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Weird... I don't *feel* old even though a lot of you mamas are quite a bit younger wink1.gif I had my first daughter at 22... and being on Baby Five now, I guess I'm bound to add a couple years there... wink1.gif

LibraryMo-- I'm a 1979er as well wink1.gif

AFM... 41w3d. No contractions last night. Nothing. Feeling discouraged. (Gah... and jealous.... as much as I don't want to! All these new babies make it hard not to be! wink1.gif )
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wow, i need to check this thread every hour! I got super busy yesterday and missed a ton of stuff! I also got  decent night's sleep so I missed the cervical opening ceremony! Looks like it worked for one mama! Congrats WCM!!! So glad your LO finally arrived!!! I hope recovery goes well!


Originally Posted by LibraryMo View Post

As for "maternal age" you all make me feel ancient.  I was born in *gasp* 1979. We actually tried for years to get pregnant when we were first married, and then

My mom turned 41 and had her 7th natural, vaginal birth this year! So I don't think you're ancient by any means!!

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Woohoo WCM!  It's amazing to me how a person can pop out of a chat for a tiny amount of time and suddenly..they have a baby! So glad you and baby are doing well!!




Wow, I guess I'm older than a few here, too. This is my first and I was born 11/21/81. Perhaps I'll have a "cusper", which is when a baby is born on the bordering dates between two signs. I'm a cusper for Scorpio/Sagitarius. Perhaps my little boy will be a cusper for Virgo/Libra. That would be fun! I've already been having fun with the astrological aspects of this baby. He's going to be born in a dragon year, as DH was. This year is a water dragon, and I'm a water sign. I think he's going to be a Virgo (but perhaps not), like DH. I guess time will tell. He will be here when he is meant to be. :)

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Getting weepy here @wcm. CONGRATULATIONS. I was totally rooting for you and maybe i should give that castor oil another shot. After yesterday there cant be so much left in me lol..

Anyway...so happy for you. You did it.
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Congrats WCM!!!  Way to go on your UBAC!


I posted some pics of Brody and the knot in his cord in the "Brody is here Thread"

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WCM - yay! That is so awesome. Of course, we all can't wait to hear more of your story and see pictures. You rock!

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Congratulations WCM!

I was born in '80. I don't consider myself old at all. I had my kids at 26, 29, and now 32. I'm hoping we'll have another when I'm around 35. I find most parents I meet around here with kids of similar ages to mine are older than me. When DD1 was born I was often called a "young mom".

Today is my due date. I woke up early and super crampy, did a bunch of housework when I'm usually sleeping (much to DH's amusement as he's the one who usually gets up early and does morning chores - which he also did this morning), ate breakfast, took a shower, and went back to bed just as my girls were getting up for the day, so DH stayed home... I'm having pretty regular contractions (haven't actually timed them) and they're very crampy. I'm really really hoping this will be it.
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Yay WCM! Congratulations and welcome Nova! Good for you for listening to you instincts! Last night was a good night for babies!


Age,  I'm another '79-er. I don't feel old either, but I'll admit that age is probably going to be a contributing factor to whether or not we have more children after this one.


Judy, hopefully your baby is just giving you a couple days to get over your cold before making his or her appearance, then will come quick and easy to make up for making you wait!


Flower of Bliss, fingers crossed this is it for you! Easy labour vibes coming your way!


Ascher, I've been wondering if this babe will be cusp-born too, as both Me and my DD are at least within a day or so of it. (I'm Aquarius/Pisces, she's Gemini/Cancer.) The 22nd or 23rd were my first guesses for birth date anyways. Partly because this baby and DD would be born on the 22, 3 months apart, and partly because DD was born the day after Summer Solstice, so I thought it would be neat if this one was the Day after Autumn Equinox.


AFM, I had another night of the worst sleep ever. DD was up until almost midnight, so I was too.  Then between digestive issues, having to pee constantly and restless legs I don't think I even fell asleep until close to 3, then was woken up by sporadic contractions and a lot of pressure around 4. That kept up for the next 3 to 4 hours or so. I really hope it was accomplishing something, as it was pretty uncomfortable, with a lot of it in my back. I think I'll try to spend as much time as possible on my hands and knees today and see if that helps as I'd really rather avoid that kind of back labour when things get serious. On the bright side, this was the first time I had any sort of contractions last for awhile so I'll take that as a sign of progress. I think I got my longest stretch of sleep between 8:30 and 10 this morning, despite the roofing going on on the house next to us.

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Flower of Bliss - I hope this is it for you too! How cool would it be to actually have your baby on you due date!

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YAY WCM!!!!!!!  Waahoo!  I can't wait to see pics and read the story.  Amazing.  joy.gif


I love reading the birth stories and stalking the PP thread.  Such an amazing group of mamas here :)



well - I gotcha all beat on birth year.  Unless some others are hiding, so far I'm the oldest mom.  That sounds so WEIRD.



MW originally had my EDD at 9/17 then adjusted it to 9/19 to, I think, more accurately reflect my cycle length and possibly give us more time concerning HB requirements.  In any case, I am still pregnant.  And NOW the calls/texts have started in earnest.  At least 7 people said to me last night "You're STILL pregnant?!"   


MissE - here's another labor fairy for some labor vibes dust.gif  dust.gif


JudyBean and FlowerofBliss - dust.gifdust.gif


let's have some babies!

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woohoo wcm! ubac! wow! joy.gif

number nerds: ds2 was born at 10:12 am on 8/18/12 weighing 6 14, I was in love with all the even numbers!
I was born 8/23/83 which has a nice ring to it- and that was my EDD too. my brothers EDD was 6/26/86 but he ruined it by coming a day late.

