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Ahh! Cindy how exciting! Sounds like something could be going on!

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Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post

Im planning on taking 10 days off of schooling the girls when teh baby comes.. Id love to take more but they cause a lot of trouble when not busy with something.. In fact, I should fix my husband's computer, I didn't realize that they woke up when I was in the shower and they undid all the cords then tied them in knots.. Yes, anyone who says you only have more than 1 if your children are easy to deal with has never spent a day in my house.. Don't get me wrong, I adore them but life is never boring!


Im 38 weeks right now, Im expecting to go to at least 40 if not a bit past. Im annoying the OB practice I go to because I refuse cervical checks.. The OB tried to tell me she could tell exactly when I was going into labor by doing a cervical check and I laughed at her and told her "no thanks".. Its annoying though. I know next appointment they will be even more pushy. Im waiting for the "since you have short labors we have to induce" talk like the last OB office I went to tried with my son.. Nope, no induction... no cervical checks.. Not unless I feel they are necessary.

 Seriously?!  Ugh.  I would also laugh and be super-annoyed that she thought I was actually that dumb, after having had 3 babies already.  I hope everything goes smoothly with your FIL, sounds like you have enough stress without any extra!

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Ugh I feel like ***t today! I am coughing - got DD's cough. Just feeling a bit sick. But then my groin hurts so bad on both sides and my pelvis hurts so bad. I can barely walk today. Every time I cough I feel her head - like she's going to come out. I didn't really sleep last night. A bit wound up mentally from the mucous plug thing but also just so uncomfortable. Praying labor holds off a few days until I feel better. I wonder if I overdid it yesterday and that is why I'm in so much pain. Really really thankful for preschool today!! DD was being a pill this morning and I was not handling it well at all! I'm going to go rest and nap until I have to pick her up.

Had some more of what I think is my plug come out. My midwife says it's not a good labor sign bc the plug just regenerates. I do have a midwife appt this evening. I still probably won't have her check me. Part of me is curious but since I know it won't tell us much, I guess I'd prefer to be left alone.

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Vegan, sorry you aren't feeling well!  Dh has a bit of a cold, and I feel a tad bit under the weather as well...trying to do all the power-up good things, lol.  I think we;re all trying to come down with something...hoping it stays away.


silly-homeschooling is amazing in alot of ways, but I def. don't feel like it works for everyone...


oki-I am giving myself a month leave, but if they start needing structure and I'm up to it, we will def. be doing some lessons!  I may have them continue in their math or reading, depending...


there!  I remembered some names!  I feel so accomplished,lol. 

I know I 've said this before, but I love me some amazon.  I have been making muffins like crazy and decided to order 500 muffin liners to make it easy (an cheaper than buying a few at a time in stores--and running out!).  I did yesterday, and they arrived today!  24 hr service, yes!  Now if the baby socks would just come, lol.


I am starting to get achy in the pelvic region and can feel some stretching and dilating.  Vegan, I was wired, because of the crampiness...I just kept wondering...lol.


I think it's crazy that an OB would say that!  They get mamas so hyped up that they will give birth soon; I can walk around at a 4 for 3 or 4 weeks!!!!  It just means you are getting closer than you were, lol.  I don't get checked either, sometimes not even once during labor...of course, I've done this before, and my labors only last 4.5-6 hrs these days.  Short and sometimes intense.  We'll see...

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How are you feeling today, Cindy? I hope this was a better day!


My midwives kind of scared me this morning by saying that if my liver test comes back next week as positive for cholestasis, I'll have to be induced in the hospital. I really don't think anything is wrong, especially because my feet haven't been itchy for a few nights and because the baby is so active and strong, as it proved to the midwives this morning. But it's still nerve-wracking and a little upsetting to hear this. I'm trying to take the approach that everything is going to be fine until I hear otherwise. It was just hard not to feel discouraged at hearing something like that, especially with the depressing gray weather we had here in Boston today. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I should hear the test results a week from today at the latest.


BTW, anyone have any suggestions for how to carry the baby around if I can't do baby wearing, say if I have a chiro appointment or something and need to put the baby down? We got one of those car seats that goes from birth to 70 pounds, so obviously I can't take it out and carry the baby in it. I suppose I just need a stroller? But what if I have to deal with stairs? Any suggestions? I know I could just get a baby car seat and use that as a carrier, but they look so incredibly heavy, and I already have problems with my neck, shoulders and back. No need to induce a migraine from too much strain, right?

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Bostonmummy: I think induction is the plan whenever anyone has cholestasis but it really sounds like you are fine! Try not to stress about it. I told you I wigged myself out - but are your palms itchy? And since you haven't even been itchy for a few nights it doesn't sound like that is the cause. I have a friend on another board who has it and she is awake for hours every single night scratching at herself. Her entire body itches. It sounds pretty ick!  And her numbers have actually come down a lot thanks to meds and she is still that itchy.


