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ascher--sounds like normal CM+EPO. It's icky. I always wear a liner that night and the next morning when I do EPO.  


Thinking of mymaya and  judybean and sending happy birthing vibes their way!!




AFM: I was sooo uncomfortable the last 2 days!  Baby was soooo low I felt like I was sitting on something every time I sat down. And OH the waddle!!  But baby seems to have shifted as of last night. Of course. For a moment, I panicked that it had moved breech, but I think the head bump was knees??  Because it is now gone, and I think I can feel a leg there. I am nesting hardcore and cleaning/organizing/doing laundry like a madwoman again. And my sleep has improved. I'm worried this is a sign that labor is still a ways off. Which it could be since I am only 39+5 today.

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Judybean and mymaya....how exciting good luck to both of you. I had some contractions at night but decided to go back to sleep rather than getting up pacing the house. So...sure enough, they went away and here i am on a rainy day...watching tickety toc on nick jr. lol smile.gif

Edit: wondering if i should try some castor oil...just to see if it gets things going again. I'm scared of that stuff though.

Also, wondering if there are news from anyarose and mole???
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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post


I gained 14 lbs with the pregnancy and am already down 25 lbs! Don't know how that happened but I'll take it!


Wowza, I'm jealous!  I'm up 36 pounds and was already up a full 10 (but closer to 15 if I'm being honest) when I got pregnant from lots of holiday indulgences.  So glad to hear Dexter is doing well.

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Wow- early morning, and already 23 messages!

Last night, I was feeling crampy with lower back pain. Waddled around the grocery store, and wondered while I was there if this was 'it', which kinda freaked me out. I got all scared of labor quite suddenly. Went home and went to bed very early, and like so many others, woke up to a higher baby and not much happening. I spent my first waking moments apologizing to baby for getting so scared. I know we can do this, but only if we work together.

I hope things are going well for those who might be in labor!!!
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Can't wait to hear updates from the mamas who are hopefully in labor right now!! :) 


When I start to get nervous about going through an unmedicated birth again, I remember just how crappy I feel right now (seriously, I feel as if I have the body of a 90 year old woman -- all rickety and hobbly) and I guess I'd rather go through labor than stay like this forever :)

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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

Also, wondering if there are news from anyarose and mole???

I was wondering about them also!


Maybe we won't hear from Judy and mymaya for a while??? In a good way lol!


Well I slept TERRIBLY last night after I went back to bed, then DS decided to wake up a lot early morning. Thankfully DH got up with him but I still couldn't sleep! I am SO tired!

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Thinking of judybean, mymya, and mole. smile.gif

Typing on phone here- yesterday at our cervix opening circle (that just cracks me up) I'd been up for a couple hours with contractions. Long story short, an entire day of exhausting pre-labor. Plenty of bloody show so it did do something, but it's hard to believe it went on that long and didn't establish itself into the full-on deal. Probably related to OP babe, though I don't think it turned her. Things slowed down around 8:30pm and I don't think I've ever been so thankful for a good night's sleep. Ctx continued and are still here, but spaced further apart (yesterday they were 40-60 seconds, 3-9 mins apart all day, with 9 being rare).

So we'll see what happens. My husband is going to start his pat leave today because we just don't know what else to do. This leaves me a little nervous about what's to come but mostly I'm trying to see it as progress made and also to just forget it happened so I can go into "real" labor fresh. Hoping that's soonish, or at least I think I am.

Happy Monday, all.
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I'm 39+6 today, since DD1 was born at 38+0 and DD2 at 40+1, I expect to have a baby by the end of the week at the latest, and honestly expected one earlier.  Friday night around 3am I was up for several hours completely confident that was going to be IT, watching the clock hoping DH would get another hour or two of sleep.  I clearly remember what a zombie he was for days taking care of me, DD1, and newborn DD2 after DD2's night time labor with a 5am birth.  He just doesn't function well on little to no sleep.  I finally fell back asleep around 6am, and woke up to nothing more intense.  I timed contractions late-morning still lying in bed, and they were 70-90 seconds long and roughly 5 minutes apart.  They've hung out at that ever since... eyesroll.gif  They vary in intensity, but they never go away.  The whole pre-labor thing is making me nuts, though I did it with both of my other pregnancies.  Even just lying or sitting down some are so intense I really need to breathe through them.  Last night there were several times I was slowly counting through them.  When I'm up and moving around they are generally more intense, but I also generally only stop as I hit the peak of stronger ones.  I'm fearing I might continue like this for days...  Over the weekend I took it super easy, took naps both days (I NEVER nap but I was beyond beat even after plenty of night time sleep), and generally let DH take care of everything.  This morning he's back at the office, and I'm looking at a full day with the kids.  We'll see how that plays out.  I'm hoping it pushes me into active labor tonight. 


