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Baths have been my saviour this preg! And they can slow or get rid of contractions that aren't true labor (heck the water slower my contractions to 5 min apart when it was time to push my daughter out).

Silly: That is so awesome your hubby gets a shower! What does he think of it?

Zub: Oh the career. I feel truly blessed to be home with my babies. I know that is the most important thing for our family right now. That said, I worked my butt off to get to the point I was in in my career when DD was born - and I absolutely loved my job! I was a stock research analyst at an investment bank, covering real estate and homebuilding companies. It was a crazy demanding job. I worked 5am to 4 or 5 pm almost every day of my last pregnancy, including the day I went into labor. I had originally planned to go back after taking 4 mos off but I thought I would work from home a few days. I knew I'd still need a nanny those days but I thought I would be home to see and nurse my baby. Then my boss changed his mind. Had it not been for the insane hours, I probably would have gone back. I made almost double what my husbad makes! But there is definitely a reason why it's mostly men in investment banking! The few women who were higher up than me either chose not to have kids or barely saw them. I do plan to return to work in some capactiy when this one is in school. I just know I won't ever be able to go back to the exact same tyype of job I was doing - it's just not conducive to how I want to live my life with my family. So I'm not sure what I will go back to. If it will still be in the investment field or something finance related in a totally different field. No idea. It is frustrating though to have worked so hard and to have basically given it up. My sister gave up a law career to be home with her 3 girls. Now that her youngest is in school, she is writing for a paper and sort of tying to decide what or if she wants more of a career a gain.

My DD was wide awake from like 4-6. Thankfully for me she went back to sleep and is still asleep at almost 10! Poor DH though. She wasn't upset - you woulnd't stop talking to us.

I am officially more pregnant than I have ever been! LOL!

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Had another check up with my midwife today. The 38 week appointment, but I am actually 38.5 weeks now. I'm glad she doesn't require vaginal exams if it isn't your first baby. I don't like those!


About work: I also intended to go back to work after my first. I was a computer programmer with my dream job... until it all changed a few weeks before my due date and I got moved to another group. I went from only having to go in 1 day a week and working from home the rest, and setting my own schedule, to having to go in full time with a long commute. It just didn't fit with how I wanted to live. I was fortunate enough that I could quit, so I did. I do want to go back to work eventually, after all my babies are not babies anymore. But I think it will be hard to get back into that field since technology changes so quickly. I might go back to school or do something completely different. I have no idea.

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It is so exciting that some of you are ready to have a baby any day!!   I seriously log on twice a day to see if anyone has posted a birth or that they are in labor.  I hope that we all have the energy to post our birth stories and pictures of our babies once they are born!


Vegan-- DH is touched that they are throwing a shower b/c he has only been with this firm for a year in October.  They are having the shower at one of his fav restaurants, so I think he is most excited about the food!


Pregnova-- thank Goodness you are in good spirits!!  I also had weeks of prodromal labor with my 1st 2.  I'm only 36 weeks now, so I'm not sure what will happen this time around.  I can't remember when it started last time-- I think between 36 and 37 weeks.


Boston- so good to hear from you again!!  How wonderful that you are on maternity leave now!  I wish that I could stop working and prepare my mind and body for labor.  But, on the bright side, time is passing so quickly for me-- I don't have time to think about being pregnant. 


I also declined the cervical check yesterday-- the MW didn't see a reason to do one.  If I know that I am dilated, it just causes TOO much adrenaline coursing through my body which causes possibly causes BH's for weeks.  I was 2cm for 3 weeks with my 1st baby...so what is the point, for me, in getting checked this time around...  Soooo, I am going to keep on living as if I am no where near labor and hope that keeps the prodromal labor away... 


Since baby dropped I am feeling so much better in terms of my GI system.  No more nausea and less of an appetite-- which is a blessing b/c I had already gained 45 lbs at 35 weeks.  Thank God I didn't gain any weight from 35-36 weeks. I know that I shouldn't obsess...but I seriously have added fat to my inner thighs and I cannot stand feeling them rub together.  Plus, I am 6" tall and do not want to look any bigger than I already am....


Career... what a mess of a topic for me.  Zub-- I 100% agree with you about the workforce being geared toward men. I also worked my butt off to get where I am today.  I had to get a Master's degree to be a speech pathologist, so I was in school a long time and have tons of school loans...(DH is in the same boat...).  I absolutely love my career, but I love my children more.  I could stop working, but we would be truly poor and I don't want to do that with children who are older and would experience a huge change in lifestyle.  I also don't want a lifestyle change... I love the way we live now.  AND- we don't live extravagently at all.  We're just somewhat comfortable. 


