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I'm sorry you and your sweet baby had to go through something like that, but I'm glad to hear that things are looking good for him health wise. That must be a huge relief. I hope you are on the mend as well, congrats and hugs to you!

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Mole, my heart goes out to you. I'm so glad that S is here and it sounds like he's doing well, and I'm so sorry that his arrival and early days have been so scary. A big hug. Please keep us updated.

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Mole- my heart goes out to you. You and baby have been through so much! I will be thinking of your sweet boy and that all signs continue to be so positive.
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Goodness, mole, y'all have been through so much. He sounds very resilient! Is he able to room-in with you at the hospital? I hope you are both recovering quickly. I hope you are surrounded by love and support!
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Mole, I'm so sorry about your traumatic birth and rough early days with your sweet baby.  I hope things continue to look up for you both.  Sending love, light, and healing vibes goodvibes.gif


Ascher, how exciting.  I hope labor kicks in soon.  Sending you peaceful labor vibes. dust.gif


Carlin, I'm sorry your DH is scheduled to be out of town so soon.  I can't imagine how stressful that time table must feel.  Hope things work out well for you.



AFM: I'm now 40w 5d.  At my midwife appointment on Friday I was measuring 37cm and up just shy of 25lbs.  My blood pressure, which has always been fine, was lower than the last two visits.  Baby is very well positioned with excellent heart tones.  My midwife is guessing she's 7-8lbs.  Water a bit low, but not of concern.  My midwife suggested I have a nice positive relaxing weekend where I "forget about being pregnant" and then start trying cimicifuga and pulsatilla on Sunday morning if I wanted to.  She specifically said there was no medical concern at all.  I've been alternating the cimicifuga and pulsatilla all day.  Friday night DH and I went out on a date, our first in months.  Saturday we went to an outdoor kid's birthday party for several hours, came home and rested, then went to a Fall Equinox drumming circle.  This morning we got up, went to church, out to lunch, and ran some errands.  I've been taking it easy since we got home.  It's been a good weekend, and now I'm really really hoping that once my girls are asleep labor will kick in, but I'm not counting on it.  I've had less frequent contractions this weekend than during the week last week, though they are getting more intense (which I could have said 2 weeks ago too).


I was absolutely not prepared to go 41+ weeks.  DH does NOT want to go back to work in the morning, and I really really don't want him too.  He has a long commute and gets home around 7pm or so.  He's getting a hard time at the office as this drags out.  My poor DD2 is having a really rough time lately.  This waiting is just getting to be too much for her.  Last night on our evening walk she announced "When we get home from walk, Vella needs to be born because I am all done waiting"  DD1 is doing better than DD2, but really she's high strung and done too. 


I never in a million years would have guessed that this baby would be a fall Libra dizzy.gif  DD1 was due Sept 3 and came Aug 20.  DD2 was due Aug 13 and came Aug 14.  DD3 was due Sept 18, and it looks like Sept 24 is the earliest her birthday could be...  It's wild how life works out.


And you know you're past due when your birth photographer sends you a text before having a beer with dinner, just to be sure ROTFLMAO.gif

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Mole, I'm sorry you both have been through such a traumatic birth  hug2.gif  I hope you both heal quickly and can get on with your baby moon!


Ascher, I hope this is it for you!!!


Flower, I hope you're holding your babe soon, as well


AFM - I spent most of my day in bed enjoying sleep smiles and a newborn scent  luxlove.gif  We're still hung up on a name but hope to have it figured out by tomorrow morning.

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Thanks for the labor vibes, ladies!! Baby Brendan arrived this morning!!

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Congratulations, domermommy!! Welcome to the world, Brendan!
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Ascher - Yay I hope labor kicks in for you!dust.gif


Mole - I'm so sorry you had such a traumatic birth, nut m relieved that everything is okay and that nursing and sleeping are going well! good MRI result vibes coming at ya!goodvibes.gif


Flower - My DH doesn't want to go back to work either.. We were really thinking this weekend would be it but it's not looking like it... I hope something happens soon for you and that you and your family can find peace with it.


AFM - Tomorrow I will be 41 weeks! crazy huh? I really didn't think I would go this long even though i tried to prepare myself for it... I am pretty sure I will be pregnant forever!!!!

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Congratulations Domermommy!! joy.gif


Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm feeling a lot more pressure today so I think baby has finally, maybe dropped. It would be really handy for baby to be born in the next day or two, but I'm not holding my breath. I know next midwife appointment (on tuesday) we'll have to go over what sort of steps we do or do not want to take to try and move things along as well as what happens if we hit 42 weeks and wouldn't it be nice if we don't even have to begin worrying about it?


