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Copper IUD thoughts

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Hello all!  I've had my Paragard since the birth of my daughter 7 years ago.  I don't have any major complaints presently other than a 7 day cycle when it used to be 5 days.  All of my adult life I struggled with my weight, but it seems like I have to wage war to lose weight after the birth of my dd.  I'm seeing that there may be a connection.  I am kind of torn because I worry about leaving something in place for up to a decade.  I was thinking about removing it and getting a new one, but now I'm not so sure.  The thing that worries me is after this, then what?  I don't remember pills.  Hence, my dd's existence and I don't like the hormonal patch because it dries the skin so terribly.  Help!!!

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The cooper IUD shouldn't affect your weight as it isn't hormonal, but I would wonder if your pregnancy could have affected your thyroid or other hormones, which could affect metabolism. Age affects hormones and therefore metabolism too. You could check with your care provider but that to me doesn't seem like a likely cause of it. I didn't gain weight when I had the IUD but eventually my thyroid did go south and I have gained weight with that. Your provider would be able to test that as well, but a few symptoms to look at are fatigue, hair loss, and constipation.

I hope you find a solution one way or the other!
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I'm with mamazee on this one. I had the copper IUD for seven years before ever getting preggo and had no issues with it at all, except for stronger cramping during periods. However, since having a baby a year ago now (!!!) I've been struggling with endocrine issues (thyroid among them), which have made losing weight very difficult if not impossible. I'm seeing docs to get it straightened out, and agree that you might consider that as well. :)

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Also check out your adrenal health. It goes hand in hand with thyroid stuff.
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