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Let's Talk Halloween Costumes--Post your Pics!

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IDK why I didn't ask this before...


I have a ladies-only, costume-required Halloween Party (thrown by my BFF) to attend. The belly will be pretty darn big at 33/34w, so I want to use it in something. It's not like you get to be big-bellied-pregnant every Halloween, so I want to make the most of it (without going broke, ahem). 


I have a couple of ideas, but wonder what others' brains have (or will) produced.

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I've seen some funny ideas, but the one I'm planning for is the Mr. Potato Head. I'll either get an old beige shirt or wrap some fabric around my belly and glue on Mr. Potato Head pieces.

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Originally Posted by Jackies View Post

I've seen some funny ideas, but the one I'm planning for is the Mr. Potato Head. I'll either get an old beige shirt or wrap some fabric around my belly and glue on Mr. Potato Head pieces.



I was thinking of going as a pregnant zombie with zombie baby... Bit gross, but hey!

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travelmumma, I am leaning toward the zombie baby breaking out (with the help of some dismembered doll parts). But I don't want to make myself up like a zombie, so it would just be the belly. 


also considering a white trash man with a beer belly hanging out.


...and the good ol' pregnant nun costume (but I look terrible in a habit/head scarf, lol).

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Mamas your ideas are too freaking cute and hilarious!! I was thinking about going as Juno and having the hubster dress up as Paulie, lol...but Stegen, I saw a ridiculously funny costume where the pregnant woman was a white trash guy with a tank top and beer belly and the husband was a woman with a blonde wig soooo I have been toying around with trying to convince DH to give it a go, lol.

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stegenrae i love the white trash man with a beer belly idea. go for it!

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I'm going to do Mother Earth--so, basically normal clothing for me--flowing skirt with a belly baring top and then paint my belly like the earth ; )

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I have to wear mine to school - which means super g rated, so I am planning the boring but oh-s-cute paint the belly like a pumpkin.

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I love these costume ideas!  This year we are going as a family of ninjas.  DH has been begging to do this for 5 years and DD1 and I always over rule him, so we've agreed to do it this year. I'm trying to figure out how to make a fun pregnancy costume and be a ninja simultaneously.  Maybe I could paint a baby ninja on my t-shirt?  I'd rather do a belly baring costume, but it will be frigid and raining by that time in Seattle.

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I'm going as Mary Poppins, and DP of course will be Bert.  (I knew they had a thing for each other!)

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We have a friend who gets VERY into Halloween - spends hours and hours sewing costumes for his family and self. We both live in 18th c. houses in New England, and he has thrown some fun Halloween parties... very tempted to throw myself into it & go as Hester Prynne  - and DH as Arthur Dimsdale!

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No cash = no dressing up, but I would *love* to go as pregnant Padme to DS's Darth Vader and DH's Obi-Wan Kenobi. Another idea is a pregnant Katniss Everdeen. I have a jacket I could use for that, and naturally brown long hair. Probably what I'll end up doing to hand out candy to the two kids that come down my road. XD
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esp, this one's for you:




i LOVE Halloween. I am usually sewing costumes this time of year. BUT with baby on the way, lack of energy, etc, I decided to buy stuff - DS3 found two pieces of wood that look like Thor's hammer, so that one is set; DS2 is at that 'I'll put blood on my face & go' stage; DS1 has decided he's staying at a friends house & playing video games. Makes me sad, in a way - it's one of my fave holidays, and they are growing out of it! At least this babe will keep me in the Halloween stages for at least another 10 years ;)

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Sego-Haha!  Thanks!  That shirt is perfect.  I'm definitely going to order it, DH will be thrilled.  

It's so sad when kids start to grow out of Halloween :(  Good thing you have another on the way, hopefully you can milk this one through adolescence.  Such a fun, fun holiday!

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I think I'm going to be a black widow, it should be easy and inexpensive and I want something to maximize the bump

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that iron-on is cute! I can't see spending $20 on it though (with shipping, etc). Too bad, it's adorable!

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Love the Juno idea! (might have to steal it! orngtongue.gif )

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I'm doing the skeleton baby thing with a Mexican twist:) Totally not buying the iron on though...dh is good at drawing things like this so he'll do the drawing and then I'll decorate it too look like a Day of the Dead skull which is what I'll be as well:) 

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When I can, I like to do a family theme. Last year, we were all bugs, lol. We call DS "B" lol so he was a bee, DD was a butterfly, I was a ladybug, and DH was a fly, lol. Those were just bought costumes b/c I didn't have time to sew. The year before that, we were a sack lunch. DH was a glass of milk, I was a bag of chips, DD was a PB&J sandwich, and three-week-old DS was an Oreo cookie. orngbiggrin.gif (I made two "Oreo" pieces out of fleece and lightly stuffed them, then put some velcro on a long-sleeved onesie and had him wear that onesie and some tights, then popped the cookie pieces on.) For DD's first Halloween, we were the Flintstones, b/c DD had this perfect hair that REALLY "worked" for the topknot.

Anyway. Enough of the history, lol. This year, DD is the perfect age to be Goldilocks and DS will make an awesome Baby Bear, so we are going to be Goldilocks and the Three Bears. orngbiggrin.gif The party we are going to is tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping the costumes will be done in time. redface.gif Here's a sneak peek of mine, though. I had to move the zipper to the back to make the necessary front alterations, lol. I love it. (And apologies if you've seen these pictures already in last week's weekly thread.)


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