  I'm lucky that in the my field (speech pathologists), the workforce consists of mainly woman.  So, it is completely normal to take time off and stay at home for several years.  BUT, the field is changing and becoming more competitive and that will probably slowly change.  I have had a very difficult time balancing work and family over the years.  Until about a year ago, I had always worked 3 days per week.  As time went on, I found that it felt more like the "worst of 2 worlds" instead of the best.  I felt like I was half assing my job and being a mother.  I would try to fit in all the housework and errands into 2 week days and then feel like I was just carting my kids around and not spending quality time.  Once we moved, I started a job that is 3/4 time, but 5 days per week, in the public schools- it's definitly not my dream job, but I am really starting to like it.  I definitly feel that I have less options in my career since I am not willing to work full-time year round. I would love to specialize, for example in children who have cochlear implants, and work in a private practice.  But, most jobs like that are only full-time year round and I am not willing to do that. 


Someone-- please give me the name of a cloth diaper cream that I can use.  I don't have time to research it...  :/


What is the link to Dandy' baby blog?


Anyway....can't wait to hear about more babies!!!!!

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You all are amazing with your contractions! I Haven't felt a thing yet. Well, other than this baby kicking me all the time. J


Had a scary experience yesterday. All is well, but I ended up having to get my liver checked because I'd been having some itching on the soles of my feet at night for the past week or so. Turns out that this kind of itching is often the only symptom to indicate cholestasis, a liver condition that can develop late in pregnancy and can result in stillbirth. This is what happens when you google something. But my midwives agreed that I had to go get tested. Did that yesterday, and then they sent me to the hospital for a biophysical scan to make sure the baby was okay. As I anticipated (because the baby was kicking powerfully, as usual), the scan showed the baby was very healthy. We even got to see it wave to us! It was a very long, very emotional day. But today we got confirmation that the test results were negative. There's another more definitive test that takes two weeks to get back, but right now it seems that the baby is doing great, as am I, so my midwives are not overly concerned. Had the liver levels come back elevated today, I would have had to be induced, which of course would have meant no homebirth. That was a scary thought for us, but we stayed strong and didn't let our imaginations run away with us, knowing we'd face that bridge if it came to it. Fortunately, though, all is well, and our visit to the hospital yesterday just strengthened our sense that birthing at home is the right choice for us. But geez, once you get on that Western medicine treadmill, it's so hard to get off, you know? Everyone just kind of gets hysterical, and then soon you've been in the hideous and depressing bowels of the hospital until you head home 5 hours later, exhausted and spent. I'm so glad I haven't had to deal with the medical establishment throughout my pregnancy. It just scares the living daylights out of me! So glad to be home, still imagining a beautiful and peaceful birth experience.


Cindy - you are so close! I'm so excited for you!

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Glad to hear from you Boston! Are you our only first time Mama posting? Glad to hear that your tests came back normal! I completely understand how scary and emotional that can be...particularly when it's completely different from your preferred birth plan!


I can't believe you're already more pregnant than you've been Cindy!!! Does it feel longer, or are you still good to wait a while?


I am SO zonked guys. It's ridiculous. I've been soooo good this whole pregnancy (well, once we were out of first trimester) at having pretty high energy levels. It's been great! But these past two days I'm like a zombie...literally...it's all I can do to keep my eyes open! Anyone else totally wiped out the same as first trimester? I suppose it could be do to the contractions just wearing on me, but idk...I hope it's just a fluke and I get some energy back or else I'll just sleep my way to labor land. lol


Also, babe must be going through a growth spurt. I'm eating everything in sight and constantly hungry. 

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Pregnova: I don't feel so tired as just physically worn down. I still stay up decently late at night and haven't felt the need for too many naps latey. Maybe part of that is knowing how uncomfortable I am in bed though. I know I can only spend so many hours laying there without being in new kinds of pain. And it's funny - at this point with my daughter I felt done and remember telling people at work that I'd be cool if she came any time. I'm still ok with going a little longer. However I have been so uncomfortable today that I am definitely starting to feel done!

Boston: How scary! I sort of wigged myself out about the same thing a few weeks ago. I'd had itchy heels at night and started googling and then freaking out. I emailed my midwife and also asked my OB about cholestasis and both weren't really concerned. It was only my heels that itched and on in the evening, mildly. They both agreed that if I got itchier we'd test. My midwife said I could do the bloodtest if I wanted to but I decided not to. And my heels dont itch anymore. I'm glad you're on leave now! And nice to have you back!

