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I'm pretty sure that my fertility is returning

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..and it's making me sad. I know that sounds strange but it has never returned this soon and my intimate relationship with DH is already strained. We practice NFP and up until now we've always known that there would be more children but now DH is at a place where he is completely done. While I respect that, I also hate feeling pushed into that mode. I just don't feel ready and prepared to be so strict with intimacy. I have to take a refresher course on NFP. I bought TCOYF but I look at it and feel overwhelmed. Together DH and I are very fertile. I see it as a complete blessing but now what. Tonight DH made a comment about me not wanting anything to do with him. I had to remind him that I wasn't sure what what going on cycle wise. On Friday I had fertile mucous, Saturday I had horrible ovulation type pain. So we'll see.

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It may be your body, but NFP is a joint effort.  DH used to give me my thermometer and write down my temps (he's a much better morning person so this made sense.)  But it also let him know where I was in my cycle so we were on the same page when it came to timing.  Sounds like it might help if you get your DH involved in some way.  You could even just give him your password information for fertilityfriend.com.  



I also feel my fertility may be returning- it didn't until 14 months with both the other boys, but this one doesn't nurse at all at night (between 10 and 7!!) and while I'm loving that, I also realize my fertility may be returning earlier, which I'm not that happy about.


On the other hand, it'd be nice to have some libido-inducing hormones.


But my big issue when it comes to this topic is that DH has pretty much said he is done and wants no more kids.  I'm not done, and would love just one more.  

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Thanks for your reply Alethia. I needed it. DH does give me the thermometer. Last night I spoke to him about my temps. I've actually never been on fertilityfriend.com. I've always just recorded on paper charts. I think that I'll set myself up and let him share in that too.


You are right. Libido raising hormones would be good for both of us. They have been especially lacking this time around. Although.... it's tough to ignore the libido during fertile times!!!!

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