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Apparently my body is just smart. lol I had that break in contractions right...and then caught the world's worst head cold. OMG. I felt like I was going to die yesterday evening and on into most of today. I'm finally starting to feel as though the worst of it has passed, but I've been SO thankful that the contractions haven't returned. I cannot possibly imagine how awful it would be to labor while as sick as I felt/ and even still feel. Ugg! 


Yay Boston! Great news!


I also second that the babymoon period can be wonderful. My dh actually had me jealous for the first week or so last time because he held baby non-stop, and I wanted my turn! lol Such a beautiful thing to see your partner holding your baby though!

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Cindy, are you busy somewhere having a baby?!


Lovely post, Boston. I feel very similarly. I love these final days of pregnancy with all the anticipation and joy.


Back later for more persies but I was wondering if there were any full moon babies to report?! I'm wondering where Cindy is, that's for sure :)

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Zub- Cindy had her baby! Check the announcements.


I'm also wondering...any full moon babies?

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no full moon baby here! baby is still on the inside.  i think this kiddo is planning to be pretty punctual and arrive right on the due date, or just before winky.gif

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Oh goodness, how did I miss that!!!!!!!

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I finally have a few minutes to jump on the laptop. I am feeling better today. Yesterday felt light headed and just uck. Was frustrated yesterday morning bc baby was super sleepy and not wanting to latch very well - but she woke up more as yesterday went on and now is pretty awesome at it. i've been doing a lot of side lying nursing and she can latch herself on fairly well. But I forgot how frustrating it is nursing a tiny, floppy newborn! I have no idea what my milk supply will be like this time - still waiting on my milk. I have a lactation consultant coming on wednesday. My nipples are sore - not sure that they are as bad as last time though and it's def worse on one side (my btter producing side, unfortunately).


My daughter did awesome at the birth! She baked and decorated a b-day cake with the doula for a lot of it. She loved helping set up the tub and get things ready. The last hour of labor was super intense. I had been laughing and chatting between contractions before that - having a good time hanging out with all the midwives. My DD and everyone sat there near me for the entire last hour. She held my hand and ran over to watch as the baby came out. I was on my kneees in the tub, hanging over the edge. My DD actually got in the tub with me and baby after she was out. It was super sweet. She thinks baby is so little and cute and has been doing great. 


I'll have to post some pics later. I found a pic of my older DD at a few days old and this new baby looks soooo much like she did! 


Anyway, I am so happy to have my little squishy baby here! I still can't believe she's here! I am so glad labor is over and really am glad I don't plan to go through that again. LOL. Can't wait to see announcements for all the babies to come!!!



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Vegan- My babies tend to be super tired in the beginning and "perk up" around 3 days old.. From what I was told its pretty normal.


Im hoping this is the last full week Im going to be pregnant.. Im ready to meet this little oneorngbiggrin.gif

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Ah, Vegan!  You had your baby!!!  Congrats! 


I had contrax last night before bed and kinda thought I'd wake up in labor;  my kids had all latched onto oct 1 for this baby and with that and the full moon, well, I was hopeful.  But, no baby is still super comfy inside. 


Looking for full moon babies...

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Oh, yay, Cindy! How exciting! Welcome to your new little one. :)

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Hmmm. Pregnova has been quiet.....maybe some full moon babies afterall?

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lol, wishful thinking springmum! I'm still trying to fight off this awful cold...my energy is back at the point where I could manage a labor...but I have an awful cough and ds has come down with a minor version of what I have, so I'm still hoping babe sits tight for a while. Siiiiiiigh! So annoying to have been healthy for like literally a year and NOW two weeks before guess date come down with this! 


I do actually think I have a small leak in my waters though :-( Brought on by the coughing no doubt...and really minor, so I'm just trying to keep really hydrated. 

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Hello everyone! 


Vegan-- so happy that your baby is latching on well!!  Cannot wait to see pictures!!


Pregnova-- so glad that baby has waiting to come so that you can get better!!  I have been terrified of cold/flu season+last few weeks of pregnancy....  I hope all of you get better soon!!


