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It's a Virgo!

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Looks like my little Scorpio decided he really wanted to be a Virgo, instead.  Little man made his entrance into the world at 5:52am yesterday, the 19th.  I went into spontaneous labor about 2am, skipping early labor and straight into active, with contractions 45 seconds apart and 2 minutes long and they progressed rapidly from there.  Around 4-ish I started to have the pink, mucousy discharge and knew we needed to get to the hospital fast.  Arrived at about 4:45am and was quickly checked... I was complete!  Devereaux Garrett came out about an hour later.  He went to the NICU, accompanied by my husband, while the doula stayed with me.


He started out on a vent, but was able to weaned off of it after about 6ish hours and is now in an oxygenated hood.  They hope to start tube feeding him today with the colostrum I've been expressing and if he continues to do well, I may be able to hold him today.


He's a big boy, especially for being 32w4d.  He's 6lbs even and 18.5".  Truly looks like a full-termer, just doesn't have the lungs of one.

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Congratulations! Our first DDC baby. I'm glad he's doing so well. I hope you get a cuddle very soon.

Very best wishes to you all and welcome Devereaux :-)
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wow! congrats and welcome to our first DDC baby. can't believe this - I've been lurking in the october 2012 DDC to read about the first babies and now it's starting in our ddc already!!!

I hope his lungs develop quickly and you get to hold him real soon! joy.gif

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Congratulations and welcome little Devereaux!  A 6lb'er that is pretty impressive.  Hope you get to snuggle today and he is able to come home soon.

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Congratulations!!! wow- 6 pounds!  I can't believe we have our first baby!  Best wishes for a speedy homecoming for little Devereaux!

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Yea!  Fantastic - congratulations!  Our first baby!  And 6 lbs at 32 weeks, unbelievable!  Best wishes for you & Devereaux - love the name!!!!  joy.gif

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WOW!!! Congrats to you, and hope you and the baby get as much time together as possible. And 6 pounds--wow! I knew we'd probably have some Libras in this group, but I never suspected a Virgo! :)

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Wow! He's so big!! Congrats! I hope you're both home soon!
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te he! and he was born on International Talk Like A Pirate day! ahoy matey!


in all seriousness, i'm super glad he's doing well.

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Congrats!!  Hope he's able to come home soon!

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6 lbs is awesome!  CONGRATS!

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Wow. Congratulations on both the birth and awesome size. Hope he is out of NICU soon.

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Congratulations! I hope he continues to do well and that you can hold your sweet boy soon.

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Congrats, I hope you guys get lots of snuggle time soon!

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Whoa!! Congratulations.  Go baby lungs, go!  Adding to all the hopes that he's in your arms very, very soon.  

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I'm glad he's doing so well! How are you? I hope you're able to hold him soon. Congratulations.
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Quick update.

I'm doing fantastic and was discharged today.  I'm staying in one of the family hotel rooms in the hospital for 1-2 nights before I actually head home.

Devo's continuing to improve.  We were able to hold him today!!  They also started feeding him today, and he's doing well so far with that.  Now it's my job to make sure I'm pumping enough to keep up!! 


Here's a pic of my little man from yesterday, before the feeding tube was placed.


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Wow, he's beautiful!!  COngratulations!  And I'm happy to hear that you're both doing so well!  Hoping that he continues to grow stronger each day, and will soon come home with you!!

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Congrats! I'm at 32w 3d...crazy to think my baby could look like that right now! Do you know when you will be able to bring him home yet? Glad that you and baby are both doing well smile.gif
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Wow!  He's beautiful!! Glad everyone is doing so well!!

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