to need you to hold my hand and rub my back and tell me how awesome I am." His reply, "Well, I'm not going to let you squeeze my hand so hard like you did last time. That really hurt." Funny because as I remember it, most of the hard squeezing WAS IN MY UTERUS!!!  @@  We're going to have to revisit that conversation. On a more positive note, we went swimming as a family this weekend and felt so good to have the weight off my joints. It made me think about how nice it might be to birth in the water if that's what I feel like in the moment. I'm going to mention that to my MW next visit. Has anyone else noticed that they're starting to see their BWs more often? We really are getting late in the game. Eeek!

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cieloazul, my water broke on the toilet in the hospital with DD, and DH was standing right in front of him. I squeezed his shoulder so hard that it nearly brought him to his knees, lol.
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Just under 24 hours to go, and I will have been pregnant longer this time than I was last time.
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Harmony, I hope that milestone will be a source of relief for you tomorrow, although I imagine it could also bring back sad feelings, too.


Yay for clear tests, Cielo.  I'm fully expecting to be GBS+ but I'm not really concerned about it since I've talked it through with my mw and have made all my decisions.  Nice not to have to deal with it, though!


Tropicana, I have a recently turned 3 year old, too, and I feel kind of the same way.  I'm really glad for all the maturity she's showing, but I'm looking forward to having a little one around again, too.  Probably for the last time in our family - which is a-ok, but also something I kind of want to pay attention to.


I'm wondering if I was actually sick last week, not just tired and allergic.  I'm still tired and allergic but I feel SO much better - and DS1 has the sniffles.  I guess it makes sense that my hyper immune system (which is causing all those allergies) would fight off a cold super aggressively leaving me not really aware of having one, but it's a weird experience.  I am bracing for DH to be gone for the next 4 days for work.  I'm so tired, and I've been working so much, and there's so much to be done.  Will be tricky to find the balance between getting some much-needed rest and getting some really important things done around the house.  Or maybe my kids will just run me off my feet and neither one will get done at all!  It's also freaky to realize as I work on making to-do lists at work (I'm still at work, for the zillionth time in the last couple of weeks) that I need to start putting things in place for my maternity leave.  On the other hand, I know how to do that planning - whereas at home there are 2 or 3 big things that need to happen before the baby comes that I have no idea where to start on. 

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I've been having lots of braxton hicks, too, travelmuma - but mine never hurt, they just really tighten.  This is probably a great time for you to practice relaxation and breathing though!  And you *can* do it.  I had a hard time with the labor of my first, scared and really unsure that I could, so just skip that and know that you CAN.  The best thing that has worked for me in labors since then is breathing slowly and the mantra - open.  You kind of have to give in to the pain and open up to it and relax that whole part of your body so that your babe can come, and the birth will go so much easier.  xox


kaliki - I always have a ton of milk right from the beginning (within a day of the birth), but I haven't begun to start leaking yet either - I'm sure your plumbing is working perfectly;)


I've been tired lately, too - in the way that it feels more exhausting going up stairs or kicking the ball around with the kids, not so much sleepy tired.  I've also been having a lot more headaches again and had a very weepy weekend, but I sort of feel like I'm pulling through that again - maybe it was just the waning moon...

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Happy Monday Mamas!  I don't know exactly why I'm feeling so perky and positive at the moment, but I'm going to roll with it and spread some good energy around :)

DarkBlue-another shout out for starting this thread every week.  Hope you are doing well! How are your babies?  I'm so jealous that you and Sego could hang out together for her Harvest celebration, it sounds awesome!

Mamaharrison, things sound wonderful/exhausting!  What an amazing phenomenon you're experiencing, I'm so intrigued on your process and how it is so different from last time.  You are not alone on the energy decline.  I am totally with you.  I feel like this wonderful little person is sucking the life out of me on most days (we love that phrase is our house Travelmumma)!  A few days last week I had to lay on the couch for a couple of hours in the morning and let DD2 climb on me for entertainment.  I literally could. not. get. up.  I did start paying closer attention to my Floradix supplement (I was slacking a bit) and that has helped.  But the baby's movement and position is really starting to take it's toll.  I could only describe it to DH as feeling very "3rd trimester-y."  