Zubeldia-- hope you're continuing to regain your strength from bedrest-- I'm sure you'll be running as soon as you can!!  :)  I know that I will be.


Hoping all of you mommas that are ready to deliver, have your babies soon!!!


I walked into a surprise baby shower on Saturday!! I still could cry thinking about it b/c I was so touched by the gesture..  I had family drive from across the state to be here and local friends and family here too. 


I had contractions during the day a lot this weekend-- for the 1st time ever- I think it was fatigue-related b/c i didn't sleep well either night...


I am SO excited that it is October!!  I get giddy everytime I think about it!  It could be anyday....



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Cindy, congrats!!!!! How did I miss the news?! I am so happy for you and your family!
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preg- hopefully the baby sticks in there until everyone is better.. DD1 was running a fever all weekend so I spent the weekend praying that the baby wouldn't make an appearance. I think its the only time Ive been over 39 weeks that I prayed a baby wouldnt come!


silly- its so sweet that they threw you a shower like that!!

FIL came yesterday so the kids are worked up right now. Im trying to keep them somewhat quiet so he can get some sleep. I know how hard it is to make such a long drive and hes no spring chicken anymore (hes not old but I can imagine if the drive exhausts a 20 something year old how it must tire out a 50something year old!)

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Pregnova - you're right, stay put baby until mama feels better!! I hope you guys recover quickly :)


Happy October everyone - this is our month! 

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Hey everyone!  Just checking in!



OkiMom-hope everything is going well with your father in law!


Pregnova- I hope you are all feeling much better soon so that you can feel ready for your birth!


Sillymom-That shower sounds so sweet!  A very nice gesture on the part of your friends and family!  Hope you have been able to get some rest.


AFM-I keep getting nausea...not like morning sickness or like I'm actually going to be sick....more the kind that I tend to get with back pain or menstrual cramping....except there hasn't been any cramping with it and I have lower back pain a good bit but not at the same time. It has served to cut my appetite almost completely though.  I really have been having to force myself to eat for the past three days so my blood sugar doesn't go too low.   I'm having a lot of cervical pain and pressure most of the time now too.  I keep thinking I'm going into labor and then things just never seem to get going for real,  My chiropractor seems to think it's going to be sometime this week though.  I thought it might have been yesterday but I also knew my doula had just come  home from a 30+ hour labor and really needed rest so I was hoping that the baby would at least hold off till today so she could get some good sleep.  I hope that this baby comes soon....after three days I'm already pretty sick of this pre-labor stuff.  I'm just afraid it's going to keep going on for another two weeks or more.


Last night my cousin (who I'm really close to and who has always sort of been like a big sister to me, since we're both only children) pointed out to me that her daughter and this baby will be almost exactly the same number of years apart in age as we are.  We were both October babies and her daughter and this baby are both October babies too (with the same EDD's actually).  It seems our family is big on having October babies!  Anyway, it feels like a very cool coincidence and I love that she pointed it out to me!  As if I needed any more reason to be excited about this October baby!

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Thanks for all the wishes for baby to stay put and Mama to get better quick! I hope he or she listens for a few more days! I have a big trust birth meeting I'm dying to go to on Sunday, so now I'm fairly confident that Baby will sit tight until then because, lol, as we all know, Babies come whenever you have something exciting planned ;-) 


Micromama- no baby yet?! 


Undertheoak- You sound SO close and SO ready! Hope baby comes sooner than later!



Cindy- Yay! So neat to already be hearing about breastfeeding!! I remember ds was VERY sleepy for the first day or so...and we probably only nursed every four hours during that time period and I still wound up with MAJOR oversupply. And hooray about already side-lying nursing! Hope you're getting lots of rest!


Silly- Wow! What a neat surprise! I always think babyshowers must be the best when they're a complete surprise. Ours last go was a TOTAL surprise, and I was a hormonal crying mess the whole time, but it was SO sweet that so many had thought of us.