Silly: I forgot the name of the diaper cream I bought. It's a stick - I love sticks so I dont have to use my fingers. But just pull up a cloth diaper webstore and see what they sell. I think I bought mine from mom's milk boutique. It comes in all sorts of amazing scents. Haven't actually used this brand yet but it looks really similar to the one I loved for DD and can't find anymore.

AFM: Feeeling like a walking contraction again. Non stop. Just had to sit through an hour and a half presentation for my DD's preschool - pure torture in that hard seat and my restless legs bugging me and contracting the whole time. The funny thing is, we have a "family job" at the preschool and mine is doing laundry every 3rd week. It turns out the other two families who have that job are also expecting babies in the next month after me. I knew one was but didn't know the 3rd was too. Doing laundry at home is a pretty good job for having a newborn, I guess.

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Oh my gosh Boston, what a scary emotional day. I am so glad everything checked out okay!
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Thank you, mamas, for your kind words about our scary experience on Wednesday. I'm so grateful that everything seems to be okay. And yes, Pregnova - I think I really might be the only first-time mama here. How exciting! Did we miss anyone?


Sillymom - for diapers, my husband and I ended up getting the organic prefold Bummis, organic mostly because they're supposed to be more absorbent and higher quality. We're also going with Thirsties PUL covers. Not my favorite — I'd prefer wool or something more natural, but I hear that with all of the blowouts that come with the early months that PUL covers are so much easier. For nighttime, we're using hemp diapers and those flannel insert liners to wick away the extra wetness. Other mamas have been telling me that the usual Snappis don't work very well on the hemp diapers, so we got some pins just in case. One helpful thing to know is that you have to prep the diapers, either by wash them 5-6 times or just by boiling them on the stove for 15 minutes. I did the boiling option a few days ago, and I learned that I didn't need to keep the burner on high the whole time. If you do, it will boil over unless you stand over the pot and keep stirring. Of course, if I'd had a big lobster pot, it probably would have been easier and faster, but it seemed less wasteful than running the machine 5 or 6 times. Of course, I'm new to all of this and there are huge numbers of opinions about what to do with cloth diapering, but this is what we're starting with. Hope this helps! And so glad to hear you're feeling better. I was laughing at your comment about your legs rubbing together. To me, this has been the most annoying part of pregnancy! I can't WAIT to get this baby weight off just so I don't have to feel that anymore. :)


Cindy - isn't the itching so weird? It happened again last night, and I resorted to taking the Rx they gave me, which did in fact help me sleep. I've read that it's just super high estrogen levels — but why on the soles of the feet? So strange. Really glad to hear that your midwives aren't overly concerned about it.


Career - such a great topic. Because I work for myself, I get to make my own hours/schedule. But ironically, just as I'm about to have my first child, I feel like my career is really taking off. I have so many ideas for connecting with the Chinese community, which is where I tend to get most of my students, and in January when I have childcare, I'm going to be starting to launch some marketing, the first time I've ever done that since everything has been word of mouth. I'm really excited about it and also a bit puzzled since I think I'm going to be so in love with my baby that I'm going to have to push myself to do this kind of work when I'd just rather be home. Then again, the desire to maintain our lifestyle where we can afford to eat really good quality food and exercise at my favorite studio without excessive worry is a pretty good motivator to get back to work. But I see how my husband has to do the 9-5 thing and how much he longs to work part-time like I do so he can write and spend more time with our child, and I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to be in this position. That's part of my motivation - to expand my business so that I can support my husband to live the life he really yearns to. But like you, Sillymom, I would never be willing to work full-time. Cindy - that's just crazy those hours that are required for your career pre-kids. Figuring out how to do work and live the best, most peaceful lives we can is a lot to juggle for us mamas, isn't it?! 


Saraheli - you're so close, too! You feeling ready? Can't wait to see pictures of your new babe!

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silly- here is the link to Dandy's blog http://adairpickle.wordpress.com In the past I used Burt's Bees diaper cream, but I am going to check out Cindy's recommendation. 


Cindy- I hope you are able to get the rest you need. I am thinking of you. Yeah, knitting on my side was slow and painful. lol.gif


Boston- That sounds scary. I am so glad you and babe are well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your career. I am in a place of rethinking my own career path.


Pregnova- I am completely worn out too. Sending hugs your way.


Zub- I feel so weak too, and I do not want to go into labor feeling like this. I really cannot wait to get back to feeling healthy again. I hope you regain some of your strength before you head into labor.


