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Another baby has finally arrived!! Congrats hibiscus!!!!!!!! Welcome baby Grace! How exciting!!

I am also an emotional rollercoaster...happy to tears then pissed off 15 minutes later. I wish I had more control!! smile.gif. DH is growing weary I believe.

Maybe this will change, but I am in no hurry to give birth. I am definitely uncomfortable and excited to see what oor baby is going to look like, but I am still happy staying this way for awhile. I think i am really nervous to have a newborn....it's been 6 years!! I just remember the sleepless nights, postpartum emotions, bleeding and cramping....seems more complicated than just being pregnant.

Has anyone else experienced a huge decrease in appetite?? Over the past 2 weeks I have noticed a big change. I hadn't gained any weight at my last appt (sort of nice since I have gained 45 so far). I only need 3 meals a day at this point....snacking isn't needed anymore. I thought I would be gaining a lot at this point.

I just used a baby gap gift card to buy a cold weather one-piece suit. I was thinking I would need it when we walk to the coffehouse i plan on frequentng during my maternity leave, and the baby is in the ergo. It's the little things I get excited about. innocent.gif
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lol Sillymom about planning out the coffee shop you'll be frequenting! I had similar thoughts the other day when I was thinking realistically about how in the world I'm going to get the nerve up to go out in public with TWO children. I decided exactly which park I'd try first...and then up the ante to the super close coffee shop...and then maybe a longer walk to a bookstore that's near us. lol If all of that goes well, then we'll try our first 'real' trip out. lol! 


also, about the eating, I'm totally the opposite all of a sudden. I have the appetite of a bear right now...which is a very sudden change. 

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Congrats Hibiscus and Leigh Ann! Welcome sweet babies! luxlove.gif

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Congratulations Hibucus! Shes adorable!


Diaper bags- I have a JuJuBe bag that hubby got me when he got tired of me going through bags left and right. Its great but BIG.. Its great for when we are going to be out all day or when we are going to church (and I have books/toys/snacks for everyone in it) but for a trip to the store its overkill.. So, I'm making myself a smaller diaper bag. Its on my giant "I have to get this done soon" list of things to do.


38 weeks yesterday and my FIL is coming next Monday so I need to get my rear in gear and get things accomplished.. I need to do a ton of cleaning. I usually deep clean the house twice a year, once in July and once in December. July I was still throwing up 10-12 times a day so it never happened, December I'm going to have a 2 month old so its not going to happen. So, I need to do the cleaning before the baby comes. I also need to do school plans for the rest of the year..


Anyone else here home school? I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the kids and keeping them busy while I'm recovering. My last two recoveries have been pretty difficult (with my middle I was almost readmitted because i was doing so poorly, my last one I bled so bad I was dizzy and weak for weeks afterwards).. Unfortunately my kids are the type that if you leave them to their own devices its going to spell disaster. Last week I left them alone for about 5 minutes and heard my youngest screaming, the older two and made a noose with a shoelace and hung the youngest's stuffed giraffe high enough where he couldn't get it down.

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Oh goodness, Hib, she is gorgeous! You're glowing, and I love the name. So pretty!


Silly, I can barely eat... can't wat a complete meal and if I do I feel such immense pressure that I'm miserable for hours later. Gah. I am ready to be able to eat and to have an appetite.


I bought a nice secondhand Cath kidston bag on ebay (she's a British designer). I had a lovely diaper bag that my best friend had made for me last time but my DS still uses it when he goes to preschool. I think I am going to need something bigger, though.


I think I am going to be pregnant forever now I'm off of bed rest! I've been walking most days - just 2 or so miles, and it's pretty uncomfortable but also feels good. My biggest complaint is the incredible pressure in my uterus and my squashed organs and stomach. I am ready not to feel like this but also I'd like this not to be our fonal weekend as a family of 3 :)


Who is going to be next!?

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A baby!  Congratulation Hibiscus, she's gorgeous! 


I also managed to find a good sleeping position last night, it was awesome to wake up with no sore ligaments.  Ds's second night in his own bed (and room) went pretty well.  He woke up a little too much right after I took him for his midnight potty trip, and needed me to come in there and sit with him for a few minutes, but he slept all morning until 8. 


What are you all doing for carseats?  I got a Truefit convertible carseat with ds, and he fit great in it as a newborn, and is still rearfacing in it now.  I don't want to get a baby bucket, but I need to find another convertible that has harnesses low enough for newborns, and is hopefully narrower than the Truefit is, because that one is super wide!  I have a thread about it over in the family safety forum.  I just really need to pick one out and get it ordered soon, or it's not going to get here before the baby does!

