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Aubrey and Lily have arrived!

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Hi all!
That's right, I am happy to announce the addition of two more girls to our family, a total shocker as we were all expecting at least one boy! My DS and DH are really outnumbered now!

I had contractions on and off throughout Labour Day at 38w2d and spent a few hours relaxing in the bath. DH came in around 8:30 and timed a few contractions to be about 2-3 minutes apart so he called the midwife and we decided to start getting ready to go to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 9:20 and then spent a ridiculous amount of time assessing me...they couldn't decide which baby was presenting (who cares? They're both vertex!) and then there was a really stupid conversation between the OB and the resident because they weren't sure if they were seeing one head or two (pretty sure we would have noticed sooner if there was only one head in there...) finally they decided to admit me. I was 7 cm dilated. I agreed to a heplock but declined everything else and managed to stay in an L&D room the whole time. Unfortunately I spent most of my labour in bed on my back as every other position got the EFM's going crazy and wasn't working. I reached 10cm just after 1am but didnt feel the urge to push so the OB broke baby B's water and she was born at 1:44am weighing 6 lbs 15 oz. I had a big contraction right after that brought baby A down but also caused a big drop in her HR so the OB broke her water as well and she was born at 1:49am weighing 6 lbs 4 oz.

After I delivered the placenta I was losing a lot of blood and ended up getting oxytocin (and then more oxytocin) via IV and then the OB had to manually remove some blood clots which was the worst pain through the whole thing.

I got to hold both babies skin- to-skin and nurse them for the first hour and a half, which I never got to do with my other girls and they both latched right away. We came home the same afternoon and although there's not much sleep happening, I am just soaking in all the love and affection in my house! The girls are just fascinated with their baby sisters and my DS is a little awestruck by his 4 little sisters I think!

annnnd, a picture!!  Aubrey on the bottom, Lily snuggled on top :)


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What cuties!  Congrats all around, and best wishes for a long, happy baby-moon!

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Congratulations! Also, how did they determine that Baby B was coming first? I swear my girls flipped who was on bottom during the middle of my pregnancy but the doctors said that was impossible. Enjoy your babymoon and I hope you get enough rest!!

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Baby A was on my right side and Baby B was on the left.  There was also a small size difference.  Coincidentally, the same thing happened with my first set of twins and Baby B was also born first!

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So sweet! Congratulations!!
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Congrats!  One of my twins is also Lily, and one of the set (3 weeks younger than mine) across the street is also Lily (Lilian, though).  My 13 yo DD brought home a fiction book from the library about B/G twins, who is named,,,,you guessed it!  Lily.  Weird.  :D  Love the picture!  They are just beautiful.

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Gorgeous pic!!!  Congrats again! 

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That picture is too cute! Congratulations!!

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Congrats!!! They are SO beautiful!




Now, I am in total shock. I was under the impression that baby A always came first. Off to do some research about that.....

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So amazing!! enjoy your baby moon :)

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