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Charlottesville, VA??

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My family and I currently live in NOVA, but considering a move to Charlottesville.  I would like to here about neighborhoods, schools, etc.  We have three elmentary to middle school age children.  We would like a good public school and family friendly neighborhood.  We enjoy land and gardening and outdoors, but it may be nice to live in a neighborhood we can walk to do things.  I would be interested in hearing about city neighborhoods and outside the city areas.  We just don't know what all our options will be.


Thanks in advance,


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Bumping this up for attention. Anyone have information about the Charlottesville area to share?

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Hi Julie,

Don't know if you are still looking for info. about Charlottesville, but I would be happy to share some info.  We live in the Greenbrier neighborhood, which is in the city schools and has a fabulous elementary school (Greenbrier).  It is a neighborhood created in the 60's and has generally larger lots for the city, but lots of deer (not good for gardening!!).  Gardeners love the Belmont area and it is definitely walkable to stuff (downtown), whereas we can't walk to anything here in Greenbrier; however, the elementary school in Belmont (Clark) doesn't have a good reputation.  All public school kids in Charlottesville go to the same school for 5th/6th and 7th/8th grades and high school, so the elementary schools are the only ones that differ.  You might check out the Johnson elementary area - I've heard good things about the school, and Johnson Village seems like a nice area to live in and garden.  In the  County schools, Hollymead has a great reputation and is a nice family neighborhood a little farther north (might be deer, though).  A


Feel free to PM me if you have other questions.



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Hi! There's a yahoo group called Parents Network of Charlottesville (PNOC)--if you post there you will be sure to get lots of responses. Good luck to you!

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