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Can I have a labor fairy, too? Just for fun. I am 40+2. dust.gif weee... that's fun.

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ascher, we share the same EDD. happy day to you! I think I'll be waiting at least 7-10 days still. especially since I now have a cold.

---------------------------- ETA: and the memory card for the video camera and the cover for the over-flow drain for the tub aren't due at our house for a few more days, so I must wait. I do everything last minute apparently.

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just for Ascher  dust.gifdust.gifdust.gif


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I'm starting to develop a theory that by being active and running/walking so much I've actually produced the opposite effect that I was hoping for. I'm pretty sure Baby Five has figured out a way to create some amazing holds in this uterus and now simply won't let go. Drat! wink1.gif
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About to go out on what will hopefully be my last date with just DH. MIL is coming over to watch DS so it will just be the two of us. Is it wrong that I am not so much excited about some true alone time with DH but MUCH MUCH more excited about the food? eat.gif


Took DS to the park with my mom and brothers and he had a blast. When I left mom told me to have a great date and then come home and go into labor lol.... I am totally fine with my mom (or the moms on here) saying that. But God help me if a stranger says that! Is that wrong too? lol ANyway, still sending labor vibes to the mamas who are going a little, or alot later, than they planned! dust.gif labor fairies!!! (Ascher, that is fun!!)

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Have fun tonight @princessjules.

@judy...maybe you should just be doing nothing and things will start happening lol.
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Add me to the AMA crew around here:o. '77 for me...closer to 36 than 35 when this babe arrives. And DH is 2.5 years older than me. As in nearly done with high school when some of you were born!! LOL. I am pretty much average with my girls' peers' parents but will likely feel old being 41 with a kindergartener. No one thinks I am as old ss I am though which is nice.

CONGRATS WCM!!!! I am so stoked for you that you beat their deadline. Heal well.

Not much here....only about 1cm today but did get a little sweep in. Acupuncture tomorrow. No one is sweating anything which is awesome though I do have a 42 w deadline. I have gone right around 41 twice so that is our expectation. But any time now thrum Sunday would rock since my OB is on.
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Had a visit from my midwife today. Baby sounds good, I'm doing well, bp was good, said okay to a VE (my midwife said she simply offers because some want one but doesn't care either way). Fingertip dilated and 50% effaced. I didn't figure much was going on. I'm simply not an early dilator. But, I'm encouraged by a bit of effacement because that does mean at least my cervix is somewhat soft, right? Meaning some forms of induction could take more favorably?

I'm actually feeling pretty mellow about things. Saturday marks 42 weeks for me and technically the end of what care my midwife can provide for me. There is a nice, natural-friendly ob in a town 90 miles from here (she even refers some of her Montana clients to this Wyoming doctor) and if by Friday birth has not occurred, she said she would call late in the afternoon on Friday to refer me to him, so most likely I couldn't be seen until Monday, so that would at least buy me the weekend as well. She said she wouldn't do this for everybody, but everything looks just fine and it's simply my way to bake babies longer.

I would still rather spontaneously go into labor though. So any labor vibes you could muster would be great!
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Had a great date night... several contractions through out dinner and the car ride but they seem to have puttered out... Luckily I didn't pay enough attention to them to be disappointed. I have a MW appointment tomorrow and I might have her check me just so i can know what is going on (I'm so nosy)... Anywho, I still get decent cntx every once in a while but I would be shocked if anything happened before the next few days...Although I would welcome it!


Judy - dust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gif


I hope that is enough! lol

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Thanks, Princessjules!! I'm so glad your date night went well!

Just thought I'd throw out some good thoughts/vibes to mole... haven't heard from her in a while and I'm hoping everything went well!

And to PrettyHippie too... she shared my EDD and last posted about contractions and such, but haven't heard from her either!

I think most (who at least post regularly) from the EDD list that were ahead of me have had babies already (and plenty who were due long after me! What? Do I sound jealous? Just a bit! wink1.gif ).

Kinda bummed that it looks like 9-18 isn't in the cards for me/baby. Oh well. I'm just not a prime number fan. But... I'd just be happy to hold this baby, so I'll take whatever I get.
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Well, looks like my little one won't be born on her due date.  I've had very crampy contractions all day, but no active labor.  Hoping things kick into gear very very soon.  Tonight would be really really good.  I so don't want DH to go back to the office tomorrow redface.gif  I think I'm more desperate for his paternity leave than I am for the birth Sheepish.gif  I so didn't expect to be still pregnant the night of my due date. 

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goodvibes.gif Labour vibes coming your way Judy! It's good to hear that your midwife is willing to buy you a few more days, but hopefully you won't need it!


I'm hoping for a check in from Mole and PrettyHippie too!


FlowerofBliss, I'm glad your DH is going to have a good chunk of time off! I was hoping mine would too, but it's not looking good for more than a few days. He's at least promised to take a few days off each week for the first few so I guess that's better than nothing.


AFM, I had a midwife appointment today too. Baby sounds great and was moving around some, but the midwife is still having a hard time getting a read on his/her position. At least we're 100% sure baby is head down. The midwife mentioned that if I'm still pregnant at 41 weeks, we can start going over what options we may want to take to help things along, but as long as I'm not getting desperate she's perfectly happy to leaving things to nature at least until then. I'm glad she's so casual about the whole thing!


I've been having very mild contractions off and on through the day, so fingers crossed that something is happening and that this baby will arrive before my next appointment! 

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Labor vibes to all who'd like them!!!