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Carseat- we got a MyRide for this one.. It fits three across in the back with a  Frontier (for my 5yo) and a RFing Radian (for my 19 mo).. It puzzles really good since it sits up really high and has a narrow base..R
Radians are super slim and good for newborns. I tried my youngest two out in my oldest daughters radian when they were newborns and they both fit well. I do have long children though (DD2 was 22 inches, DS was 24 inches at birth). Ive seen a ton of newborns pictured in both the radian and the myride.

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you guys are ambitious planning outings already! I haven't thought that far ahead at all. But I live in a car dependent area so there is no place we can walk to.


Can't sleep again. Got tired of laying in bed for an hour and a half, so here I am.

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Angel- I just stalked your threads on the safety board.. How bout a Radian with an angle adjuster (allows for the radian to be installed more upright for a child over 1) for your older son and then use the Truefit for the baby since you already know it will fit.If I get a chance Ill take a picture of the 4 carseats I have in the back of our van (all 3 of our older children are still in harnessed seats)

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Congratulations, Hibiscus, and welcome to your sweet little Grace! What a beautiful story of your birth. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.


Sillymom - I do have a pediatrician, but I'm not super crazy about her. What I really want is an herbalist/naturopath. I'm still in the search for one. One good thing is that my chiropractor works with babies, so I'm thinking we'll have the baby adjusted very quickly after the birth since there can be so much trauma to the neck and spine. And I'll plan to take the baby to her regularly, especially when we're dealing with ear infections or possible colic. 


I'm nesting like crazy over here! We painted the baby's bedroom a beautiful aqua blue this weekend. I've also been buying huge amounts of veggies from the farmer's market and cooking it all up to put in the freezer. We got 15 heads of swiss chard, for example, on Saturday. I've already cooked half of it, but now I need to go cook the rest! And I'm making lots of meatloafs, meat balls, stews, etc. We eat almost nothing processed, and I'm absolutely sure I'm not going to be able to deal with cooking for at least several weeks, so I want everything set. Of course, if all else fails, we can always eat eggs and avocados or something. Right now I'm planning on making a lasagna that uses sweet potatoes as the pasta. It is SO good and exactly what I can imagine eating after birth. That and the amazing gf brownies my husband makes w/coconut oil. I'm already swooning at the thought of it. 


We also celebrated our 2-year anniversary yesterday by going back to the arboretum where we were married. We said our vows to each other, and I started crying. My husband was laughing because I looked up as I was reading my vows and said, "Wow, these are so beautiful!" Tonight we head to a Peter Gabriel concert. My husband is a huge fan and really wanted to take the chance to go, even though we're 16 days away. Looks like it's a go so far!

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I homeschool!  We sort of go yr roundish--my way--which is to plan around our sched.  So we did lessons through june, took july off, got back on track in august and will take off the month of oct with the nb...I also take december off and we just do a bunch of family traditions throughout the month.  It works for us...if the kids get stir crazy, I'll add some lessons back in. 


We are very rural so everything is spaced out, no walking to anything nearby.  But I love it!  Our first outing?  I don't take baby out for 4-6 wks, so not really sure, lol.


I don't have any meals planned at all...hmm...lasagna sounds so good.  I have been baking a double batch of muffins each morning and freezing half...sweet potato, peach, blueberry, and chocolate cupcakes, too, lol.  (just in case for bday parties, ect.)  I am still going to make some raspberry ones as well.   We are gf/cf, so we make everything at home as well.  MY roaster and crockpot are my friends after a baby is born, lol.

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is anyone else cheering Baby on when they get braxton hicks/contractions? LOL! I feel like I'm literally trying to encourage this baby out with words and thoughts every time I feel a contraction because I know there's nothing else I'd be comfortable trying. Bah! Like, last night lying in bed, I had a few come close together that sort of took my breath away, and I like instantly started cheering Baby on inside my head...sigh. I'm going to be mental by the time labor actually arrives. lol. 



ALSO! Is anyone else annoyed at the "good luck" statement from random strangers in reference to your birth?? I swear, it annoys me SOOO much. I guess I'm large enough now that people feel the need to talk about how close I am to birthing...which is all fine...until it comes time to leave and they say, "good luck!" And, the thing is, they don't even know anything about my birth plan...it's just like the thing they say to a pregnant woman who's close to the end. I'm not a fan of it...it just implies to much in the way of NEEDING that luck for me to feel comfortable with it. I'd much prefer something like, "have a great birth!" or "maybe next time I see you, you'll have a new baby!". Idk...just anything that doesn't immediately make you think about all the things that could go 'wrong'. Sigh. 

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I know what you mean Pregnova... I'd much rather a stranger say 'Congratulations!' or 'You must be so excited' or something like that. I don't need even the suggestion of negativity right now!

