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Ditto, Boston! I'm thinking of you today and sending positive, happy, peaceful birth vibes to you! Hope you can work this out with your midwives asap.

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I'm so sorry, Boston. I had a suspected leak this week and because I'm also positive I had to go in for an immediate test to see if it was fluid. My midwife would have admitted me to hospital for antibiotics but they wouldn't force an induction. It's such a personal choice and I'm so sorry you're in this position. Lots of hugs, mama, and keep us posted.


I've been having problems posting here for the past couple of days but it seems to be working now.


I am 39 plus weeks and now I think I'm never going to have this baby. I'm going into my 10th week of preterm - and now pre-labor. Oof. Of course the contractions have actually lessened. Feeling both patient but also I'm finding it hard to imagine being pregnant for much longer.

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Boston- so sorry for the stress, but good for you for sticking to your gut feeling. My sister tested positive for gbs and refused abx too. In the end, her baby was born in her amniotic sac!! She took usnea bc her midwives said it kills gbs. She birthed at a birthing center in Portland OR...very progressive! smile.gif

In case you want to try...micro momma posted a remedy on her gbs thread that cured her of gbs after several days.

Sending positive energy your way!!!

Everyone else sounds like a mixture of miserable and/or doing well. Pretty typical for full-terms mommas!! Lol I am so tired right now...I don't think I can do personal responses! You ladies are awesome and such an amazing support. I sooooo appreciate this amazing group.

I am 38 wks today. Yesterday evening I had cramps and some cxs...and then woke up at 2am and my body decided to empty the contents of my bowels and I was nauseous... I was so freaked out and not prepared for what I thought was labor. It made me mad bc I do not want to be scared. I am hoping that the reason I was scared is bc it was sudden onset in the middle of the night...which is not typical. In the past I have hours of contractions and they slowly lead to the "real thing". I just need to figure out how to center myself and rid my mind of fear...
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So wonderful update since the middle of the night last night.  My friend who is to watch DS while I'm in labor/giving birth let me know that her plans have changed and she's going to be around after all!  It's such a relief!  


DH and DS took me out for an early b-day celebration this evening which was lovely.  They are a little worried that I'll be in labor or have just had a baby and not be up to going out to celebrate next week on my birthday.  It was a really nice evening!


I'm starting to get random facebook comments about when I'm going to have this baby now.  I know they are well meaning, but I'm also understanding why some of my friends have chosen to just stay off of facebook at the end of their pregnancies!


Also,my mother needs to stop calling me 10 times a day to find out if I'm in labor yet......sigh.  Today I told her I was feeling restless and she compared me to a cow about to give birth (she grew up on a cattle farm).  Thanks mom!  Way to make me feel fantastic!


Anyways, when the restlessness got to be too much for me today I started doing laps in our apartment breezeway/stairwell.  I wanted to go for a walk, but DS was napping and I didn't feel comfortable going any further away than I did going up and down a few flights of stairs.The way it's set up, I could totally hear him if he woke up from where I was the whole time.  Anyways, it felt amazing going up and down the stairs a few times.   I was surprised that it felt like some of the cervical pressure actually let up a bit while I was doing it.  I got pretty worn out quickly, but it felt really nice!  I'm hoping that tomorrow DS and I can take a nice walk around our neighborhood in the morning.


Sillymom-I hope you are able to work past your fear and center yourself for your birth!  It does sound like you were sort of taken off guard by those possible early labor signs.

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I am 39 weeks now and ready to have a baby. I went to 42 weeks with DS and really don't want to go there again! Its kind of stressing me out.  I did not have any pre labor stuff with DS and he was 2 weeks late..... and I have had none this time either, so hopefully we're not following the same pattern    :s


On top of that DH is driving me up the walls!!!!! I feel like a total complainer cause most people have the opposite problem but he wont stop doing work around the house!!!!! I just want all the paint, drywall, power tools, dust and wires GONE!!!!! I feel like I am never going to go into labor with the house like this. He has not sat and relaxed with me in 2 weeks, home from work straight to a project... he says he is done after this (installing new heaters cause its cold in the mornings and I don't want to have a baby in the cold!!!)


I am physicaly still feeling pretty good, I was having some pelvic pain but a trip to the chiro yesterday helped a lot!


I'm in Canada and its Thanksgiving this weekend, we live in the basement of my moms house in she is having like 25 people over for dinner Sunday....It'd be interesting if this baby chose that day to make its entrance.... they would have to scramble to move to another house :)


Positive vibes and wishes to all you mommas, hope everything goes smoothly!!!!!

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Originally Posted by UnderTheOldOakTree View Post

I'm starting to get random facebook comments about when I'm going to have this baby now.  I know they are well meaning, but I'm also understanding why some of my friends have chosen to just stay off of facebook at the end of their pregnancies!


Also,my mother needs to stop calling me 10 times a day to find out if I'm in labor yet......sigh.  Today I told her I was feeling restless and she compared me to a cow about to give birth (she grew up on a cattle farm).  Thanks mom!  Way to make me feel fantastic!


These 2 things made me laugh...

