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Client gift?

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Does anyone bring their clients a small gift when you do your postpartum visit (those who are labor doulas)? I know that some doulas do, and others choose not to, but I was looking for ideas for something small and appropriate that I might bring my clients. Thanks.

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I give them a card with a photo that I took at the birth that they do not have on their own camera.  My doula trainer used to write out the birth story from the baby's perspective and give that to the parents.

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I'm just getting started, but my plan is to purchase matching onsies and ladies tee shirts that say "Silly Daddy, Boobies are for babies!" with my logo on them. They'll be great thank you gifts and advertising. For my Mamas who aren't planning to breastfeed, I'll have another set with only my logo.

You can make your own apparel rather inexpensively at websites like CafePress.com and Zazzle.com.
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