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baby Maya was born yesterday!

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She weighs 8LB9oz . A home birth turned emergency c-section, for aspired meconium. She is doing better today, but I didn't get to hold her yet. I am fine with the birth-turn-of-events. But scared for Maya. Please send your prayers and good wishes. She is so beautiful and precious.

Congrats to all the new moms!
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congrats mama, sending healing energy for baby maya!
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Congratulations Mymaya! Sending healing thoughts and prayers Maya's way! I hope you have her in your arms soon!

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Congrats!!! Sending healing vibes to you and Maya.

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Welcome Maya, and lots of healing vibes heading her way.
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Congrats mama!!  and recover quickly, baby Maya (hug)

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In my prayers. Congrats on your little girl.

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Congratulations.  Sending love, light, and healing vibes to you and your sweet baby Maya goodvibes.gif 

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Congratulations on your sweet baby girl.

Healing thoughts sent your way!

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I'm glad you were both able to get the emergency care you needed! I hope you both recover quickly!!

Welcome to our world, Maya!!!
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Welcome to the world, Maya! Healing thoughts for you and your sweet babe!
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Welcome Baby Maya- healing thoughts to you- Congratulations mama!!!!1

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Thinking of you. I hope everyone is doing well, recovering and adjusting. Congratulstions on that sweet baoby!
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Thinking of Maya and you. Congratulations on a beauitful daughter!

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Many warm, healing thoughts for both of you. I am so sorry you're dealing with all of this.  Congratulations on your Maya!

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Another, better update from me- so after thinking for a few days and being treated for kidney infection, the urologist decided that it couldn't be (symptoms not adding up, no fever, etc..), and I was sent to another cat scan. This time with the contrast. It revealed an obstruction and I had surgery this morning to correct it, and he was able to put a stent, to drain, finally, my poor, enlarged and completely non-functioning left kidney. The relief was constant. I am now on only oral pain medications, and can go home tomorrow and start enjoying baby moon!

What a ride this has been. But somehow, it brought our entire family closer together, and gave friends and neighbors the opportunity to show how supportive and loving they are. Wouldn't have been possible without them.

Thank you for all of your warm words and encouragement.
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Happy to hear you are so positive in your outlook and you are doing better!  Crazy story.  Lots of love and well wishes to you and your baby.

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