Kaliki-I'm with you on the egg situation.  I want to get creative with new recipes since there are a million ways to prepare them, but finding the energy has been tough.  The one thing I may suggest...try them for lunch or dinner instead of breakfast.  I find it easier to have fun with them if I wait until a bit later in the day.  Scrambled with swiss chard/feta or salmon/cream cheese are my current faves.

Phatchristy-I'm feeling worried about you as well.  I hope the past few days have brought some sort of peace for you.  

Tropicana-thanks for the idea, I'll check in with the Sept group.  My obsession with birth stories has become an addiction.

Travelmumma-Sorry for the tough time.  If nothing else, I can say that I can relate.  Pregnancy can be totally consuming and overwhelming some times.  I find that having a complete tantrum/meltdown/crying fit (sometimes things get thrown) makes me feel SO much better.  Trying to cope quietly and alone leaves me feeling isolated and much, much worse.

Sego-I wish I could join in your Harvest celebration.  It sounds like the party of the year.  

Cieloazul-I'm sending happy placenta thoughts to you :)  (Now there is something that should have been in the sh*t crunchy mamas say video)

Harmony-congrats on keeping that bun cooking!

I'll also join in the bras, napping, and baby movement theme.  Last pregnancy I splurged on two Bravados when the local shop had a sale.  They are pricey and work really well for me.  I discovered last time around that not only do my boobs get bigger, but my rib cage really expands in the last trimester.  Having comfortable bras is a must.  Do bras sell at consignment

stores or is that weird?  Gotta nap every day as well, just can't function without one.  It really gets in the way of my nesting projects, but I'm growing to accept it.  Also, my heartburn went from excruciating to non-existent in a day and I think its because my little buddha baby who was sitting breech has flipped head down.  Whew!  What a relief not to have that noggin pushing on my diaphram, now I'm just getting lots of rib kicks and loving it.  I guess that's all for now, love to you all!

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Egg suggestion: I was at a brunch yesterday and had the yummiest 'muffin.' It was quinoa, spinach, eggs, cheese, some herbs & spices. Just cook the quinoa, mix with the raw eggs, chopped spinach, cheese, & whatever you want to flavor it with - then put into muffin tins & bake at 350 til done (about 20 minutes). You are not only getting in the eggs, but also some good grains, leafy greens, & cheese. And you can make a dozen, eat 1-2 a day, and have the egg problem taken care of :) They make a great snack food, too, to take along wherever.

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Originally Posted by segolilymama View Post

Egg suggestion: I was at a brunch yesterday and had the yummiest 'muffin.' It was quinoa, spinach, eggs, cheese, some herbs & spices. Just cook the quinoa, mix with the raw eggs, chopped spinach, cheese, & whatever you want to flavor it with - then put into muffin tins & bake at 350 til done (about 20 minutes). You are not only getting in the eggs, but also some good grains, leafy greens, & cheese. And you can make a dozen, eat 1-2 a day, and have the egg problem taken care of smile.gif They make a great snack food, too, to take along wherever.
That sounds good! They would probably freeze well, too.
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Aww mamas your sweet words totally brightened my day!!! love.gif All is well here, definitely getting in the mood for fall :) I am so glad to hear that things are going well for so many of you, and to those of you who are having a hard time (phatchristy and travelmumma)-please know that I am forever sending you the most peaceful wishes. Esp-My babes are doing great! We have been having a blast with homeschooling and I am continually amazed at what beautifully gentle people there are. Today we are making rosemary foccacia bread as our rosemary bush has exploded bigeyes.gif lol and  we have also put up some rosemary salt this morning that I think will be great on fish or chicken once it cures. Segolily-My whole brood is jazzed about Saturday!!! My only dilemma is narrowing down what to bring eat.gif annnnd like I was telling Natalie (purposeful) I feel a bit like a goodyear blimp sooooooooo I may just wear a muumuu, lol.


I had a super scary day yesterday, I fell twice, and both times if I had not somehow braced myself I would have crashed down on my tummy, and it left me so scared and tearful-the mere thought of losing this babe jarred me profoundly, so I will definitely be taking a bit more time and care as I careen through my little patch of the universe.


I hope you are all incredibly well!!!! Thinking of you all!!!

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Hey ladies! tiphat.gif I've been away for a minute but we're still pregnant! Just turned 29 weeks on Sunday and stuff is getting real...lol. My midwife gave me a copy of the preregistration forms for the hospital last week and I was like "Noooooo! I'm not ready yet!" The good thing is that I'm getting into nesting mode and I've been busy knitting and cutting out diapers. If I could only finish up everything before she gets here, things would be perfect. 

