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Headed to the hospital.
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What a fantastic night.. smile.gif happy birthing to all the laboring mamas!!
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Thinking of you Evi, Judy and Jules!!
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Hooray for you three!!

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Well, everything died down around 4 am and I was able to get a little bit of sleep but things haven't really picked back up yet... I will take a walk and crawl around with DS later and maybe that will get stuff going shrug.gif I'm a little disappointed that I woke up w/o a baby but it's ok I guess... Hoping today will bring something on...


Yay for Evi and Judy! I hope they are snuggling and nursing their new babies as we type!

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Big ol' chunk of bloody mucus for me this morning!  Just feeling generally crampy with a few light contrax here and there.  All my kids and my hubby were born on a multiple of 3...so maybe today!!


I was, however, supposed to have a 4 hands massage with my doula and her backup. But my doula's daughter ended up in the ER last night for a high fever and breathing issues. I'm still getting a massage with her backup, and I'm excited for that. But I'd strongly prefer my doula for the birth which is worrying me that my body will shut down...  UGH.

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Had baby Audrie at 5:23 am. I was admitted at 4:30am with 8cm and a bulging bag. Birth was superfast and they had to suction her because of major decels but we're doing fanstastic. Weighed in at 7lbs 12.9 oz and was 19 inches long. I'm in love...
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Congratulations, MissE!!! How exciting to come online this morning and see that there were likely several new babies born last night!! 

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Wonder how judy is doing.

I cant stop looking at my little girl. She's sleeping and grunting...such a swet baby.
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MissE, congratulations and welcome Audrie!!!  How exciting!!!

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congrats, MissE!! Hooray for a healthy baby girl!

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Awww, congrats on little Audrie's arrival :). Can't wait to read your birth story/see pics. 

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Congrats MissE

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Thanks y'all. Story will follow tonight. I feel like i could go home already lol.
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Congratulations Evi joy.gif  Sounds like quite a birth story.  Bet your mom is glad your water didn't break on the drive. 

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Congrats, MissE!!!! 

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Ok now I really want to know what Judybean's whole schedule was!

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Congrats Evi and welcome to the world little Audrie :)  

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Congratulations Evi! Welcome Audrie! joy.gif

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Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

Ok now I really want to know what Judybean's whole schedule was!

LOL! I was just thinking that too, after being up half the night with contractions that went nowhere (hopefully they dilated me a little more though)... And then hardly anything today, I am a little ticked off, but I got a decent nap with DS so I guess I'm ok for the time being... Gonna go get some cooking done! I hope everyone is having a good day!

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