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GBS results

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Just got a call - my results were +.  :( :( :(  Anyone else? I am planning a hospital birth and was informed I will need to receive antibiotics. Ugh.

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I'm sorry Sunnyperch! That sucks! Thankfully mine came back negative. Have you thought about taking probiotics to help counter the effects of the antibiotics? Also my midwife told me they could do a shot in the butt every 6 hours instead of 15 minutes of IV every 4 and that actually sounded better to me - so maybe if that sounds better to you, they would be willing to do that so you don't need an IV line?

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I'm still integrating this bit of news and haven't had a chance to fully explore my options, so thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming! :)


As far as probiotics...do you mean dietary? Pill form? I'm not well versed on this. The only thing that comes to mind for me is yogurt, of which I already a lot.

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Oh, and I am a VBAC mama so unfortunately I will need to have a hep lock regardless. Since the needle will already be in place, they may as well use it for the abx rather than sticking me in the butt in addition, I suppose. ;)

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boo sorry to hear that! i dont even get my test until  next tuesday :/

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I am so sorry! I second the probiotics. I am taking them in pill form, and I do not really know how much to eat as far as diet goes. Hopefully someone else will have some experience to offer you.

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Well at least you won't be getting any extra needles from this!

I take probiotics in pill form. But definitely eating yogurt should help too. Should help replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotics may kill off. Pretty important to prevent thrush after baby comes. Though plenty of mamas have the abx and don't do anything special and don't get thrush anyway.

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I tested + too. I'm totally bummed, except for the fact that I thought it would mean I couldn't have a home birth and it doesn't. My midwife has prescribed a course of oral antibiotics for before I go into labor. (Unless I go earlier, in which case I'll have to start taking them immediately.) I was negative with my last pregnancy and am really not thrilled about being on abx that will pass to the baby.

I am going to intensify my probiotic regimen from here on out, which for me means upping my supplements, plus adding more fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi.) Also helpful are prebiotic foods, which provide inulin- fuel for the friendly bacteria. (Artichokes, leeks, onions, garlic, bananas, rye, and barley.)

Sorry about your results, SunnyPerch. Hope this is helpful.

Leigh Ann

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I tested pos last time, didn't have time for the antibotics (didn't even make it out of the triage or get a hep lock prior to the baby being born) and ended up staying 48 instead of 24.. I haven't heard about my results this time so I figure they are negative. Usually the office will call me if something comes up off.

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My sister swears by "usnea" and says that it kills GBS.  You could take it, tons of probiotics, and then ask to be re-tested for GBS if you really want to aviod the antibiotics.  But, if not, just take tons of probiotics afterward and baby will get it through your breastmilk.  I take Gr8-Dophilus and I order it from iHerb.com.  It has worked wonders for me!!



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Oh and Jarrow brand also makes Babydophilous that you can put on your nipples when you nurse to get probiotics into baby - if you are really concerned. I gave them to my DD when she was pretty new bc we were supplementing my milk with formula - my midwife thought it would be a good idea.

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Sorry you got a +. My test isn't till next week but I was positive for my last birth (I'm diabetic and also had a GBS + urine culture which is even worse than the vag/butt swab.)  I got 2 doses of IV PCN, one when I got to the hospital and one four hours later. I did the probiotic yogurt, unsweetened cranberry juice, ate roasted garlic and drank lots of water and we  didn't get thrush or anything. Hope all goes well with you too.


Leigh Ann I am glad you still are able to homebirth. I thought they didn't like to use the oral antibiotics for GBS. Is the midwife having you do any vaginal hibiclense with that?

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Sorry you got a positive hun. Can you try some natural things to kick it and re test? I've had so many friends test positive, and put a clove of garlic up their vag every night for a week, and then the next time they test it's negative. I'm actually doing that right now the week before I'm doing the swab to hopefully get a negative. I would be so, so wary about taking antibiotics during labor because thrush is like my worst nightmare. Good luck hun!

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I got a positive, too... Boo. It is only 15 mins every 4 hours, and while it's not ideal I'm going to go ahead with it (you do have a choice at the hospital we're birthing at). Hopefully it won't interfere too much with the birth itself.

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Originally Posted by LisaSedai View Post

Leigh Ann I am glad you still are able to homebirth. I thought they didn't like to use the oral antibiotics for GBS. Is the midwife having you do any vaginal hibiclense with that?


She didn't mention it. I'll have to ask her about it.

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Sunnyperch, I am unfortunately joining this club too :( My culture came back heavily positive, at +4. I have begun an aggressive regimen to eliminate the GBS bacteria and will reswab soon, as I do not want antibiotics. Here's the daily list, if anyone else is curious or if you want to try some and reswab!


2 capsules Femdophilus

30 mg zinc

1000 mg vit C

3 droppers full of Usnea tincture

2 droppers full of Oregon Root tincture

30 drops GSE daily

tea tree oil suppositories, vaginally 3x

garlic clove vaginally overnight

boatloads of probiotic foods/ kombucha/ kefir daily

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