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3 BFPs...but are they accurate?

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hello, everyone! i'm new to the mothering forums and excited to be here. husband and i have been ttc since june. period is due tomorrow. i took 3 tests today and they all came out very clearly positive! here's the rub, though: the tests have most likely been stored improperly. i recently moved overseas and had some bulk pregnancy tests shipped with my personal items, via sea cargo, to my new home, which happens to be in a very hot climate. in all likelihood, the tests were exposed to some pretty high temperatures. husband picked up a few new tests for me on the way home from work today, and i will take them in the morning. my question is, do i have reason to get excited and hope that my 3 positive tests are the real thing, or is there a high chance they are false positives due to their storage? i've been trying to google this question and i keep finding conflicting information. some say that it's possible to get a false positive this way, others say it's extremely rare to get a false positive at all and such storage can cause a false negative, but not a false positive. any and all advice or thoughts are very much appreciated! thank you! :)

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Better late than never....I think you may be surprised tomorrow when you retest. Normally if three show youths same result, they aren't all going to be faulty the same exact way. I was already pregnant when we moved to Okinawa years ago, but none of my pregnancy tests got damaged (that I remember). Here's to some prayerful baby vibes for you!!
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Congratulations on your BFPs!


I am a biologist and now work in the diagnostics industry. Extreme temperatures and humidity are generally bad for test components, which can definitely lead to false negatives but is unlikely to lead to false positives. Also since the chances of changing the sensitivity of any one test are pretty low (sure the manufacturer recommends a certain storage condition, but they need to be close to 100% accurate under those conditions which means there is a wide margin of error where the test is likely to be 90% accurate), I see the chances of all 3 tests you took being false positives as incredibly low.


Of course the only way to know for sure is to take a fresh new test, but I expect it will confirm the ones you took.

Hooray! joy.gif

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well, ladies, you were right! got the blood test confirmation yesterday evening--baby m. is on the way! :) thank you for your support and well-wishes! 

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Congratulations!  energy.gif

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