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I hope all who are sick get well before labor! I still had my cough. During labor I got really stuffed up in my nose and then after I wanted to blow my nose and cough and I could feel my inards moving around! It was horribly gross. One of the midwives did some belly binding on me so I could try and cough a bit. Thankfully my nose cleared again within a few hours of the birth. But yeah, would be so much better to avoid that!


I just wanted to say, I had an amazing lactation consultant come today! I was so frustrated yesterday. Baby basically slept from 11am to 11 pm and I had so much trouble getting her to suck when she'd nurse. She'd latch on and go back to sleep. I a pumping after feeds to up my supply but twice yesterday I just pumped instead of feeds bc she wasn't nursing enough. I was sort of freaking out. Plus my nipples hurt so bad. The LC today was so awesome. She has been a homebirth midwife and LC for 40 yrs. She spent 2.5 hours here. I feel like what she showed me for latch was revolutionary! I nursed my 1st for almost 2 yrs and never knew this stuff. It doesn't hurt at all anymore! And she showed me all sorts of other tricks to drain my lumpy breasts and maximize my supply. So I can't stress enough how important it is to call for help if you think you need it! I got even more out of this visit than I thought I would. :-) I'm feeling so much more hopeful about my supply now. 



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Glad the LC visit was so helpful, Cindy! I totally agree that is such a worthwhile thing to do. Saved my nursing relationship with my first dd for sure.
Well gals, I am in a terrible mood. I am awash in a cocktail of hormones, I can't sleep, I've had horrid diarrhea for days and contractions, and I felt so run down today. I was tired all day but couldn't nap and now inexplicably I am wide awake. To make matters worse, my daughter just contracted yet another cold because the woman I share a nanny with failed to tell me (as per our contract) that her kids are super sick. How incredibly rude is that. I'm just hoping I can pump her full of vitamin C, elderberry and immune support, and get her over it quickly (while not catching it myself!)
Vent over.
How is everyone else doing? Any more babies yet?!
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I'm up in the middle of the night....I had to pee and then the baby got hiccups, and I have heartburn.  The hiccups are kind of funny.  The baby's so low now that it feels like the hiccups are in my bottom (sorry if it's TMI but it's such a weird feeling).  This has happened several times over the past 12 hours or so and it just makes me laugh....but it's pretty hard to sleep through.  I'm hoping they subside soon so that I can get back to sleep.  I have to be up very early in the AM to drive my guys to work/school.


My midwife had to cancel our appointment yesterday because she was attending her last September birth.  That means I'm supposed to be her next one.  Our Vit K finally arrived yesterday too, so I'm hoping this baby comes sooner than later now.  Pre-labor and waiting are not agreeing with me particularly.  Yesterday morning I was on a huge nesting kick and I think I wore myself out.  So yesterday afternoon I couldn't nap for some reason but I was so tired and so bored.  I couldn't concentrate enough to read or to knit or anything like that and physically I was just done for the day.  It was the hardest time I've had yet in terms of just waiting around for this baby to come.  I'm trying to be patient but it's getting hard.


Micromama-I hope your daughter feels better soon and that you are able to stay well.  It sounds like you are having quite a lot of pre-labor too.


Cindy-that sounds like a wonderful LC visit!  It sounds like it made a real difference!  


My mom and I keep talking about how we wish we had met with an LC outside of the hospital ones (who were not helpful at all) last time.  I'm hopeful that between my midwife's student who is supposed to be one of the best LC's in the area, my midwife and my doula, who is a LLL leader, that we can get off to a good start this time, unlike last time.  We've decided that we'll be calling the student to come back as an LC at the first hint of problems this time....and this child will see the chiropractor right away if there are issues too.  I had a great processing discussion with my chiropractor processing what probably happened with DS and his newborn ear infection and then nursing problems and then later ear infections.  She thinks that he had lingering physical birth trauma till he was probably about 2.5 years old given the way that he had so many ear infections till he was that age and that it probably impacted his ability to nurse and contributed largely to the fact that he never nursed for comfort or to sleep.


Okay the hiccups seems to be over now.  I'm going to try to sleep again...

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