I was soooooo sick of peoples comments about when I was going to have this baby with DS, as if I was causing them an inconvienence.....so this time I have not told anyone my "due date" just that this baby will come in October.... its pretty funny how annoyed everyone is!


And the cow thing..... DH grew up on a dairy farm and I warned him last time to not make any comparisons to me and a cow, he still does it to bug me...lets just say that they feel the cows udders to see how close to labor they are and he thinks he should see if I am close (hes just joking by the way, he thinks hes so funny ).....

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Eeep!  Woke up an hour ago because ds was crying and discovered my water had broken.  Having a few light contractions, but nothing serious yet.  I hope the real thing holds off for most of the day.  My midwife has another client due yesterday, the birth tub is at her house (1.5 hours in the wrong direction from here).  I don't feel ready at all.  Could use some good thoughts.

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Good thoughts for you Angel - it will all be okay :)

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YAY Angel.  Everything will work out!


I am still sitting here with no washer.  My husband ordered the part and it shipped the same day, but the tracking says it won't be here til thursday!  Ack.  I don't really have extra money at this point for sposies and really don't want to sposy my nb...I think I'm freaking out over that the most--if worst comes to worst, I'll just toss the old shhets, ect from the hb. I guess.


Still no baby, and now my kids are the one bugging me with comments, lol.  I am officially past my edd.  eyeroll.  I didn't tell anyone my edd and I feel like it's backfired because everyone now assumes I'm over and I'm getting the "what are you going to do now that you are over?!  How long will your mw's let you go?"  I'm seriously annoyed.  I keep telling people that edd's are an estimate, and up until yesterday that I hadn't even reached it so it was a bit premature...I feel like I am on some timeline made by everybody else.  The baby will get here in the Lord's perfect timing.  Or, as I tell my kids, "He'll get here when he gets here!" 


My oldest and youngest are both down with colds today--and I'm feeling a bit put out over it...unreasonable, I know. 


I thin I need to go eat breakfast.  =) 

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Sending you lots of good thoughts Angel!  


Dannic- I'm sure everything will work out with your washer one way or another but that sounds very frustrating!  hope your kids feel better soon and that you stay well!


Okay-I'm complaining now (I wasn't going to do that)....I'm going out of my mind with waiting for this baby. I'm having a hard time sitting still...even using the computer.  I hate sitting and knitting, I hate trying to do other craft projects....I'm too restless to read. (what is wrong with me...I love to do all these things).  I also don't want to try to do any of the things on my to do list.  None are big things but I'd feel better about going into labor if they were done.  DS is driving me bonkers and it seems is having problems at school (I got a lovely vague message voice mail message from his teacher last night about some "concerns") and that had me up half the night worried. He's regressed big time the past  week and a half with using the potty both at home and at school and I think that's a big part of it.  Not sure what they expect me to do about that till after the baby is here and he adjusts to the changes.  All I want to do is shut myself up in the bathroom and escape the world and cry my eyes out....feeling more than a little emotional/hormonal again....mostly a horrible mix of overwhelmed, hormonal, no motivation and bored out of my mind (though I shouldn't be).   Of course things could be much, much worse and really aside from my mental state I'm in great shape right now for once and I seem to be getting a little reprieve from the back ache and contractions and nausea and the like even....okay....I complained...making myself snap out of it and try to be productive for a little while to pass the time.

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Yay Angel!!!! How exciting!


Undertheoak- I am SOOOO restless too. I still have a bit of a cough...and can't IMAGINE getting worse again, so I'm still sticking to the house and trying to take it easy so that it goes away completely. In the meantime, I'm going out of my MIND with this feeling of being so restless. I also can't seem to settle down to my knitting...I've cleaned the house spotlessly like three times over...which has dh on pins and needles that the baby will come while he's still fighting off his part of this awful cold...and ds is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. I know why though...poor thing is still a tad sick too, so I'm keeping him indoors, and I'm sure he's going bonkers in his own way from boredom. It sucks though because this is supposed to be our last days as a family of three...and instead we're all sick, and all I can think about is wanting this baby HERE so that I don't have to wait for it anymore! Bah!


Boston- still thinking of you!


Amanda- I also haven't told anyone my due date outside of dh, the doula, and this birth group. I was a bit less vague though...lol...I did say middle of Oct. And...naturally, people are assuming that's already come and gone? lol No idea why...but it IS very annoying. I feel like I'm overdue and I still have a week to go before my guess date! lol

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Angel- I am sending loving birthing thoughts your way! 


Boston- How are you doing? I am sending you and babe loving birthing thoughts as well.


I am thinking of everyone; I hope you all feel better soon.


AFM: I have been MIA since the baby was born, but I hope to be on here more often now. Aspen is 11 days old and an absolute joy! We are having so much fun with her! She is never put down, there is always someone to snuggle her. I am finally feeling better. I tore pretty badly this time (never have before) and I have spent most of the last 10 days in bed, snuggled up with the baby, nursing and sleeping. 

