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belly button healing??

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I had my big 10 lb boy about 7 months ago.  My belly button was way stretched out and floppy afterwards.  Then at about 5 months pp it started looking like a regular belly button again.  It involved some peeling skin and some kind of oozy spots (sorry - tmi!) but it's back to the normal size and shape and firmness.  But it's still peeling, pink and occasionally oozy.  Like it's been healing for 2 months and still isn't done.  It doesn't hurt, isn't swollen, but it just doesn't seem to finish.  Has anyone else had this happen?  Is it normal or cause for concern?

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Not something I've heard about, but didn't want to read and not post. It doesn't sound like an imminent problem, I'd probably just give your caregiver a call and see what they think. Hopefully someone else who has gone throught his can give you some feedback!
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I haven't had this, since my belly button is a very deep innie, but my thought was maybe try putting a little coconut oil on it and see if that helps? Hope someone has more advice than me!

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I had something very similar. Mine peeled for months, not oozy really, but peeling. The babe is a year now, and it's been back to normal for a bit, but I don't remember how long really. It's an odd thing isn't it?

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While it is most likely that your belly button discharge is being caused by a fungal or bacterial infection, there is a rare condition called a urachal cyst. In the unborn fetus there is a duct above the bladder connected to the umbilical cord, it serves a purpose in the developing fetus, but closes up prior to birth. In some rare circumstances it does not close, and it swells later in life or a cyst develops within it causing it to open. Mucus and sometimes urine can leak through the now opened duct, out through the navel, and this can account for a discharge. The condition is rare, and it can be corrected surgically.


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