AFM: I am exhausted! I am having tons of contractions but no baby. On one hand, I want her to stay inside and grow for another few weeks, but on the other hand, I am feeling so very done. This pregnancy has really done a number on my body. I had hyperemesis, then the whole pelvic girdle pain, then early labor and put on bedrest. Now, I just feel depleted. I am super excited to meet this little one! I cannot wait to snuggle her and nurse her and just look at her. luxlove.gif Next week is the last week of my dh's management training program. He has a presentation to give and a final test. I cannot have this baby next week. September 30th sound like a good day to have a baby. lol.gif  I'll be 37+4, the full moon is the night before, and it is a Sunday. Plus, it is the longest I would have ever been pregnant. So far the longest I have been pregnant is 37+3. With both of my babies that I labored with and gave birth to vaginally, I gave birth in the early hours of a Sunday morning. Also, the full moon had been a day or two before then. 


Career- I was a stay at home mom until last year. Once our youngest was in kindergarten I got a job interning in a classroom. I had gone back to school and the plan was for me to finish up my teaching degree and then teach. I love teaching. This pregnancy was a huge surprise and now I am reevaluating my plans. It is important to me to be home with my children when they are little. An income from me would be very helpful too. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself. I am taking this school year off from teaching, but I need to decide on a long term path soon. 

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Boston, I'm feeling pretty ready. I want to make it to 39 weeks though, which is Monday. I'm still having very few BH contractions, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I think I felt most ready earlier this week... now my house is getting messy again! Staying ready is the trouble.


We also need to choose a name! Has everyone here chosen names already?

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Where is Dannic???? Check in with us!

I think we likely picked the name but I am having trouble syaing for sure on any of the names I like. So I think we'll be waiting to meet baby to say for sure which we'll use - though there is a definite front runner.

I'm so happy that tomorrow is the start of Autumn! I just adore autumn. I think I'm going to get out my fall decorations. Its funny, Joanne's put of their fall stuff SO long ago - now that it's time to actually use the fall decorations, they're mostly gone and they even have christmas stuff out already!! Anyway, I'm pleased as punch that this baby will be a fall baby for sure. I know fall doesn't start until tomorrow this yr bc of leap yr - but even if she were born tonight, she'd be a fall baby in any other yr.

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Yes! I'm so excited to have a fall baby too! It's literally the perfect timing for someone who likes to knit ;-) lol Plus, it means all the crawling and being on the ground mobility will start right at springtime when the weather is getting warm. Seems like great timing!


Aurora- lol. I'm counting on that full moon too! Plus, all of my most uncomfortable/crampiest days have been on the weekends, so my doula and I are betting on a weekend baby :-) 


I'm SO ready to see some baby pics on here!

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Full moon babies - I hope we have some healthy little babes joining us soon!!


Names - no name here yet and it's driving me crazy. I have a name that I keep going back to, DH isn't sold on it, but can't think of anything better - so who knows - good thing we've hopefully got a few more weeks!


I'm really excited about a fall baby too. I'm not so excited about cold and flu season though. I like that when we go for a walk now the air smells crisp and I'm not sweating buckets!

I like that around 1 year when they start walking it will be fall/winter - easier to keep them safer indoors than out, then by the time summer roles around again they will have a little less wild impulsive walking into danger (that's my hope anyway - DS walked waaaaay too early and it was so hard to keep him safe outdoors!)


I was joking with someone about my 45+ weight gain the other day (it really doesn't bother me, just no one can figure out where it's hiding) and I got told maybe I have really big placenta - ha ha! that totally made my day :)


Sleeping - I hate bedtime now too Vegan. I dread the constant tossing and turning and pain. Some days it totally wipes me out, but other days it doesn't seem to affect my energy at all - I just I hope I go in to labour on one of the good days!


Hello to everyone - happy to hear all is well :)

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I am rooting for the full moon too! Can't wait to see if we have any babies born then!

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I'm here!  I've just been really weird-mood wise--dunno.  Monday, I had real labor stuff going on and then it fizzled and I was irritated.  lol.  Wed I had my last prenatal to travel for.  Everything looks good.  I still have a yeast infection...anyone have a cheap remedy for it?  I am frustrated.  I packaged and froze 60 lbs of chicken yesterday and I've been a bear to my kids today.  sigh. 


Vegan, we are 38 wks today!


My fave rash cream is CJ's BUTTer.  mango sugar mint is my fave flavor. 


Work.  I have chosen to not work while my kids are home.  It is something really important to us and I feel blessed to be able to do so...it's part of the reason we are in a studio right now.  I could work, but then we couldn't homeschool, ect...so we are living pretty tight right now, but it's right for us and it's not for always. 


When is the full moon?  I'm not patient enough to wait, I'll have to google it.


I got my curtains cut out yesterday and hopefully I'll sew them up tomorrow.  they are so pretty.  my sis surprised me by telling me to pick out a diaper bag for my birthday next week.  I chose one from etsy, but it's 6 weeks out.  I'll have to manage with my oldies til then, lol. 