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I'd be cheering my baby on if I actually had any contractions! Nothing but flaccid uterus over here...

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lol...flaccid uterus...

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LOL Sarah!

I am having an odd lack of braxton hicks today. Like zero. And I've been on feet a decent amount cleaning, vacuuming and baking muffins and grocery shopping. Strange. The crampy contractions came back last night atfer being gone for a while - but gone by morning. I wouldn't say I'm cheering baby on. But I am definitely ready to embrace labor at this point and when I feel a crampy contractions I am starting to tell remind myself that this brings me closer to meeting my baby!

Yeah, I don't like the luck thing. I actually have had some people wish me a beautful birth and I love that. But those are the homebirth mamas I run into - not most people. My mom has informed me that she is worried - bc of the homebirth. But she worries about everything. Something would be wrong if she wasn't worried. LOL.

My daughter was telling me today how excited she is to meet her sister. Hearing the genuine excitement in her voice was awesome. :-) She says she can't wait to climb into bed and snuggle her sister after I am done. So that is something I'm really looking forward to - snuggling my entire family in my own bed after!

I watched "Baby Story" on TLC a bit ago. Today's episode was actually a home water birth. With a 2 yr old there to watch. Nice change from all the inductions, etc.

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Zubeldia-- I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that isn't hungry.  I did manage to eat one snack today, but then hardly had an appetite for dinner.  Awesome that you are walking again-- I'm sure that makes you feel human.  I can walk for long periods, but only if it's earlier in the day.  Sunday we walked all around the historic district and I felt great, but by evening my pelvic area feels the intense pressure and the pain too.  Either this baby is huge or my pelvic floor muscles are just old and worn out.  LOL  I don't remember feeling this way with my last!


Boston-- ditto on the naturopath.  I have a pediatrician's office lined up- but will be using the Ped nurse practitioner/lactation consultant that is employed there.  My sister has always gone to naturopaths and seems to always be able to give me remedies for all of my children's illnesses and issues.  I am hoping and praying this baby stays healthy despite 2 older brothers in school....I dread sicknessin babies b/c it makes me a nervous wreck.  My 1st was never sick- until he started preschool at age 3.  But baby #2 was exposed to all of his brother's germs and had colds and stomach flus a lot.  Meatballs, stews, and meatloafs sound great.  We eat basically no processed foods other than Lara bars and some choice items like crackers, tortilla chips, and some desserts.  But, DH loves to cook..and will be home/working from home for 2 weeks...so I am hoping I don't need tons of frozen food b/c we do'nt have time right now to make it!! LOL


Pregnova-- I agree about being sick about the negativity.  All I hear all day at work is ... haven't you had that baby yet (I'm only 36 weeks!)...."oh honey, you're about to pop..you'll never make it to your due date" .  There are 2 people that always have positive comments-- and I really look forward to being around them. 


Vegan-- I LOVE watching baby story when it is about a homebirth/water birth, etc...  It is so empowering and I always cry.  That is so sweet to hear about your daughter!  My boys are excited, but they have a different outlook than a girl would, I think.  They have both played with dolls and loved it- but they are so much more into boy stuff.  Thhey just want to play with him!!


Dannic and Oki- you 2 ROCK for homeschooling.  I have always considered it, but haven't ever made that decision for many reasons. 


I continue to get so excited logging in to see who is next!!  CAnnot wait to hear more birth stories and see more baby pictures!!!!

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TMI alert: I've been having some booger looking, rubber cement looking things when I wipe today. Could this be bits of my mucous plug? I didn't lose mine until during labor last time and it was a big chunk then. I know onee can lose theiir plug a month before birth, but it's exciting that something is happening! If that iss in factt what it is!
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I love that the grossest things become so exciting at the end of pregnancy, lol!  Give us all the TMI you want Vegan!

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Im planning on taking 10 days off of schooling the girls when teh baby comes.. Id love to take more but they cause a lot of trouble when not busy with something.. In fact, I should fix my husband's computer, I didn't realize that they woke up when I was in the shower and they undid all the cords then tied them in knots.. Yes, anyone who says you only have more than 1 if your children are easy to deal with has never spent a day in my house.. Don't get me wrong, I adore them but life is never boring!


Im 38 weeks right now, Im expecting to go to at least 40 if not a bit past. Im annoying the OB practice I go to because I refuse cervical checks.. The OB tried to tell me she could tell exactly when I was going into labor by doing a cervical check and I laughed at her and told her "no thanks".. Its annoying though. I know next appointment they will be even more pushy. Im waiting for the "since you have short labors we have to induce" talk like the last OB office I went to tried with my son.. Nope, no induction... no cervical checks.. Not unless I feel they are necessary.

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