I am feeling a lot better today, thanks for asking. I actually slept pretty well last night and that alone made a huge difference!! Still coughing but not nearly as painful to walk today.


Had my midwife appt last night. Nothing exciting. Baby is very low. At first she said her head wasn't engaged but then she realized that what she thought was her head was actually her shoulder and that her head was in fact really low. Didn't have her check me. 


I get sooo excited every time I get an email that the "welcome babies" thread has been updated - but it is just well wishers so far. :-)


Pregnova: So your big money bet is that baby comes by Monday!!! That is soon!!! I'm hoping mine comes by then too. 



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Baby is here!


Aspen Eve

September 25, 2012

7:35 a.m.

7 lbs even

19 inches

Born into daddy's hands

2.5 hours of labor


We are doing well. We are all smitten! I'll post more later. 



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Bostonmummy- Do you mean something like just bringing an extra fluffy blanket for babe to lie on while you have a quick appointment? I had a baby car seat last go, but hardly ever used it because it was just so freaking heavy for me. I wore baby in a sling, and then would just lay him down on like a crib comforter type of blanket whenever I was doing something where I needed to put him down. Like...trying on nursing bras...or that final midwife appointment...etc... He was actually fine with it so long as he was close...


You could probably try bringing a bouncy seat or something too if an upright position where he could see you really well sounds better, but it sounds a bit awkward for carrying.


You sound fine! I bet your midwives are just being extra cautious and giving you lots of heads up in case plans need to change!



Cindy- Yes! Baby needs to come out by Monday for me to win. lol I've had two days of regular contractions though...and a bit more mucous plug with some bloody tinge, so I am feeling a bit hopeful ;-) So far though, they die down at night...I sleep great...and then they start back again around noon...pick up a bit once ds goes to bed and then nada until the next day. Sigh. I feel like just this afternoon they've started seeming more like something I need to concentrate for though, so maybe we're progressing a bit?


Maybe we'll have babies on the same day! lol We're so close!

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Ahhh! Aurora Congratulations! Such a cutie!

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Welcome Baby Aspen!  Such a sweet little thing!

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Oh, Aurora, she is gorgeous! And the name is so lovely. What a lovely surprise to find your update!


Cindy, so glad you're feeling better. Any guesses when she's going to put in an appearance?!


Oh, Boston, so sorry you're dealing with this worry. It does sound promising, given the lessening symptoms, but I know it's a frightening diagnosis. Fingers crossed that your numbers look good next week.


Preg, what's your guesstimate due date? Are you expecting baby to come much earlier than expected. Monday is fast approaching!


AM: Still pregnant... I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. After 2 months of preterm labor I'm now expecting to be pregnant until November ;) I've been feeling very patient until yesterday when I felt so terrible. I had my weekly scan and baby looks great but I have a lot of fluid again - just high normal - but enough to make things super uncomfortable. It's sometimes difficult to breathe and the pressure through my uterus has been crazy. It seems to ease off and come back again so I think my fluid levels are just really variable.


Would still like him to bake for longer but, well, let's just say I am feeling less patient nowadays.

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Congrats, Aurora!! She is beautiful. Can't believe we'll all be holding such precious little bundles very soon. :)

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Pregnova: The pink tinge makes me think you might win your bet! I read about a couple moms on the september DDC who had days of prodromal labor that would start and stop - but then when it went active, they had like 2 hour labors! I keep thinking you're going to be next. It would def be cool if we had our babies on the same day!


Zub: I've been telling my DH all along that the 27th sounded like a great day for her to be born on. DH and I both have birthdays on the 27th (in dif months). So we shall see! I honestly will be surprised if I make it past the 1st. But I am learning that my guess is as good as yours. LOL. I figured she'd be kinda early bc DD was early - but she is already 6 days past. Or 2 - depending on which of my due dates from last time that you go by. I totally know what you mean about being ok w/baby baking longer but being ready to be done. I am still trying to enjoy this precious time with my 3 yr old being my only child and enjoy these last baby movements before this pregnancy is over - but I am getting impatient too. I suppose i feel more patient on days like today when I actually feel somewhat human. Oh and my friend that was on bedrest for the same period as you and went off at like 36 weeks ended up going past 39 weeks!

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Congratulations Aurora and welcome baby Aspen!  So sweet!

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Today is the first day that I am totally ready to be done.  Maybe it was just a hard day.  IDK.  I felt really frustrated and just on the verge of tears all day and every time the baby moved today I felt like it was hurting some internal organ or another.  I think things are getting cramped in there.  Add to that DS acting out more than usual and not listening to anything I suggested to him or asked him to do and the fact that I had huge amounts of things to do today and felt like I was running behind all day, and that my belly just feels really heavy to me (noticiably more so than a few days ago) and I just feel worn out and done.  I really would like this baby to hold off till at least the first week in October if possible...but I'm also finally feeling physically pretty ready to not be pregnant anymore and meet this little one pretty soon!


