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Weekly Chat - September 17-23

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I'm up and it's technically Monday already, so I figured I'd get the new chat thread going!


This is my week.  One way or another, I *will* be birthing this baby this week.  I'm 41w2d right now.  Kind of weird knowing that for sure baby will come this week.


I'm still totally hoping/praying/sending good thoughts that labor will spontaneously start on its own in the coming days, but if it doesn't, I don't know when I should actually try things to get it moving.  I was originally going to go through the list of activities my midwife has all day Sunday, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I had thought I'd aim for Sunday because I could try them, and then if they didn't take, I could wait a few more days, then try them again closer to deadline (42 weeks is the last my midwife can legally attend a homebirth with me).  But it didn't feel right at all.  So... I opted not to.  But now, I don't know what to do.  Do I try for Tuesday?  Then if it doesn't work, I can always wait again until Friday?  (Saturday is 42 weeks for me, so it has to be by then or I'll lose my midwife).  Gah.  I hate the pressure of time.


Tonight I've had some random contractions, but nothing timeable or regular or anything. *sigh*  But hey... there's another one *tinyglimmerofhope*


Princessjules -- So sorry you're feeling so horrible on top of not being able to sleep!! 


And... gah... now I can't remember anything else from the last thread to comment on it.


Trying to figure out if I should go sew.  I have one newborn diaper very close to being finished (was going to finish it the other day, but it was my totally weepy/bawling day and one thread broke and I had a complete breakdown over it... so I had to just walk away for a while! ;) )... but I don't think I plugged in the baby monitor in dd4s room.  The older three are spending the night at MILs.  Would be a good night to have a baby, I say.  (but, I'm pretty sure I've said that for the past three or four weeks...!)

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It's not quite 3a.m. here in the mountain time zone, but it is for the central time zone mamas... where's our cervical opening circle group?  I'm totally game!!  I'm ready ;) LOL

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Judy - More labor vibes so you can keep your MW!!! I really hope you feel better and at peace with everything! I'm sure baby will make his/her (idr if you ever said which you were expecting) debut soon. I'm glad there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. I think I would want to start trying a couple of gentle induction methods sooner rather than later, maybe baby will get the message thumb.gif


DH has today and tomorrow off so this would be a good time for me too! I am 40 weeks today though so I really don't think anything will happen before midweek. I was 4 days late with DS and so far this pregnancy has been pretty similar. I have actually had less swelling and weight gain so I would even say this one has been better. I am really trying to focus on the fact that I will never have the same time with DS after baby comes that I have now, so I am trying not to get too wrapped up in getting stuff done. Tuesday we are going to rearrange furniture (if we aren't busy with some thing else lol). DH doesn't like his job much though, so he is glad to have thee two days off but keeps saying how it would be great if he didn't have to go in at all winky.gif I just tell him I will do my best.


BTW my SIL's fluid levels went waaaaay down after acupuncture, they are still worried about baby's size but if her fluid keeps going down they might still get to have a HB like they originally planned! This means that MIL won't have to leave for Denver right away so she will most likely be here for DS while I am in labor. That sounds selfish but I am relieved on many levels for SIL also. I really want her to have the birth that she wants as long as she and baby will be safe.

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Originally Posted by judybean View Post

It's not quite 3a.m. here in the mountain time zone, but it is for the central time zone mamas... where's our cervical opening circle group?  I'm totally game!!  I'm ready ;) LOL

OOOOOH OH I'm here!! lol

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I'm really hoping things happen to because an out-of-hospital experience is very important to me!!  I've been taking EPO orally and applied by the cervix for weeks now (I *think* things are softer up there?  some days I have no clue what I'm really feeling, but I'd say there's definitely a difference anyway), drinking my RRL/nettles tea like a mad woman, and there has been plenty of sex had here over the last few weeks... AND, gosh, I have walked and run so many miles these last few weeks... SOMETHING has to take, right?!  I cant' complain too much though... I mean, I can go *running* even though I'm 'postdates'... I'd say that's a pretty awesome deal.  Plus, I really feel quite fabulous overall (slow to start walking if I've been sitting/laying too long and those crazy hips get a bit out-of-place, but still).  I'm also far more active/healthy this pregnancy than I've ever been and I really think that adds to things in a very positive way.


So glad your SILs fluid level went way down!!!  I really hope that means good things for her just to mean good things for her, but also so your mom gets to hang around closer to you and be there for you!  Fingers crossed it all works out -- and in good time!!


Gah!  I have a cold that's (very thankfully) going away, but is making me cough a bit.  ... Words of warning: Don't try to cough if you're having a contraction.  Turns out, it hurts since there's already too much tenseness going on!  Youch.


And... glad you're here for the cervical opening.  I'm not sure how we should go about this.  Good thoughts? Some good "ohhhhhhhh" chats with our mouths positively circular and open?  Guided visualizations?  I'm terrible at these kind of things!

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Good grief I can't believe how much energy you have! I have not exercised once since this pg, congrats to you on running at this point! Sex is just soooo difficult for me at this point. seriously, the last time we dtd after a few minutes it felt like it did when I had just healed from my tear with DS. If sex hurts like that what is birth going to be like? I am so scared of tearing again, that was the WORST!



