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how are you surviving the fatigue??

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By 2:00 in the afternoon (ie: right now) I am completely useless and usually in the middle of a project or something and I can barely keep my eyes open. And my DD will be awakening from her nap shortly all refreshed and bright eyed...


What are you doing to get through the afternoon?

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I'm not there yet, but catnaps really helped last time. I'd take 15-20 minutes naps in the early afternoon at work or go home and take a nap on my bed during lunch time. Also, going to bed really early too some days (right after dinner if I need to). Getting in some exercise in the morning helped some too, just a walk or something else light usually. Last thing was I made sure to snack often and to try to have something that would stick for a bit, something with a bit of fat or protein.

It doesn't last forever, but it is rough, not looking forward to it as it will probably hit soon!
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I slow down & rest when the boys nap, if they nap at the same time. Today they are tag teaming, so it didn't happen. DH will help out more during this stage and again in the postpartum period. I also second the eating regular amounts of protein, but nothing beets getting some rest in the middle of the day if you can.

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I've been going to bed by 9ish regardless of day of the week, which is helping.


But I keep biting off more than I can chew at work and at home!  I forgot how tiring this first trimester can be.

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I am a SAHM so I have been napping pretty much every afternoon.  I am not usually a napper so it's out of the norm for me.  Not sure I'm napping more for fatigue or to escape the pukey feeling. 

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I just apologized in advance to my boss if he walked by and I was asleep.  He just smiled and said to shut the door.


When he came back from a meeting and saw me still working he exclaimed, 'Oh! You're still awake!'


Yea, he kinda rocks.


Naps are the name of the game and eating.  Eating helps keep me awake.  Of course, today I'm too darn tired to procure the food so it's somewhat of a chicken or egg situation at the moment.  I might have to start packing pb&j sandwiches so I don't have to go all the way to the office next door to heat up my lunch.


I'm pretty sure I just leveled up in the laziness department.

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I lived of PB sandwiches my first pg.  I was working and starving all the time, plus I was a vegetarian.  Although easy, I don't recommend living off of them during work for 9 months.  I am not a "freak out" type but DD1 has mild peanut allergies that the other 2 don't have (and I didn't live off of them during those 2 pregnancies).  She can eat some, but then will get eczema if she eats too much.  

Working from home makes it easier to deal with the fatigue.  I can just chill out if I need to.  Cooking is the most exhausting thing for me right now but it's probably the smells.

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I went to bed directly after dinner last night and let DH handle clean-up and DS's shower.  Sheepish.gif

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