Fortunately, besides the weekend, my energy level has been good.  I'm generally feeling fine and getting around fine.  I'm in MUCH better physical and emotional shape then I was with my pregnancy with DD2.  My house is very neat and put together.  I'm feeling very ready, instead of just very done.

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I guess I was able to fall back asleep and they went away. I really thought things were happening and today would be the day. The contractions were very regular and getting stronger I thought.

Instead I slept and woke up with hardly any voice. This cold isn't gone. *sigh*
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Aww, Judy, maybe like MamanFrancaise you just need to heal from the cold first and then you can have a lightening quick, tear free birth!


So many mamas in pre-labor for days.  You all need a big hug. grouphug.gif

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Judybean, and Mymaya, hoping you are both holding your babies by now! If not, sending lots of easy, productive, labour vibes your ways!


MamanF, good to hear from you! Dexter sounds adorable! As for the extra weight loss, I imagine that's what happens when you have a baby who weighs almost as much weight as you gained the entire pregnancy. :D


AFM, baby must have shifted directly onto my bladder last night as I was up 8 times between 11 and 2 to pee, plus 3 more times before 5. DD helped out by waking up twice, plus baby got hiccups which kept me up for a little while longer, then this morning our neighbours started putting new shingles on their house at 8 AM, oh and they are still doing road work in front of our house, so no sleeping in for me. I'm really hoping for just 1 good night of sleep before labour starts. I don't want to go into it already exhausted.

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No more contractions this morning so I went on a walk/run. Walked a mile and ran a mile. At 41w2d. Starting to feel the panic rising as the days keep passing and I still haven't birthed this baby.
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I woke up from a nap on Saturday with pink eye but I bumped up my vitamin C intake (and I was already taking echinacea, bee pollen and a probiotic) and started a homeopathic eye rinse and  did lots of warm compresses and today my eye looks and feels almost normal.Thank goodness! I still can't wear contacts and I really don't want to wear my glasses during labor so I hope baby takes a least another day or two to come but I'm not longer freaking out that I will have this horrible contagious eye stuff getting passed around my house with a newborn...especially since DD is 2, is already talking about holding and loving on the baby but doesn't really understand germ theory. 


So now I'm at 40w3d and feeling pretty good. Last week was bad, I just felt a lot of pressure (from family - not the baby :-) always asking about contractions and  since I was having lots of them since 37-38 weeks, emotionally it was getting to me even though I was trying hard not to think "this could be it" every time. But now that I'm past 40, I feel like I actually have a baby sometime soon and can get excited about it - and my DH has started fending people off. He's not even telling me when my MIL asks anymore. So in the past 24 hours, I feel like I could have  a nice peaceful birth now - I just need baby to get on board with that idea.

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Hello ladies - I'm still reading faithfully, but things are quiet for me. I'm just 39 weeks now, but my parents are back from their anniversary trip overseas and I worked my last shift on Friday, so I've started telling the baby it's welcome any time! It's definitely been dropping, and I've been feeling pelvic achy off and on for days, but no other signs of things.

Lots of spicy food (if for no other reason than DH and I love it) and raspberry leaf tea plus daily walks on the beach. I wish I had some sort of nesting/cleaning urge, but alas, my home will just have to remain neat and tidy instead of scrubbed spotless. I'm not anxious about the birth or recovery, really. Just trying to maintain a neutral/positive attitude and not spend too much time wondering when. After my last midwife appointment Wednesday (and reading all of your reports about long gestations), I've been working to accept that statistically, this baby isn't likely to show up for AT LEAST another week, and I think I'm okay with that.

For now, anyway.


I'm sending all of you wide open cervix vibes when I get up to pee at night! It makes me smile every time. 

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Aw, Judy... that must be so disappointing. Isn't it wonderful though, that you can come here and go in and out of possible labor without all the drama of telling your RL friends and family? Know we're supporting you and your little one through all these ups and downs!!!


