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Judy, how exciting. I have a feeling you are going to be holding your baby in your arms very soon! Sending peaceful, healthy labor vibes your way dust.gif


And to the handful of mamas who are on the verge of labor, more good labor vibes to you all too! dust.gif



Benji is 6 days old now. I am just soaking it all in. Having two older kids I know how quickly the time can pass by. Right now I feel like I'm living in a bubble and time has slowed down and I'm enjoying every moment. I don't want anyone or anything to burst my little bubble of bliss. He is such a sweet baby, even his cries are calm and adorable. He is a lot like his older brother was when he is a baby - but even calmer! He is nursing tons, and my afterpains are finally almost over with. But I do notice that when I nurse it brings on some anxiety/sadness...is that odd? Is it triggering something hormonal that is that obvious that I feel it when I nurse, I thought nursing was supposed to produce the opposite feelings. It doesn't last the whole nursing session, but it starts out that way. My husband will be off work until October 1st, and I am really going to miss having him around all the time. 

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I think even if you aren't homebirthing, at 42 weeks the hospitals will do something to induce. But do remember, for all of us still waiting that stastically very few woman go PAST 42 and nothing can go to full speed ahead in a very short time, so hold out hope your baby and body will figure it out just in the nick of time. If you are in early labor at 42 weeks, I bet most MWs and even OBGYNs let you hang out and watch the next 12-24 hrs. That said, I didnt' find the membrane sweep bad at 41 weeks. I was already so stretchy it was easy. My MW said you only get one really good strip (where the prostaglandins are relased the most) so to wait isn't such a bad idea. If I end up against the date again, I'll probably first try a crazy strong coffee to clean the system and if that doesn't work, I'll do an enema. But some how, I guess, from experience, I think my body will get it, just in time. At very worst, I'll not have a home birth and let them do a balloon pressure thing or even break my water. From the time my water broke to baby was less than 12 hrs and that was a first labor (second child but first labor). So I feel pretty strongly that the water breaking cascaded well for me, granted I was moving/not laying for any of labor so gravity helped. I wouldn't think this if I was doing it at 39-41 weeks but at 42, I think its likely your body is just about all ready anyway.
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Ok, kind of off subject but I feel like this baby's hand is about to poke out of my vagina! I keep feeling these sharp pokey pains down there.. Has anyone else had that?

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Yes!  I don't know what they are, but i'm liking to think it's my cervix making progress.  who knows.

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The midwife is here and has set up her stuff, so she must think things are good!
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Good luck Judy!  I'm so hoping that this is finally it for you!  

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Originally Posted by judybean View Post

The midwife is here and has set up her stuff, so she must think things are good!

joy.gif Wishing you a wonderful birth. Can't wait to hear how it went, and to find out if you had DD5 or DS1 smile.gif
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Jules, my mw calls those effacement pains.

Judy, so excited for you!! orngbiggrin.gif
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Lost the gross, globby, bloody mucous plug! I'm supposed to be trying to rest but contractions hurt so badly laying down!

Number nerd alert: This baby should have a birthday of 9-21-12! All lovely multiples of 3! This pleases me greatly! wink1.gif
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How far apart are your contractions now Judy? I'm so excited for you smile.gif
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Oh 9/21 sounds like a great b-day!. I am up timing some contractions... Trying not to get my hopes up though

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Judy good luck. I'm so excited for you.

I believe it's baby time here too though it's too early to tell. Contractions woke me up and i have bloody mucous...gross. it's not ooooverly painful but definitely there. I'm scared my water will break and i'm gonna have this baby here or in the car. My mom made me pack towels and puppy pads just in case i'm gonna birth on my way to the hospital (it's a 30 mile drive).
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Princessjules. Labor vibes your way too. Seems like lots of summer babies are gonna be fall babies after all smile.gif.
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MissE, thanks and good luck and labor vibes to you too! I just had a huge thing of mucus... it was prob 5 inches long and maybe a half to a quarter inch thick it wasn't streaked with blood or anything though... I am having a hard time timing contractions.. They are there it's just hard for me to tell when they start and stop. Tomorrow works out really well logistically for us so that would be great to have the baby either tonight of tomorrow lol

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YAY!!!  All these new babies.  SO exciting

Labor vibes to everyone who wants them!

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Ok...sleep is not an option anymore. It hurts too bad. I feel like crap, my belly is rumbling and i wanna just throw up. Yuck.
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Sleep.hurts too bad here too, MissE. I can't handle the contractions laying down. They're bad enough standing up. So much low pressure. I almost want to shower or fill the bathtub again.
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I think I am going to try to go back to sleep while the cntx are still mild they are pretty regular though... MissE and Judy, I hope you guys are holding your babies soon!

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PrincessJules-- I hope you get some good sleep!
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Yay Judy and Evi. Can't wait to read your birth stories. Princess Jules, hope you get some rest or a baby tonight.

Up late arguing with DH. Haven't done that in a long time. Now he's sound asleep, and I got up to pee. eyesroll.gif Really we're all just worn out and done.
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