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Ergo baby steal!

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I saw this link posted on facebook and thought I'd share it with you all. I still have my Ergo from when my daughter was little, so I don't need a new one, but I LOVE it!!! This is an AMAZING deal! I paid around $130 for mine. http://babysteals.stealnetwork.com/

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Dang! I totally missed this!  (not that I need a new Ergo...but...)

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As of 3:20pm pacific time, they still have them. I just snagged a green one! I'm so excited!

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You might want to double check your Ergo when you get it. Many times these 'steal' offerings are counterfeit ergos and are not as safe as a real ergo.

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Thanks for the heads up, I'll be looking it over really really well just in case, but ergo had babysteals listed as an authorized dealer so it *should* be good. (it'd better be.... lol!! If not, they'll be hearing from me and so will my credit card company)


But I do appreciate the warning!

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I've purchased a lot of items through that site and they have all been perfectly legit. I'm sure it will be fine! 

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I second the recommendation.  I've had nothing but reputable experiences with babysteals!

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I got my Ergo from babysteals (a year and a half ago) and it seems to be the real deal.

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thumb.gif Thanks for the feedback guys!! I got a gently used infant insert from a friend for $10, so the who shibang for $106, I'm feeling pretty good about that deal!

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