And Mymaya, good luck with things! It will be so nice to hold your baby in your arms. It's so encouraging to see new birth announcements. (:


Sleep: You ladies are crazy... waking up for long periods of time?? I feel like somethings wrong with me... ha! I seriously go lie in bed around 11, stay awake until 1am then sleep like a ROCK until 1pm the next day. It's pretty embarrassing, actually! I feel guilty for sleeping so long- ha! I guess I do wake up once to go to the bathroom, but I've made a stumble free and dimly lit path so I don't have to open my eyes and can pretty much stay sleeping! haha!


AFM, I have been feeling those little uterus warm ups this past week like crazy. I think Nico is lower as well... all of which are exciting. Things are definitely prepping down there. I'm still perfectly okay with going way past EDD (I pretty much expect it), but I can't help but question ever ting of pain, loose stool, or discharge. (; 


And isn't this weather beautiful?!?!?! 

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Lots of rest, judy ! I'm betting you'll have a similar story to mamanF.

Afm ... Took the girls out for pizza down the street. having some mild ctx but who am I kidding.. This baby is never coming out!
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I had my 40 week appointment today. I sincerely hope I end up with this midwife (I know a few people on her team that are due at the very same time) because she really is awesome and made me feel so much better. She didn't think it was necessary for me to be doing anything right now (black cohosh especially) because I'm only 40 weeks, and that is much more in tune with how I feel, I was simply doing things because the other midwife has frightened me into it by saying that all the women in September have been running late and getting induced. Turns out it was 2 women, and they were due in August, and besides, they're not me! She was reassured by the fact that I've been cramping, and told me cervix is very soft, perhaps a little thinner (I guess she could put her fingertip into the groove of the cervix and feel that it was starting to open). She said I don't really need to be on EPO or anything.


She also told me that I shouldn't focus on numbers this week, that I should do something for myself: not a project related to baby, but for myself, because pretty soon it will be very difficult. And she wants my husband and I to spend some time together so we can enjoy the little alone time we have left. 


So that's it. I'm not worrying this week. My mother just called me and woke me up from my nap, and I'm not answering it. I'm going on an IRL social vacation (I'll still be social on here!). If people wonder about the baby, they can wonder. I think I might get a haircut. Like at a salon. That always makes me feel pampered.

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ascher- You are so incredibly fortunate to have such a wise midwife!  I completely agree with her, especially since this is your first baby.40 weeks is no big deal, you have 2 weeks until 42, you're not on a VBAC clock.. I say go enjoy the time you guys have left, just the two of you!


I've been kind of trying to do the same.  I've been trying to spend more quality time with my girls.  We did some handprints on a small canvas to hang in the living room today.  I also hung up some of their other framed artwork.  We went out to lunch, just the three of us, it was special.  


I'm kind of not wanting baby to come today or tomorrow.  Wednesday would fine.  Both of my DDs start gymnastics tomorrow, and I really want to take them.  DD1 (4yo) is in a drop-off class, and DD2 (2yo) is in a Mom&Tots class.  My SIL isn't in school tomorrow because Chicago Public Schools will still be on strike, so she can take them... but I really selfishly want to be there and see my girls have fun :)

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Went out to eat with dh for lunch, took a nap, and totally missed my acupuncture appointment! Thankfully, I called back (they called when I was napping) and could still get in this evening! Here's to hoping that after last night's adventure, this will be effective and really help get things moving!
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Not much going on around here.  Just a bit more sore and achy when I wake up.  I can sleep like a rock, so I feel bad for those of you who are super uncomfy.  :(  I stay up late though so I can play online while my son sleeps.  lol  I watch tv and sew or knit at that time as well.


I really really hope we see some new announcements soon... Judy yours is one i'm looking out for.  :)  I hope it's face and peaceful.


AFM: I'm officially 39w4d.  DS came on his EDD, so i'm expecting this one to come around his/her EDD as well.  I'm at the stage of being hyper aware of every little twinge and thinking: is this the beginning?  is it is it?  it's not, but oh well.  Got a bunch of new wipes made for the baby, made some butt spray, have my necklace hanging up, need to hang my flags.  I've been listening to my hypno cd.  This morning my back was sore on down, I listened to my track, and when i got up i felt fine.  pretty amazing I thought.  I was also sitting on the couch with my feet together (cross legged puts a leg or something else to sleep) so that might have helped as well.


at the fabric store today some lady asked me when I was due.  (she inturrupted her own conversation and asked across the store as i'm walking away) so I lied and said in a few weeks.  I KNEW if i said the truth: 3 days, she'd have a flippin cow.  


okay, next sewing project, make a bra top of some sort to wear during labor.

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