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Huge Thomas the Train Lot

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Hi, I stumbled upon this forum kinda by accident searching for anybody interested in buying Thomas the Train engine stuff. My son has decided he no longer wants to keep his Thomas stuff and wants to purchase bigger toys, like PS3 and such. I told him he would have to get rid of toys he no longer plays with to help finance a purchase like that. So, his Thomas toys were part of that.


We have a huge amount of original Thomas battery operated trains with the original blue track and then the newer brown track. There are over 240 pieces of track combined that easily make a 8 x 16 foot track in our basement with numerous "destinations" such as Cranky at the Docks, Sodor Airport, Boulder Mountain, Harold's Helipad, Turntable with Tidmouth Sheds, Tunnel, bridge pieces, Quarry, Engine Wash, another roundtable with sheds, probably around 40 or so engines plus extra cars.


We also have a decent lot of the die cast trains. This lot includes probably 50 or 60 engines and cars, 2 timber sets, roundtable/sheds, cranky, the carnival set, quarry set. Enough track to do probably 3 or 4 foot by 5 foot?


We also have a generic wooden train set of tracks with some of the generic engines, there might be 5 actual Thomas engines in this box.


Everything fits into 3 or 4 plastic bins, but would be hard to ship, so looking for someone sorta local to NC. We are asking $350 for all of this. Send me a message if you are interested.

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Posts of this nature should be placed in our Trading Post forum. Please create a new post there so I can remove this one. Thanks!

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