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Darkblue - stay on your feet!!!! Or stay off of them, lol, whatever works. but no more falls, please! You may not be the only one here in a mumu ;)


harmony, I think you could freeze those, no problem. re-heat and serve with some salsa, yummy!


zebra - yes, it's getting close for all of us FAST. I technically start 3rd trimester tomorrow, and I cannot believe how fast time is going! My list of stuff to do before then is way longer than the time I have left, for sure!


I know I've said a few times that I'm running out of my 2nd trimester energy, but it hit me HARD today - I made two batches of pickles & felt like I had just run a marathon! I had the house almost to myself today, got a nap in, the only other thing I really did other than a couple loads of laundry was sewing for about an hour - not exactly tiring work. It's one of those days I am super thankful that there are so many adults here - dinner got cooked, kids got bathed, things are ready for the morning, and I got to put my feet up for most of the evening. One last kid to say goodnight to, and I'm off to dreamland. Hopefully the night wakings will be limited to 2-3 times tonight, it's been 5 or 6 the last few nights!

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esp831:  Did your rib cage go down after you had your babies?  Mine has expanded so much it's unbelievable.


Thanks for all the egg suggestions!  I did make french toast on Saturday and was so happy when I realized I can count that as my eggs for the day!  I'm definitely going to make those quinoa muffins.

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every time I come here to try to catch up, I get pulled away and then there are like 5 more posts. I need to get to bed, but...


((christy)) --thinking of you and sending you some tranquility


Thank you, darkblue, yet again. :)


((Harmony)) I hope you're hanging in there through this milestone. Know I'm thinking of you!


bras: I broke out my old nursing bras, which were used when I was considerably heavier, so the band size is fine, but my boobs don't quite fill them in anymore. (Don't get me wrong--my boobs have gone up almost 2 full cup sizes already--probably to a full DD (E) now, but I got up to an H for a good 6 weeks after DS2 was born--a G was my biggest with DS1.) I'm hoping some better weight and blood sugar management keep the boobs down to G or below this time! I may get a cross your heart or whatever cheapie to get me through with some shape intact since my good bras are almost too small in the band right now. I'm saving the nursing bra $$ for after babe comes and I can figure out what my band size will be; I may have to special order some since my band size will hopefully be no more than a 36...and they just don't make easy to find giganto-cup bras in that band size.


napping: I long for them. But my 7yo is the most mischievous kid since...well, since I was a kid, and he gets into ALL kinds of stuff if he thinks I'm not watching. Plus, there's that whole "gotta get the homeschool work done" thing getting in my way... :P But I have been much more sleepy-tired than before. And winded-tired, too. It's almost embarrassing how often I catch myself panting in a day!


movement: Yesterday, babe wasn't active much at all, so I got all crazy-paranoid. Then today, I feel like there's almost a re-enactment of the original Aliens about to go down over here! I still can't quite make out if she's really head down or not, but the lump at the top-right (UGH--move over, baby girl!) of my uterus seems kind of big to be a 27-week head. It actually *hurt* where she was protruding earlier...now she's decided to dance all over the bottom of my uterus, so at least I can breathe better again.


was it mamabeakley who said the heartburn seemed to have stopped abruptly? ME, TOO! I'm totally jinxing myself by saying that, but I haven't done anything more than take digestive enzymes (once today!) for the past 4 days, and only had mild, passing bouts of hb--not even any Tums! FX this sticks around for a while. I was getting depressed about the prospect of being back on a PPI daily.


Oh, I found a tick on me today--blech. It was attached, but not burrowed, and was a nymph, rather than adult, so less likely to harbor any scary stuff. It was almost on the underside of my belly, which is why I couldn't SEE the dang thing for a day and a half. I'm keeping an eye for any sort of bullseye, but nothing seems to be developing at all, so that's reassuring. 


One cute thing--I talked with my mom last night, and she said she'd been keeping an eye out for the type of cloth dipes we useD, but didn't see any. When I told her we were going with prefolds and covers/wool, she was downright tickled! (My mother does not get tickled, incidentally.) It's the kind she used with my bro and me, of course, and she's inordinately happy we're going to use them, too. :P


okay, sleepy ramblings finished. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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