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Oh PRAISE GOD!!!! Heartbeat!!!!

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I still feel hesitant (if you read my post from earlier, you get it), as I know even with a precious little heart beating away today, things can change in an instant, but praise God, I really needed this today.  9 weeks on the dot and I finally picked up that little miracle sound at ~176bpm.  I had trouble picking it up, and I was just praying that God would give me SOMETHING encouraging, and then I felt a little wiggle in the lower left, and put the doppler there, and picked it up right away!!! 


Sorry the audio isn't very clear, I had to get up and get my camera after I picked it up, so it wasn't as easy to find the 2nd time, and I was getting BH ctx during it. lol





Still don't know if we'll be telling anytime soon.  I still feel better waiting, and quite honestly, the longer I wait, the more I wish we never HAD to tell.  I know so many people think we should have just given up on having more babies after the last couple years, and especially after I lost my tube. (at least that sort of overtook the whole "how many kids are you going to have?!!" one)  I know so many WILL be excited because they know how much we want more, but still...


(Oh, and I should mention that I have a VERY retroverted/retroflexed uterus after my last little guy (I was opposite before!), so I hope that's encouraging! (as by the book, I should be the last one to find a HB))

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That's great news! Love hearing that little heartbeat. 

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Thats amazing!!! I'll never forget the first time we heard this baby's heart beat! It's a life changing exp. And it never gets old. I cry every time I hear it! Amazing! Congrats!
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joy.gifYay!! So excited for you!

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