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Did you plan your pregnancy(ies)?

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We planned our pregnancy with DD . . .it was so easy then, as DH and I both worked (read: insurance).

Now DD is 2, and I'm feeling like it's time to be pregnant again, but everything is wrong . . .DH's jobs are very unsteady (he gets contract work) and we pay for our own insurance (no maternity coverage). Plus, DH and I have been fiesty with each other through the unemployment issues. I'm going to be 31 in August, so I feel like the clock is ticking.

Having a baby would complicate things SO much (the lack of insurance and the fact that I wouldn't even consider working with a newborn). I feel like a mess about this. Sometimes I wish an "oops" would happen, but at the same time I'm relieved.
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Our first and second where kinda planned as in now would be nice but didnt know if I could get preggo. Found that i had to have progesterone to get and stay preggo so it was easy to plan.

This preganancy is an oops. We had just made all sorts of plans for the next 4 or so years and they did not include a baby. We found out about the baby Feb 15 and have had to change all plans and buy a house.

I am a SAHM so its much easier for me than you if you have to work. Dh has a steady job but his insurance doesnt cover our HB but things are going to be tight $$ wise as all our saving where used up to get us into this house.

I must say I really do love an OOPs, rather fun
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Both of my kids were an "oops!". Happy ones, but oops! nonetheless.

I would like to maybe have a pg that is planned, but knowing my husband that probably won't happen. He wants more kids, but he gets very analytical about things, and if he has to *plan* another baby, nothing will ever be "right enough" and we'll never have one. So I guess if we're going to have any more they'll have to be an oops! too.
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Yes, our daughter was planned, right down to her Sun sign.
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My first child was kind of unplanned. I was totally ready to start trying but my husband was not ready. We were planning to start trying in a few months and were using VCF (Vaginal Contraceptive Film- a spermicide) as protection. Well, it failed. I was so thrilled but it took my husband a while to get used to it. He was pretty freaked out for a few months.

This time it was planned.
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How about neither unplanned or planned. OK #1 wasn't so much planned at all but #2 and #3 were of the "do we want to do something about this or not?" : Oh I don't know, well talk about it tomarrow, lets have sex now though."
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#1 was an "opps", but very much wanted and anticipated. #2 was planned, but not because it was the "right time", but because he was wanted and the chips would fall where they may. I recently found out I am pregnant, and it was a "let not try not too and see what happens", but was not specifically planned. It is an o.k. time, but the baby is wanted and if we are going to have them we should get to it. The first two are almost exactly 5 years apart (give or take a few weeks), and I am due in Dec., so the second two will be almost 5 years apart as well.
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Kinda and yes. :LOL

I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was fertile on the night that Eli was concieved. Mike came home from work uncharicteristically eager that evening, and I told him flat out that I was definately fertile and that it was no night to be messing around without birth control (we were using a diaphragm at the time). I told him that if he wasn't ready to be a Daddy he needed to go take a cold shower instead. He said he didn't care. :LOL And so we have our EliBean!

With NewBean, we started TTC 5 cycles before we got pregnant. I did not want to be pregnant over the summer again (who knew I'd be freezing this pregnancy?? :LOL) and we wanted to have four children before Mike turns 40, so this was right on schedule, but we got pregnant a teensy bit later than we'd initially planned.
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DS: Happy oops

DD: Very much planned, got pg during first cycle trying

#3 (due in sept.): Another happy oops!
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#1 and #2 we decided 'when it happens, it happens' and didn't try, didn't avoid. With #3, we were using b/c (also VCF- not very effective) and on the fence to have a 3rd or not when I became pg. Guess that decision was taken right out of our hands....
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Both times it took 3 cycles to conceive. I think an OOPS! would be fun, and it may be the only way I get to be a momma a third time since dh is undecided on whether he wants more.

I'll convince him or pray the condom breaks.
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Oh... I wanted to add. When we were going to start ttc'ing for our second baby, dh lost his job. It took him three months to find another job and we started ttc'ing as soon as he was hired even though we weren't insured. All in all, ds was born about six months after I had hoped. I used state insurance until his work insurance kicked in (which turned out to have a $900 deductible and wasn't worth anything anyway). I ended up switching to a midwife for a homebirth and we paid for the birth with our tax refund. I quit work three weeks before ds was born... no way I could work with two kids.

It all worked out in the end... I hope things work out for you!!
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We have 2 very uinexpected surprises (and 2 unexpected spirit babes in between them)

We were married 5 months when I ofund out I was pg with Tracy. He was 6 months old when I found out about our second pg. Tracy was 11 months when I found out about our 3rd pg. Tracy was 13 months when I found out about Bryce.

We never plan anything
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Yes and no. LOL

We tried a few years for our first. It happened at a really strange time in my life. Our second we adopted, so definitely planned! Our third was a complete shock because we didnt think we could have more biological children. We are planning the fourth (and maybe last)
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Oh yes, they were both planned and both gotten on the 1st try!
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Our ds wasn't "planned" but he wasn't an "oops" either. We just decided to let it happen.

Best thing we ever did.
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I tried to plan but my babies had other plans.
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#1- "Do you want to use something? Let's talk about it later. MMmmmmm"
#2- "I want an embryo for Christmas." (And I got one!)
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Both were planned. Any future ones are already being planned down to what month to TTC. I am too much of a control freak for anything else. :P
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no more
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