I had what was really only my 2nd rude pregnancy comment, from the same bio-FIL who greeted me with "wow you're gigantic" the other day. We were over at a mutual relative's house for dinner and litterally as I was dishing up  my plate, he asked if I was weighing myself every day, to keep track, now that I'm eating for 2.For once I was actually quick eough with a comeback rather than thinking of what I should have said 10 minutes later like normal. I just answered "No, are you?" Then went on with the conversation.

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carlin, thank you for telling me I'm not the only one not quite mentally ready! I feel guilty and sorta like my hubby thinks I'm keeping baby in (I really did think Thrusday night I as in labor and woke him, etc, so he got all mentally geared up). I'm so sorry you are dealing w/ rude comments on the home front. That is just crazy. I know not many folks see what 40 weeks pg looks like (just like they dont' see what 1 week old babies look like) but still...take a lesson from thumper (if you can't say anything nice...) Mole, I'm so sorry for such a crazy scarey birth experience but its sounds like your little guy is doing awsome. Those sucking skills are nothing to pass of as not mentionable! That has got to mean a lot and give yourself some big credit for doing what you needed to get him out ASAP. I think many a OB and MW would attest to the powers of momma to do life saving things (both for baby and themselves) at crucial moments and you DID! You really did. Hopefully as the months go on and you relax about baby you can feel good about that.
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Oh Mole, my heart goes out to you. So glad to hear that beautiful S is a champion sucker and hasn't had any signs of brain damage. It'll be so nice when you're all home, holed up in bed nursing and cuddling. I hope that you have help lined up so that you get a chance to build your own strength up again after such a trial. I read a theory once that childbirth pushes you to the end of the Earth because that way by the time your child is born you already know that you would endure anything for them and that strengthens your bond. The pushing phase was by Far the most painful part for me, so to imagine you pushing from up high, through all the pain, for your child's LIFE - you are such a strong, brave, good mama!
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mole...warm thoughts of health and healing. I am so sorry to hear of all that you and S have been through.


Thinking of jules and carlin and dmpk...and ESPECIALLY ascher!

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last night, i dreamed about traveling down a river, then moving through a tunnel. i woke up to pee, felt just a little crampy, went back to sleep, and dreamed again of floating down a wide, calm river in a little boat.

still feeling  period-like crampiness (for the first time in the pregnancy), definitely uncomfortable at moments, though nothing time-able or unbearable. yesterday was my ultrasound EDD and tomorrow is the EDD we decided on with the midwives. so i gave my bathroom a quick clean and mixed up a batch of bread dough. once i sweep the bedroom and living room, i think i'll drink a little rrl&nettle tea and walk down to the beach. 


i warned dh in an email (he's a teacher) to keep his phone handy. i've got a wristwatch on for timing anything should the need arise.


my MIL took one look at me last night when we went over for dinner and proclaimed I had another week. i love her and we get along really well, but i could feel my body respond with the defensive sense that she was wrong.


i feel totally calm about all of this. shouldn't i be more anxious? 

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my MIL took one look at me last night when we went over for dinner and proclaimed I had another week. i love her and we get along really well, but i could feel my body respond with the defensive sense that she was wrong.


i feel totally calm about all of this. shouldn't i be more anxious? 

Sounds like you have a sweet MIL... I'll bet she didn't want you to have your hopes up too high and be disappointed! And I think it's good that you are so calm!


AFM - I have been stressing about how DS will handle being away from me during labor and wouldn't be at all surprised if that has been keeping me too tense to go into labor... I know my parents will be able to handle him and his sleeping patterns but I have been worried about the In-laws, but I had a great talk with MIL last night and she reassured me that they will do whatever they need to if he is upset o I feel a little better and not so worried that he will have to CIO alone... I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I am in my 41st week... I never even thought about induction because I didn't go this late last time... Maybe my EDD is off a little bit? I don't see my MW until Thursday so I have several days before I get a sweep, which I def think I will ask her for... I might call my Chiropractor and ask them about how much acupuncture would be to induce labor.. idk, I really wanted baby to get here on his own, I know I still have time though...

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::wrong week...::

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12:38am sept 24, 8lb 1oz, boy  no name yet

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12:38am sept 24, 8lb 1oz, boy  no name yet

Man, katt, our babies were born so close together!  Mine arrived at 2:51AM 9/24 but EST...so less than an hour earlier!

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