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Baby Morgan is here!

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12 days late, baby Morgan arrived September 15, 2012 at 4:27 am via c-section.
She had suddenly turned breech Tuesday 9/11. Tried everything to tun her and nothing worked. I made a new homebirth plan with my midwife plus an OB in attendance. We dilated quickly but then she didn't descend for me to push. Mt cervix went from 10 to 6; I got back to an 8 over time. By then my cervix was swollen and baby was still high. I was exhausted so we transported. As there are no options for vaginal breech in the hospital, we had a cesarean birth. I was pretty upset and scared but we made it!

Morgan Elora Lea
9/15/12. 4:27am
8lbs, 2oz. 20.5 inches

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Congratulations! Even though it wasn't where/how you planned - you did great, and she is adorable :).

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Congratulations!  She's beautiful!

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Congratulations! She's beautiful. joy.gif
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Congrats! She is so cute!
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Congratulations! She's beautiful! joy.gif I hope you are feeling well and healing up quickly. You did a fantastic job!

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Congrats! The pic made me laugh.. She has such a cute expression! I hope you recover well!

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Welcome, baby Morgan!! Congratulations, mama! Hope your recovery goes smoothly!
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Congratulations!!!  Welcome, Morgan :)

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Another baby..i love it. Congratulations. What a cute girl. Love her eyes.
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Congratulations!!  The baby is healthy and beautiful and hopefully you can heal quickly, physically and otherwise. love.gif

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stillheart.gif So beautiful!

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Congratulations, and blessings!

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She is gorgeous! Congratulations, mama. :)

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Congrats, mama! Beautiful baby!

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awww, she's beautiful


Sorry your birth didn't go as planned.  Healing vibes sent your way.

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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!! Morgan Elora is such a pretty name!!

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Congratulations!  Even though your birth didn't go as planned, you did what was best in that moment for you and your baby, nice job mama!  Heal well and enjoy these snuggly newborn moments.

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