ETA: come to think of it, DS1 was born 1/31/09 at 1:15pm- all odd numbers!
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YAY!! WCM  I am so happy for you!!!  I hope your recovery is swift from the blood loss and what an amazing experience.joy.gif


Am I the oldest one here? I am 35 my oldest just turned 13 which is so wonderful and sad all in one.  He was such a cute baby and I remember looking at him when he was just born thinking I had all the time in the world to enjoy him and now he is a teenager (a really great one).


I need baby stay in vibes.  I was up all night last night with contx stuff that petered out this morning much to my relief.  My dh takes his boards on Friday and has to go no matter what even if I'm in labor we have no choice so I'm really stressing about that and he really needs the study time so having a babe now would be really stressful for both of us.  I am only 38.5 so another week would be terrific.  My other thought is I am going to have prodromal labor which I've never really had but this is babe #6 so that could be what's going on.  Bach rescue remedy has been my best friend last night and today.

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Yeppie!!!! WCM!!!!!!! Hardly a "big" baby, I'd say. Those crazy estimates. The other day you typed something about it being time to stop/pause/slow down (somthing like that) and have this baby and I thought..she's gonna be holding her babe this week before the c/s threat date. So happy for you and actually to your hubby for being there. Hope your blood count gets up fast and you get home to snuggle your little bits surrounded by your other girlies quickly. ------------------------------------------------------------------- On the other note, I'm an older mom....started at 34 and this is my thrid, seperated by over 2 yrs each. you do the math whil I look begrudgingly at my 20th year HS reunion invite. LOL ---------------------------------------------------------------- on another note...I really really am NOT a good SAHM. There's just nothing about this I'm good at. I feel the depression setting in already, before baby blues. I love my kids but I'm not good for them this way. Bleh.
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ages: DH is (like a lot of you) '79, but I'm an '86. I don't feel like 25 makes me a young mom, except that most of my friends say that they don't want kids or at least don't want them yet, which means I'm pretty much the first. 

As far as astrology, I'm a Capricorn and DH is a Taurus, so we're wondering if we'll get another little Earth sign of a Virgo. It would make sense. The two of us are already "earthy," practical, stubborn, a bit slow to move or change. It would be interesting, though, since I'm on the beginning cusp of Cap and DH is right smack dab in the middle of Taurus, so a baby on the tail end would also balance things in a neat way. 
We'll see!


sleep: I've woken up around 4 or 5 am twice in the past week, hungry. Until now, that had only happened twice, I think, in the whole pregnancy.Of course, once I'm up, I'm up for a bit, so I usually read for half an hour or so while I eat my cereal or leftover dinner or what have you, sometimes check in here, then head back to bed. I WISH I had the urge to clean while I was awake...

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I love this DDC, too! Homebirths, home breach births, VBACs, HBACs!!!  Awesomeness!!


Congrats, WCM!!! 


I had my first baby at 20, then 24, and now at 31. I don't really feel old either... But I am soooo done having babies. Done.

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Oh no no..i don't feel old at all. Happy and content with where i am in my life but by no means old. I had DS at 25, DD at 26 and this LO at 30. Nothing wrong with that smile.gif
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YAY!!!  Way to go WCM and Nova and Daddy!



I guess i'm one of the older mamas here.  Which kinda blows me away, i don't feel old at all.  I'm 35.  I always wanted to have my kids earlier, but DH had other plans and It's a 2 way street.  As long as I get my babies.  :)


I love the fact that this is a dragon baby.  I gotta get my act together and finish the totally awesome dragon longies.


I'm an Aquarius, DH is Leo, DS is Capricon and this one will be either Virgo or Libra.  -i have no idea how they relate or if they do or anything, i just know the names.  lol-


Off to go see the new baby threads.  :)

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When I announced to DS1's preschool class parents that I was born in 1978, I was called a baby! That's just the culture here, though. Many parents starting in their late 30s and 40s. Plus, DS1 is one of few oldest siblings in his class most of his classmates are the youngest in their families.

So exciting to read about new babies, and it sounds like we'll have more very soon!! Is it just me, or is our fabulous DDC strongly weighted towards boys?
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Hurray for WCM!! It's about time wink1.gif so glad you're doing well, LOVE the name Nova!

I had DS two days after my 28th birthday, so we're both virgos, and strangely so are my two closest friends. I always get along especially well with other virgos so I'm hoping that will apply to son as well. We're feeling like it was pretty special that he was born 6 minutes after 7 on the 8th day of the 9th month smile.gif

He's grunting next to me in bed right now, it's amazing how even with his eyes closed he manages to reach his little hand out and pinch my nipple! Tonight I totally set DH up -- he hasn't been sleeping well through the cosleeping racket so I stupidly suggested that the baby and I sleep on the guest bed in the nursery just for a night, so that he can rack a full night's sleep. He agreed a little too readily and now my feelings are hurt and i'm weepy about it - even though it does make sense, and it was my idea! He came in and said goodnight but didn't give a kiss or a cuddle - these post partum hormones!! I need to up my fish oil (even further lol)!!

Sending lots of easy smooth labor vibes to those reaching their moment!
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I just got my hair cut...boy do I feel good! I love a good cut and blow out. Of course, the ladies were like "you're ready to go any minute, aren't you? What's your due date?" and I said "today". Do people really seriously think our water is just going to gush out at any given notice?


I'm usually the one everyone says is a baby! Or rather, they think I'm a baby until they hear I'm 30. 


Today is my EDD according to my ovulation date. I hope all this relaxing I'm doing isn't stalling things. But then, walking around like crazy didn't do much for me, either. DH and I have started putting together this wooden puzzle that is so complex...but it's good, it's been keeping me occupied. And I started reading a book. A work of fiction that isn't related to babies. OMG, I know.

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