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Holy @#$%, I had a baby.

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Baby Rocío



I'll probably come back to post more details later, but wow. I posted in the chat yesterday about having had contractions since 2am Sunday that never turned into established labor.. well, they picked up something fierce yesterday afternoon and it was pretty clear that something was going on despite never getting to the 5-1-1 pattern my midwife was looking for. Started really needing to vocalize to get through them sometime around 3-4pm and told her to come. Spent the next couple of hours on hands and knees in the shower (and talk about one's monkey self..). Midwife and assistants got there at 6. She checked me and I was 9cm dilated, went to 10 as she did the exam. Got in the tub to push and baby was born at 7:33. Her head and body were born in one contraction and the cord snapped, but they quickly clamped it and all was well. No tearing!


I don't know where such a small baby came from but the birth team says she was basically cooked like a 41-weeker. I'm sure of my dates--yesterday was 40w2d--so I guess she was just ready. Good nurser, though I'm wondering if the tiny mouth is going to complicate things.


I can't tell if this was a really long labor or a really short one, but either way I think it turned out pretty well- I wouldn't have known this beforehand, but getting through almost all of it on my own was kind of ideal, as were the gentle reassurance and tips for physiological pushing that I got from my midwife as I was pushing.


I had a baby.. I have a baby! dizzy.gif

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Congratulations hyde. She's so tiny but precious.
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Congratulations! You did a wonderful job, and she is just adorable and gorgeous. 

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Oh Hyde she's tiny and perfect!!!!!!! Those big open eyes! You and your 'monkey self' did an amazing job, I'm so happy for you!

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Beautiful baby, congratulations!
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Congratulations, Mama!!! You'll never have a week like this one, with your first newborn. It may feel like a haze, but appreciate it as much as you can!
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Beautiful little baby girl!!! Congrats Hyde!!

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She's beautiful and absolutely perfect!! Congratulations, mama!!! Enjoy your babymoon! I'm so excited for you!!
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congratulations - I love her big dark eyes

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Congrats hyde!! joy.gifWhat a cute little girl!!!

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baby!! she is so sweet! enjoy her!
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Congratulations, Hyde!!!

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Congratulations! She's beautiful.
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Congratulations!! She is such a doll!
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Congratulation Hyde! She's just perfect! joy.gif

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Congratulations, mama!!!  What a gorgeous girl!  Enjoy!

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What a cute little peanut!

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Aww, congratulations!

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COngratulations mama!! Welcome to the world, sweet baby. :)

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Such a perfect little princess!  Congrats to you and enjoy your babymoon!

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