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carrier for extra small baby

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My baby is particularly small and I'm looking for a carrier that will suit her needs better. Just for some background, my baby was born full term at 3 lbs 12 oz and is now 3 months old, just shy of 8 lbs. Despite her size, she is an absolutely normal baby. I have had her in a bjorn, but she doesn't particularly like her arms swished up. This is my third child, and all my other children started out in a bjorn and transitioned to a pikkolo around 2-3 months. The problem with doing that is that she is too short in the pikkolo and her legs cannot be spread apart that wide (it's like she's doing the splits on my belly). It's not working. 


I am not interested in a wrap. I also take my other kids (age 2 and 4) to the playground and go walking alot, so my tiny baby has to be sturdy in the carrier, if you know what I mean. I would love to hear what you all might suggest!

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An Ergobaby with the infant insert... I used the insert for both of my kids until the had good head control and could spread there legs apart... They were around 4 months... I absolutely love my Ergo! Couln't live without it to be able to run around after my oldest! And it is really comfortable, even for long periods of time.

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i used a moby wrap with great success for my LO (born 6' 11")  This carried us through weeks and weeks baby wearing.  My DP preferred the K'Tan because it didn't involve tying (but same style carrier).  I found the Ergo infant insert to be awkward-but JMO

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I don't know but I'm curious. I was 9 days early and after birth lost to 4 lbs 10 oz and was 18". I know Mom had a time with everything for me for the longest. I think I was wearing a 2T at 4 yrs old. I still wear little girl's shoes if I find some that I like. SO I wouldn't be shocked if I have some tiny babies mixed in along the way too.

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Have you thought about a ring sling?  My DD is significantly larger (was 12lbs @3mos and is about 22lbs now at 10mos) but I love my sakura sling - super easy, super comfy, super secure.  And might I add, as comf as it is with my large kiddo, it would be 10x more comf with a smaller LO!

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EDIT:  I just re-read your post and you say you're not interested in a wrap.  That's totally fine, of course, but based on my experience, my advice still stands.  I'd also point out that if you need baby to be really secure, a wrap is 100% the way to go.

I used a wrap with my preemies from the time they were about 4lbs.

The front wrap cross carry is perfect, IMO.

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I have a small babe. Born 5 lbs. Now 9 lbs. 11 oz. at 9 weeks and the moby wrap and a basic sling are what we use. I couldn't function without the sling! And my LO hates not having use of her arms (because she was so small she was used to having free range of her arms and never got squished in the womb!) and she loves the sling for that reason. Usually one arm is out or hanging onto side of sling. Hope you find something that works for you both!

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Another vote for a simple ring sling.  I have used a cotton twill ring sling from Sleeping Baby Productions since my little girl came home with us at 5 lbs 12 oz.  I still use it now at 4 months and she is somewhere close to 14lbs.  It is easy to use, wash, and store. 


I also use the Ergo with the new infant insert (the one with the pillow in the bottom), but she doesn't like it as much.  The Ergo is the most comfortable for me for long walks, though.  I got the Ergo Sport so my hubby can also use it and he loves it, too.  Just gotta convince the baby now... 


I love the Moby wrap as well and wish now that I had known more of the ways to wrap when I first brought her home.  I think it would have been more comfortable to use the Moby when she was tiny.  I totally understand you not wanting a wrap, but it might be worth checking out some of the alternative wrap instructions to see if it could work for you.  The Moby is the only way I can nurse hands-free...


Good luck finding a comfortable solution for you both!    

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