Cindy-glad you are feeling better and were able to get some good rest!


Boston-hope everything works out for you and that you are able to have your homebirth!  Also, I would say that wearing DS (especially when he was a newborn), even with back/shoulder/neck problems (as long as the carrier was adjusted well) was always more comfortable for me than carrying one of those baby-bucket seats last time.  Those things are horribly heavy and awkward.  It's what we have for an infant seat, but aside from moving it from car to car depending on who is driving, I don't plan on carrying it around this time.  With a stroller, just make sure that the  handles are at a good height for you.  I'm pretty tall and I had to bend over way too far with all of our strollers except our jogger.  It gets really painful if you have to bend over to push one!  One of my plans this time is to wear or carry the baby while walking places and to bring our moses basket as a place to put the baby down if necessary while we are there.

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So I had tons of braxton hicks last night. Like one felt like it lasted a half hour! Then a contraction every time I moved in bed, it seemed. I started noticing around 3ish that I was having them 10 minutes apart. Not painful at all though. I got up a bit ago to make some toast and have a drink (even though I also had a snack at 4am) to see if they go away. They are still around 10 minutes, a few coming closer. No pain. I've never had them last into the morning. They are always gone by now and I've never noticed them coming regularly like this. But I am not sure what to make of it bc they are still painless. Though I think I spent the first hour or so of my last labor with no pain - but these feel more braxton hicksish than those did. Anyway, I gave my midwife a heads up and told my husband to stay home this morning. If he leaves for work and has to turn around in rush hour it could be hours for him to get home. I'll probably go back to bed and try to sleep some more soon. I got an ok 4 hours last night but then was wide awake when I started realizing they were regular.



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Ahhh! So exciting Cindy! Maybe you'll be holding your baby tonight!


I had some major pick up to my contractions last night. I seriously thought I needed to call the doula and that I might actually have hit active labor when, naturally they completely stopped and I fell asleep. Sigh. But hey...practice makes perfect right?

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Welcome, Aspen! What a little sweetheart!


Thanks for the suggestions about what to do with the baby when I'm not able to baby-wear. A moses basket is a great idea! We don't have one, but I'm sure I could find one on Craigslist. And of course a blanket would work, too, as long as it's fluffy enough. 


I was up from 3-6 last night (well, this morning). I'm so zonked! And so ready to be done with this pregnancy. I find nighttime to be the most challenging because of the turning over with this heavy belly and the pooling of the blood in my feet that hurts so much when I constantly get up to pee and the itchiness and the numbness/tingling/pain in my right arm, etc. It would really be fine with me if this baby came early! Wishful thinking, though, since I've had absolutely no contractions and the baby hasn't dropped yet. Of course, that could change at any minute, but for now this baby still wants to stay in for longer.


Under, so sorry you had such a tough day yesterday. Hope you're having a better day today. And Cindy, so glad to hear you got some rest. That's my plan for today, too!

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And of course after I went back to bed at 7ish, they went away! I've had a couple braxton hicks this morning, but that's it. My midwife says she thinks they will come back tonight, stronger. That this was warmup. We shall see. Would have been lovely timing to have my husband and daughter get a full night's sleep and my husband home from the very start to get things ready. Oh well.



Pregnova: Wow, sounds like you are so close!! I can't imagine you going on like that with painful contractions for all that much longer! 


Boston: I hope you can get a nice nap today!



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Boston- Apparently it's all a myth that first time babies drop before labor. lol I mean, it happens, but def. is not a sign of impending labor or anything. They used to say that with first time mamas baby drops prior to labor...and with subsequent babies, baby drops whenever it wants to and so doesn't hold as much meaning as with the dropping of the first baby. BUT, a lot of homebirth midwives find that to be totally false and say that they more often see first time mamas dropping DURING labor rather than before. Subsequent babies still do whatever the heck they want though ;-) So hang in there!


Cindy- Ahh the suspense! I was so expecting a baby announcement from you this afternoon! Hoping she comes soon!


Yeah...I'm starting to be done with these contractions. They're uncomfortable now whenever I have them and I feel like I need to stay close to home because of them. I am sleeping good, but I think that physically it's starting to wear on me a bit. It's also just annoying to still have no baby but so much action! bah! 


Also, anyone else like literally leaking from their boobs? I think it's because of all these contractions, but every morning, I've got a stained shirt, smell like lovely spoilt milk, and literally have drips of milk going down my chest! It's bizarre! Not to mention if there's sex involved at some point in the day...it's like I've got a milk fountain going on! Very very disconcerting since...once again, I don't actually have a baby right now! lol

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