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Are you feeding baby egg yolk?

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I've been reading about the benefits of feeding babies organic egg yolks, starting around 4 months. I didn't do it with our older kids but I'm wondering if it's a good idea. Is anyone else here feeding their baby egg yolk? What made you decide to use it as a first food?

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Me! When I was starting DD on foods I heard mention that higher fat foods like egg yolk would be easier for her to digest.  That's all I needed to hear.  Since we got serious about foods about a month ago, she's been offered egg yolk every morning.  I usually mush it up with sweet potato and coconut oil.  I recently read that the Weston A Price foundation recommends egg yolk for babies from 4 months like you said, for brain development.  Let us know how it goes for you!

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How do you cook it?

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I either hard boil it, or if I am frying up some eggs I fry an extra one up for her making sure the yolk is cooked through and the white is completely removed from the yolk before I give it to her.

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Ah okay, thanks! My DH and I hate eggs and only use them in baking but I know they're a good first food for DD. I like the idea of frying them and removing the white part, that seems easier than trying to separate out the yolk.

What's the issue with the egg white? Genuinely curious. I was thinking about making her scramble eggs.

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its the white of the eggs that folks are usually allergic to is they are going to allergic to eggs, not the yolks and its the yolks that are the most concentrated nutrition, so it just got to be that it was yolks first, whites later sort of advice floating around i think.


i regularly medium hard boiled eggs and pulled out the yolks when my babes were young and then added a bit of hand expressed breast milk to make it a yogurt like moist consistency. the yolks can get really stuck in your mouth if they are boiled and not moistened IMHO.  when they got older i cubed it rather than massed it, but still served it by letting them finger feed it while i offered plain yogurt of something to wash down every bite.


some days they loved eggs soooooo much, other days they could turn it down, but all in all it was a good food for the first months of eating, mind you for mine that was 9-10months old.

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8 month old DS loves egg yolks. he eats at least an egg a day. the easiest way i've found is to separate the yolk, fry it in coconut oil (in a cast iron pan for extra iron) until it's still kinda soft but not runny at all, and break it into pieces for babe to pick up themselves. i feel really good giving it to him because i know he's getting lots of nutrition from it and because it's protein it keeps him feeling full before sleepy time :)

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I wouldn't at 4 months, as the gut isn't necessarily closed until 6 months. But when my babies did start having solids, I would give them egg yolk. I'd hard boil the eggs and give them the yolk part.
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My 9month old loves egg yolk. His favorite is a yolk mashed with a bit of pepper and a little cottage cheese to hold it together. Baby egg salad smile.gif
I wouldn't give any solids at 4 months though... We gave it as a first food, after avocado, at 6 months. I chose it as a first food because I think good fats are really important for development, more so than fruits and veggies at this age (though he loves those, too!) and definitely way more important than cereal!!! (which we don't give)

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I started whole eggs around 6 1/2 months (hadn't read up on the egg white cautions - oops!) but thankfully had no allergy issues.  Scrambled eggs are one of DD's very favorite foods!  Very easy for self-feeding, too.  They're a great source of protein and fat, especially if you're avoiding or delaying meats and dairy.

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Finally tried the egg yolk today, she loved it! I took Adorkable's advice to moisten it with plain yogurt. DD "ate" two! She has the funniest way of eating - she grabs a fistful of whatever it is then sticks out her tongue and puts the food on her tongue!

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I've been feeding my DD yolks for the past 3 or 4 days, she eats about 1/3 of one yolk lol

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We started egg yolk as a first food at 6.5 months... I fry in a bit of coconut oil (keeping the yolk soft- it is from a pastured organic farm chicken) and add pure sea salt and beef liver... DD loves it!  she is now over a year so I've been giving her a whole egg but she doesn't care for the whites winky.gif

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We gave DS egg yolk around 10 or 11 months.

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We've been doing yolks since 5 months and whole egg since about 8 months, it's been great.  I used to soft-boil the egg, poke a circle in the shell and extract the yolk (it's ok if a little e.w. goes along for the ride).  I would mix it with mashed avocado and coconut oil, sometimes a spoonful of black beans too, and a tiny pinch of good sea salt.  Now that he's older I make a scrambled egg and mix it with avocado and beans (he prefers that texture now).  I read that introducing egg sooner rather than later prevents allergies: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/allergy.htm#.UHDUT47Wbh4  


Dunno, but my baby has been doing great and LOVES his egg in the morning.

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