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It's out!!!

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I had my IUD removed one week ago and I feel like a whole new person!!!


I had been feeling sad for absolutely no reason, tired and was not able to lose weight.  I worked out for 6 months a minimum of 4 days a week and I was gaining weight.  Sometimes I would even look pregnant!  In this one week of it being out, I've lost 4 lbs!!!  The worst part about my IUD experience (had it for 3 years) was that I had a massive headache every week of my ovulation and the week of my menstruation.  It was only on the left side of my brain and I honestly thought I had a brain tumor because this headache literally would knock me out!  So for two weeks out of the month, I was heavily medicated and in horrible pain.  No pain killers helped at all.  Once this thing was out of me, my life got back to normal within 3 days.  The headache should be in full swing right now, and it's not!!!  I feel alive again, not in a constant fog.  This POS made my life misearble for 3 years and I would blame it on work stress, lack of sleep, etc.  I'm so glad it's out and it was this message board that allowed me to find the culprit!!  thank you everyone for your words of wisdom, my doctor told me she never recommends the copper IUD, but I begged her for it since I didn't want the hormones. 


I'm so happy to be back to normal.

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Welcome to MDC! I'm glad the posts here were helpful to you and hope you'll keep enjoying MDC. smile.gif

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