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Still playing the waiting game over here.  I was having contractions every 15 minutes, but even that has died down now.  My mom was able to stop by my midwife's birth pool distributor on her way over and pick up a pool.  Yay!  Mom is entertaining ds, dh and midwife are napping, and I'm having a snack and am about to try for some more sleep myself. 


Baby is not in the best position, was posterior this morning, then rolled to ROA, now it's ROT.  I'm hoping baby can get positioned well before real labor hits, I really really really don't want a posterior labor.  Head is still not deeply engaged, so there's still a chance.  Wishing I still had that nice water cushion though, I've soaked half a dozen prefolds at least.

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Thinking of you Angel! I bet you'll get labor going once evening sets in and things get quiet...oxytocin levels rising and all that goodness! Stay rested!

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Angel-- how exciting!!! Now I will really be addicted to mothering...checking to see how you are doing!!!

Under-- I also find that walking relieves pelvic pain. It is very uncomfortable initially, but gets better as I walk.

Dannic- so sorry about the washer. That would be so frustrating!!! Are sposies, disposables? You could get all natural-- 7th generation or earth's best-- worst case scenario.

Amanda- I laughed out loud at the udders situation.

Boston-- dying to hear from you. No news must mean baby is on his/ her way!!! Sending good thoughts your way!!

Vegan- I am sure you are enjoying your babymoon!!!!

Aurora-- glad you're back!!! Love hearing about bAbies...it's a nice reminder of what is to come...

I have had no more crampiness or pre labor signs. We've been doing the touristy thing this weekend bc our friends are in town vacationing...so we're hanging out with them. I have been walking several miles a day due to this. I'm so slowwww- I am NOT used to this bc I am tall and usually walk fast. It's pretty funny. I also have to focus on not waddling since baby is so low.

I only have cxs when I need to pee, for the most part. This is so different from my other 2... I had tons of prodromal labor. It's exciting and nerve-wrecking bc I have no clue what to expect.

My DH has been "counseling" me on my fears and is making me feel better. I know that nerves are normal....

Off to Barnes and noble to meet a friend. Keeping myself busy has been the key to improving my mood...or I get very cranky. Haha
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I hope things pick up and baby changes positions Angelorum! I'm so excited that you'll be holding your baby soon!!!


Bostonmummy: I hope you're holding your sweet babe and that you got/get to stay home!!


AFM: I don't think I said this. My baby was asynclitic - meaning she was in there with her head cocked over to the side and came down like that. You can tell by the molding on her head being off center. My midwife mentioned it and the LC/midwife did too. The LC said if it were my first baby I could have ended up w/ a c-section. Anyway, i finally figured out that baby wont suck in the crdle hold but will lying down and football.LC thought that maybe it had to do w/the birth and her being in pain in that position. So cranial sacral therapist came this morning. Haven't tried the other position yet, but she has been nursing and sucking a ton and opening her mouth way wider since then!



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Vegan- caniosacral therapy is amazing, isn't it? Totally helped my first dd with her feeding issues.

Angel- sooo excited for you! I hope tonight kicks those contractions back in gear!

Boston- still thinking positive thoughts.

Under- I am sorry things are feeling so tough right now. My DD is regressing this week too, she is an absolute clingy mess also. It's so tough on everyone. Hugs and hang in there!
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Where's Oki???  I haven't seen her posting...


Sending thoughts to angel and boston! 


I am not sure why this is, but whenever a baby comes into our family, things go wrong before or after...like my washer, and now my septic is backed up...I was seriously so stressed out last night andd just bawled...with my last, our cars kept getting flat tires and our dryer went out.  It's really strange.  Right after our third, our well broke and we had to import water for a week.  And this was on a newer house, not an old farmhuose or something. 

Anyway, I am feeling better this morning.  DH is super sweet and just takes over.  I am so grateful.  He let me sleep in, but I can't seem to sleep beyond 7.30, hehe. 


Vegan, there have been a lot of asclindic births lately...a dear friend ended in a transfer over it (it was her 7th and she has had 2 csecs) but didn't need a csec. 


Is anyone else surprised that they haven't had baby yet?  By tomorrow, I will have gone longer than any other time.  This baby must need the extra baking.


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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It's a boy!  Labor finally got going at about 1 in the morning, and then took off like a rocket!  He was born at 5:45, 4 hours of active labor with 45 minutes of pushing.  It was pretty wild!  Almost nothing like I was envisioning, but still great.  He is 6 lbs 7 oz and we are both doing fabulously.  I didn't tear this time, and I can't believe how much better I feel down below than I did with ds1.  His first latch was so funny, I was trying to get him to take the nipple, but he wasn't opening his mouth wide enough, finally he grabbed my nipple with his own little hand and stuffed it in his mouth. He had a great feed after that.

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Congratulations Angelorum!!!!!! and welcome to your little guy!  I was just checking here to see if there were any new babies!  Love that first latch story!


Boston-continuing to think about you and hope you and your little one are doing well.


Dannic-maybe your theory about things going wrong around a birth explains why I've had to call AAA twice in the past week...once for a flat tire and once for a dead car battery....so glad they were able to come to my rescue both times though.

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