COlds- ALL 3 of us are having allergy issues so my throat is ALWAYS dry and DH coughs a lot too from a dry throat and DS is congested at night, although he has been sleeping well love.gif He just started STTN despite allergies, and then my insomnia kicks in. Yay.


Cervical Opening - Maybe visualizing labor starting will help! Visualize your body opening up...I have never done this either lol

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Close to 4 am and i've been up for a while. Ds came to snuggle but i had to send him back to his bed because i couldn't get comfortable with him in here.

My dh is such a trouper..seriously. he knows i just wanna dtd for totally selfish reasons but yet he's up for it, lol. Maybe it's a guy thing to jump on any opportunity he can get. I don't know.

Babygirl had been super busy squirming around in me. Some of those movements are so darn painful but yet so incredible to see life inside of me.
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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

Babygirl had been super busy squirming around in me. Some of those movements are so darn painful but yet so incredible to see life inside of me.

I know! I love seeing a little foot poking out but they can hurt!

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I'm up, too.  These past few weeks my DD has been waking from 3:30-5 am, and I must admit that my compassion gene has not kicked in.  I am so grumpy and unable to give her what she needs in the middle of the night.  Sigh.  Now I'm awake and I can't sleep.  It's the holidays.  My ILs are here and I over heard my MIL tell our hostess last night that FIL is fed up and if I haven't had the baby by Yom Kippur, he's going home (they got here Sept 9 but have been traveling since Sept 5 or so).  This feels exactly how it did when my Mom was here waiting for DS to be born.  We ended up sending her home to CA and it still took 1.5 weeks for DS to show.  Sigh.  They mean well.  And I find it incredibly stressful with them here.  The help is great but would be most helpful postpartum.


MW is concerned bc babe keeps floating out of position.  My next apt is Weds (40 wks) and she's talking about wrapping me in a rebozo for the next two weeks.  Seriously?  I need a binder, a belt, and a rebozo?  

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I'm up with acid reflux again. It's my own fault, I had a glass of wine last night. It's weird it would take this long to show itself, though. Can I just say, every time I wake up feeling sick, I get terribly petrified of throwing up? It's a huge fear of mine. Hopefully it won't get in my way. Hope all of you are having luck with your cervical opening. I tried EPO vaginally this time, and a mucousy looking stuff came out when I got up to pee. It looked like, well, semen, excepting we didn't dtd. Weird. Not feeling too excited about tonight, nothing going on. Just thought I'd pop in and see who else was up.

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OMG, my water just broke!!!!!! it literally woke me up with two loud "pops" that first appeared in my dream, until I realized it was no dream! and out cam mucus plug! this never happened to me in my previous births. I mean, I hope I didn't just pee myself, but I don't think so. it keeps spilling, too!


a question- is the water supposed to be completely clear? it's a little bit yellow. not brown, not red. just pale yellow. please tell me, ladies, it's not meconium.... would meconium look brown or yellow?


I am so excited!!!!!

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Faliciagayle - Sorry your fam has you on a clock, it would totally suck to be pg on Yom Kippor though!


I'm finally sleepy so I will try to go back to sleep. Good luck moms with your cervical opening. I have actually been visualizing that. I'd really like to go into labor while DH is off for the next 2 days... Good and restful night/early morning!

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mymaya - I think green and brown are cause for concern.  According to March of Dimes light yellow is normal http://www.marchofdimes.com/pregnancy/complications_amniotic.html

Wahooo!  Good luck, mama!  dust.gif



ascher - bummer on the reflux



princessjules - thanks :) and sleep well

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I can't help but post somewhere, but these contractions seem to be sticking around... they appear pretty regular but I haven't timed them. For some silly reason I feel almost superstitious and worry they'll stop if I try to time them! Now I have to figure out if this is the real deal and when/if to call the midwife since she lives 2.5-3 hours away. I'll give it a bit and try to time these...

Glad to hear from you, MissE!

And my phone keeps making everything disappear (all previous conversation), so.I can't remember what exactly to comment on.
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Wow!!!! How exciting, mymaya!!! I think a bit of yellow is normal, like Faliciagayle said!

Sending good labor vibes to you !
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Hey Mymama!  How exciting for you, good labor vibes to you.


And to you too Judy, without jinxing anything. winky.gif


39+1 today, baby posterior, haven't slept well in many weeks, feeling generally grumpy and discouraged.  I've been having a lot of fear coming up.  Fear of induction, fear of c-section,fear of back labor, fear of everything going fine, but of the pain of labor.  Man, it's like I'm really trying to make sure I haven't left out one possible scenario to be frightened of. lol.gif  I'm working with affirmations and trying to remind myself to calm and center every time one of these fears comes up...but still they keep coming up, and coming up, and coming up... 


So excited to hear about a few new births in the coming day or two!!

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Yay mymaya!!

Well. Still here. pregnant as ever. Bought my breastpump yesterday to help with my plugged ducts so hopefully that will help start some ctx, of which I suddenly have NONE!
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Woohoo! Go Mymaya and Judybean!!

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Hope this is your day judybean!!
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Yay! Hope more of you are holding your babies!!!


I am always here, just always t1h so it's difficult to comment. Dexter is doing great! He was back up to his birth weight by day 5. He's super squishy and cuddly. I am so in love. And very tired.


I gained 14 lbs with the pregnancy and am already down 25 lbs! Don't know how that happened but I'll take it!

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