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The UBAC of Nova Trinity!

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Warning.. Contains details re: pp bleeding and hospital transfer.

Typing this out on my phone, please forgive typos and grammatical errors.

Born at 4:34am
5 hours Castor oil to birth
1 hour active labor
7lbs6oz 21", Apgars 9&10

Last night, 9/17/12, I was 40+2. With my scheduled repeat c-section only four days away, I decided to opt for castor oil. I walked to Walgreens around 9pm, bought the CO and a few other things.

10:30pm- I took the dose of Castor oil with some orange juice. Had some irregular ctx around 1am. I decided to get some rest because they seemed like they would peter out.

At 3:15am I awoke to pretty painful contractions. I went to the bathroom, I started leaking a little amniotic fluid at that point and I came on MDC to post about it. I had to get in the shower at 3:30am, in an attempt to ease the contractions. I posted on MDC about how it would be a cruel cruel joke if it wasn't real labor.

After about 5 minutes of showering I decided to run a bath. I plugged up the overflow with paper towels to get the water deep enough. Contractions were manageable with the water. I moaned through them. They were about 2 minutes apart, a minute long each. They started getting more intense. I moaned loudly through them. The bathroom is right across the hall from our kids' room. My 2yo woke up at that point, id say it was around 4:15. i heard her and told her to go get daddy. i started yelling for him at that point. he finally came and i told him to call his mom to come watch the kids, and to get his stuff together for the hospital in between my conractions. i needed him there for hand holding at that point. he ran back in for three contractions. between the 3rd and 4th, he quickly informed our DDs of the situation.

He was back in the bathroom for that 4th contraction. I knew it was a pushing contraction. I told my DH to stay with me, the baby was coming now. During ctx #1, my body pushed involuntarily. I had a little bloody show and DH kept commenting and giving me play by play on the situation between my legs, lol. A smidge of the head was visible. My DH started freaking out a little and asked to call an ambulance and wanted to get scissors for the cord. i calmed him down and got ready for ctx#2. I gave it a wimpy push and my water broke. I felt a small pop and my husband commented on the gray stuff coming out of me. It was vernix. her head came out a lot more, but slid back in after the contraction.

Ctx #3 hit. I bore down hard and supported her head so it didnt fly out. another push birthed her to her thighs. I told DH to just pull her out at that point. She pinked up and cried right away. I then instinctively knew something was amiss. I told DH to get a bowl, twine, scissors, and to call the ambulance. he came back in. i handed him the baby, stood up and pushed the placenta out into the bowl. the tub was dark with blood. he had already made the 911 call.

I was gushing blood everywhere. i was feeling faint. I reached for the shepherds purse in my mrdicine cabinet and put a dropperful under my tongue. bleeding slowed dramatically. I felt faint so i spit out the tincture and laid down on a pile of dirty laundry. my mil was there at that point and sat in the dining room with the baby. dh got me a shirt and i put on my underwearr that had a pad already in it and sat on the stretcher. i lost consciousness for a few minutes. they took me to the ambulance, and baby (who was perfect) to the other. DH opted to ride with me just in case.

They put me in the trendelenberg position and i came to quite quickly.

DH and I were the dream team, making sure our wishes were met. I kept my placenta, baby had no formula, pacis, no shots, vit k, etc. she nursed as soon as the attending assessed my bleeding.

Im resting now. It turns out my hemoglobin was 7.5 despite my supplementation. im resting trying to get it back up.

Oh, and no tears!!! Baby came out facing my right hip and with a nuchal hand.. Totally surprised, lol.
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That's a beautiful story, it brought tears to my eyes :). Good for you, on taking charge when you knew something was amiss (having the sheperd's purse on hand and using it). I'm glad all is well and I'm sending quick healing vibes your way. 

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Wow! Quite the memorable birth!! I'm so glad you got a VBAC/UBAC even!!
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Congratulations WCM love.gif  What a story!  You did awesome.

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Amazing.  LOVE it!  

Strong mama, smart mama for listening to your body.  You're amazing

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Great story. Congratulations again wcm. Your husband sounds awesome.
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Congrats WCM!!! What a cool story! I hope you feel better soon!

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Thank you everyone smile.gif I am doing tons better... Sooo ready to go home!
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Wow, that is an amazing birth! Congrats!
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Wow!  What a cool birth story.  Little Nova will be quite impressed with her parents once she is able to understand.  Congratulations!!

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Amazing job, WCM!!

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Awesome! Good for you for knowing when you needed help. And yay for no tears!!

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What a great birth story - it sounds like you really stayed leveled headed throughout - congratulations!

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YOU ARE AMAZING. i want to be just like you!!! Hope you are recovering well and smoothly. Congrats!!!

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I am so amazed you remember everything in such detail! I had a precipitous birth too and I am still trying to fit the pieces together especially without photos. Like I just found out at day 5 that DH caught the baby!? Awesome powerful story and again I'm impressed with your ability to remember it all in such detail!
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Awesome story!  Great intuition!!!!  Congratulations again :)

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Holy smokes! That's wild! So glad you & DH were able to work so well together, both at home & in the hospital. Welcome, Nova!
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Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

I'm impressed with your ability to remember it all in such detail!

Yes, as am I! I feel like I remained very level headed and coherent throughout (except during the blood loss.. But even then I was calm enough to assess ) DH and I did pretty much discuss the events in detail 50,000 times after we arrived at the hospital.

I even left out a few funnies as I wasnt sure where to fit them in...

-we were only the second call of the night for our ambulance. the first was.. Get this... A CAT attack! apparently kitty had enough of one of his owners!

-When I'd push, I was asking DH repeatedly if I was pooping (curious and I smelled something) and he kept saying I wasn't. come to find out later that he was just extremelyyyyy flatulant at that time, lol!

-My landlady, who lives downstairs and is the sweetest thing, was just beaming with pride and so excited when the paramedics were all coming up the stairs. Not really a funny but pretty cool, I think!
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Amazing birth story!! I am so happy everything edned up ok and that you avoided that c/s! Congratulations, mama! Welcome to the world, gorgeous girl!

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WCM - so happy that you got the birth that you wanted!  You are amazing!  Heal well and enjoy that new baby!

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