Have you already asked the diaper bag question?  Which ones do you have?  I am really not a big diaper bag fan, but need something big enough for cloth for a toddler and nb.  this is the one I chose:




DH surprised me with this for baby for pics in metallic grey:  Is it not sweet?  http://www.etsy.com/listing/99414264/baby-crown-crochet-crown-crown-prince?ref=usr_faveitems


And is it bad that I didn't want to dig around looking for baby socks so just ordered some from amazon?  I get the weirdest spurts; I'll have energy for curtains, or chicken but not for mopping or sock searching.  Who's with me?! haha

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so the next full moon is the 30th?  I am wanting either the 29th or oct 1st...so that could work, lol.  Or, the way I'm feeling, right now would be good, too. 

With my last, I had me a baby in the am of being 38 wks.  So I guess we'll see!

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We haven't really even discussed names yet!  I finally bought a big baby name book at the thrift store the other day, but I haven't even perused it yet.  We have a girl name leftover from last time, (at least a first name) and I do think this baby is more likely a girl than a boy, but still, we had a hard time with boy names last time. 


2nd freezer meal went in last night, go me!  lol


I'm 36 + 2 today and feeling far more uncomfortable than I ever did with ds :(  It's mostly my abdominals.  It feels like they are going to break open right down the middle.  I've had a diastasis for a few months already, but this soreness is new.  I'm kind of worried that I'm developing a hernia or something.  I can't let my stomach muscles all relax without causing pain, unless I'm laying down.  On Monday I think I'm going to go get belly binder thing that works during pregnancy and post partum, hopefully it will help. 

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lol. My 'big money' bet with hubby is that I'll go the 1st or earlier, so I'm seriously rooting on this full moon. Plus, I sort of think a birthday of Oct. 1st would be cool. 


Also, that diaper bag you chose is the EXACT one I was swooning over last night. lol My bag that I was planning on using broke the other day, and I'm just not motivated to piece it together, so I've been looking online for a reasonable replacement. I wish it was a bit cheaper though, so I'm still hunting for something local while I have time ;-)

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Dannic: Glad you checked in! How sweet your DH ordered that crown! I am so looking forward to squishy newborn shots. I have a photographer all lined up - didn't do it last time. I like the diaper bag you chose! I'm torn on whether or not I'll actually get a new one. Here are the 2 I have right now:


I have the one above but in pink. I don't think they make my exact one anymore since I ordered it about when DD was born 3.5 yrs ago.

I also have a petunia picklebottom tote that you can put backpack straps on. I liked that a lot for running after a toddler. I washed it and it looks pretty nice and new again. In fact I put it away until after the baby comes and have been using the other one, even though I don't like it as much. My mom offered to buy me a new diaper bag but I'm not sure I want her to spend the money, even though I wouldn't mind one. My mom has always been very into bags and purses. :-) BTW, I ordered the $315 bag while I was still planning to go back to work last time! No way in heck would I spent that now!

AFM: I am officially now saying I am ready to meet baby and am ready to be done being pregnant. DH says he is ready too. Just wish I could fast forward through the pain of labor.

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So much chat going on here !!!!!

Last weekend DS and I both got a nasty head cold. I don't usually take drugs when I am sick but I would have done anything to take some sudifed!!!! I got lots organized around the house Sat and was feeling good and more ready for the baby then.... It hit me and any organization I accomplished got undone :(      So I am now starting over this weekend.


I am looking forward to Sunday, we are doing some maternity/ family photos!!! I found a family member of a friend who is a photographer part time and we are trading services!!! Yay for free stuff.

I am 37 weeks now so that means that the home birth is possible!!! DS didn't come until 42 weeks so I am having a hard time getting mentally prepared for this baby...even though it could come any time.


I'll try to remember all of the questions asked this week...


House work- I have to admit that DH is doing practicly everything. I am working more than I ever have before and am wiped when I get home. He is amazing and doing at least 85% of the house work/ dinner cooking, even thought he works full time


Career- I am so lucky to have went into a field where I can work when I want and how much. I am a massage therapist and live in a place where massage therapists are seen as a health care profession and I have the ability to be as busy as I want to be and can change my schedule week to week. I am looking forward to when my kids are older and I can really focus on building my practice and getting better at what I do.

After this baby is born I am hoping to build a practice from home and work a few days a week around DH's schedule.


Names-  we have a girls name picked since early on but can not agree on a boys name at all!!! It is starting to stress me out but DH is not concerned


I know there are more I am missing but its 1 AM!!!


Oh and YAY for the mamma's who are done bed rest!!!!

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