But hey.... Don't forget to rest! This baby is boob addicted and I want nothing more than sleep!
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Finished sewing some bra top thing out of some cotton lycra.  Believe me, nothing special, raw edges (it's not fraying thank goodness) so I'ts not 'finished'.  oh well.  It's what I wanted, well, within reason, and it was free.  Nothing bad about that.  it would have cost me about 40$ for a swimsuit top that would enclose these suckers and even then they wouldn't move to the side easily for nursing after baby's born.


I just made it up, pretty proud of myself for that one.  I'm usually a pattern follower.

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Lol katt. Whatever works in that moment right? I'm sure that top will do its job.

Well i have reached 40 weeks today and haven't had anything in over a day. No contractions, just some crotch pain and i almost gave myself an episiotomy trying to shave last night. Ugh.

I have another ob appointment later today and i'm sure we gonna talk induction. Here's to hoping i can stretch it to at least friday. My blood pressure at home is perfect while at the ob it's always high. I will be bringing my hypno stuff today so i can relax right before the appointment in hopes to have a lower reading.
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Originally Posted by MissE View Post
 i almost gave myself an episiotomy trying to shave last night. Ugh.

Ouch! I can't see anything down there and it hurts to be bent over far enough to see anything much less shave... I feel so bad for my DH... I just try to hide it as best as I can when we dtd... Good for you for still being able to do it lol


I hope you mamas who are over due or on some type of clock can get some stuff going today! I have another MW appt today, I honestly didn't think I would have to drive out to her again. I really thought the next time I saw her would be at the birth.. Oh well! My mom will watch DS so I can hopefully have a quick appt. My MW is so sweet with DS she lets him play with her measuring tape and the blue goop she puts on me to listen to baby.. I just don't want to take him on the 1 hr long drive each way today...


Idk if I mentioned this but I got the last thing on my to-do list done. We rearranged the furniture yesterday and I am so jazzed about it! My house is as clean as it will probably ever be so baby can come out whenever!

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PrincessJules - hooray for a clean house! Always a nice feeling, pregnant or not, right?

Shaving... I gave up on that months ago. out of sight, out of mind, right? Lets just say sex has been in the dark for a few months, haha.

Katt - September *is* national sewing month. my husband hasn't neglected to remind me of that every.single.time he walks past my sewing machine, which has been collecting dust...

Afm, my BP has been stable for about 12hrs now. the want to keep us because they want to repeat the cbc on baby at 48hrs old.

It is highly unlikely imo that she has a gbs infection based on my ONE hour of active labor and the fact that I kept myself on a regimen. I know what to look for. I'm taking her for her nb visit on Friday anyways. ill see if they'll let us leave. this place sucks! they do feed me often though smile.gif
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Jules - I felt the same way when I had my OB appointment yesterday.  I had felt so strongly the week before that I wouldn't be going back.  Well, wishful thinking, I guess.  It's nice that you got a night out with your DH!  


Judy - Your mw sounds great and I'm sending you loads of labor vibes so that you'll be able to have the birth that you want, with her, in your home.  


WCM - I'm with you on the shaving.  Out of sight, out of mind, I'm the pregnant one, if it bothers you so much I'd actually prefer to *not*  have sex.  Needless to say, the bush is no problem for the DH.  


My 2.5 yo ds was up at 2 last night for 2 hours, and DH stayed up with him.  It was so wonderful, because even though I was awake here and there, I was able to be in bed without worrying about why the toddler was awake.  Then, because of his middle of the night waking, he ended up sleeping until 7:15, so I feel like today is already off to a good start.  My back has been aching a LOT since yesterday morning.  All day yesterday I thought it was a sign of things starting up, but as of now, with no ctx past the occasional bh, I think it's just a sore back.  Oh well.  39+3 here.  

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41w4d now. Still no sign of anything happening. Last night even seemed like it was bound to do something because of the pile-on of supposedly good things of bring on labor: orgasm (tmi? But still uterine contractions and oxytocin releasers), prostaglandins, EPO, RRL/nettles tea.... and nada:/ Yesterday I was feeling pretty okay with it all, but today I'm feeling a bit frustrated again. *sigh* I think tomorrow we're going to try my midwife's long list of natural methods of induction.

In the meantime, I'm going to lay back down. Nobody is up here yet (except dh, but he had to go do a communion service at church... all the girls are sleeping)... and for the Very First Time In Her Life, dd4 slept all night. In her 2.5 years, she has always been up probably at least four times per night (and thats more of a minimum... she's been my worst sleeper By Far thus far). Of course, *I* still woke up plenty to keep checking on her to see if she was okay!
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HAPPY DUE DATE TO ME!!!  And Carlin and MissE and a host of others...today is a popular one. 


I got nothin'. Though I did get an awesome night's sleep last night in my clean bedroom with my NEW QUILT on my bed. Yay!  Nesting urge satisfied. Now we just have to get the toddler bed out so we can set up the co-sleeper.


The weather shifted to fall here, and all of my dresses are too bare to wear. So I am scrounging for clothes. I also came to the realization that DD2 is way too big for DD1's hand me downs from last year, and in any case they are really verging on ratty. I guess I need to do some shopping? We are in desperate need of groceries too, produce and breakfast stuff and cheese and kid snacks. I am almost afraid to go, though, because I can see a heinously large grocery bill when I irrationally purchase HUGE amounts of food in preparation for being housebound for weeks (which won't be the case at all!!)....

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